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“Business developer”, “commercial”, “sales” … so many terms to talk about (more or less) the same features. A business developer has ever broader attributes than a “classic” salesperson, as his mission is to innovate and find new business opportunities for his business, when the other often has to content himself with executing a specific plan on a well-known business. In summary, the business developer is a salesperson with multiple responsibilities. But whatever term is used, the conclusion is the same: In recent years, companies have had a harder and harder time recruiting for commercial functions.

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Thus, according to the latest figures from the DCF (Commercial Leaders of France) network, employers are constantly looking for almost 180,000 salespeople in the market. The hardest part is finding the talents that perfectly meet their expectations. In fact, when it comes to the job interview, “it is difficult to succeed in judging the skills of the salesperson, who by nature knows how to sell himself very well”, notes Camille Habra, who uses the Demain business incubator of Prisma Media (Capital’s parent company) has just launched SALES Cirkle, an innovative service designed to facilitate the recruitment of business developers.

The concept of this new platform is simple: Connect talent-seeking companies with the crème de la crème of sales. To do this, candidates registering on the SALES Circle page are first asked to take a test to assess their sales skills. This is a free trial of 206 questions, developed by the leader for 30 years in the international test market for salespeople (more than 2 million profiles evaluated, representing the largest database in the world on this topic), the American company Objective Management Group (OMG) . At the end of the test, the candidate receives his results with an explanatory video. At the end “retained between 18 and 24%”, states Camille Habra. Thanks to OMG, you will discover what makes it possible to judge a candidate (is he a farmer or a hunter, he will sell the value, he knows how to conclude, he knows how to work from a distance …).

At the same time, business developers must fill out a form in which they indicate the industries they have already worked in and in which they would like to work. They also indicate the type of company (start-up, large group, etc.) and the regions they would like to employed in, as well as their salary expectations …

Once their profile is certified, candidates will receive job offers corresponding to their qualifications for positions such as account manager, sales manager or VP sales. For a salesperson or business developer, the SALES Circle platform is therefore an excellent way to test their skills and position themselves, if they wish, for a new position.

Interested recruiters also sign up for free before filling out a form that allows them to accurately target the candidates they need. Once a candidate has been identified, companies receive a 20-page report from the “OMG” test describing the candidate’s skills. And it is only in the event that an employment promise is signed that the benefit is invoiced to them: SALG Cirkle then deducts 11% of the annual gross remuneration (fixed and variable) paid to the business developer. As long as a promise of employment has not been signed, the benefit costs nothing.

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