Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): a diploma recognized worldwide

Only in Europe – and still – is the three-year bachelor’s degree better known than the four-year BBA. This is the format between bac + 3 and master (bac +5) for the latter, which does not correspond well with the practice of studies in the French way. The diploma is rather intended to respect the most widespread scheme in Britain and the United States, namely four years of study, some of the professional life and, whose affiliation, a return to the school benches. to complete a two-year MBA (Master in Business Administration).

French schools are adapting to correct this small flaw in the program. At Neoma BS, we are dependent on partnerships: “4 + 1 agreements are entered into with the best business schools. They give our students the opportunity to continue their master’s studies with partners such as HEC Montreal, Cranfield University in the UK or IE Business School in Madrid, “explains Céline Davesne, Deputy Director General for Programs and International Affairs. From Neoma. students who can take a master’s degree in one year instead of two.

Studies without borders

If there is one thing to know about BBA, it is its international dimension. You will almost always study there in English, in classes with dozens of nationalities.

“We offer our students the opportunity to start their 1st year in English with two thirds of the international teachers. Enhanced language courses are offered to reach a level that allows posting from the second year, ”explains Céline Davesne. And it is precisely the intercultural aspect that convinced Félicien Botrel to become a member of the Global BBA at Skema Business School: “Beyond the courses, it’s this whole universe I came to seek, the other views and mentalities,” it explains, that says “wanting to learn more about people than about a job.”

Félicien Botrel contributes to the diversity of career paths by bringing her atypical experience with: “I worked for six years in the transport sector. It is a life change that I operate in Schedule “, he comments. In his seeking, international relations. “I have already targeted some very interesting masters 2,” he says.

The math is simple: “We can offer richer content in four years than in three,” says Marc Gibiat, director of undergraduate programs at Audencia in Nantes.

A trampled course

The school, which is already preparing for a classic bachelor’s program, has chosen to launch a four-year format in collaboration with the engineering school Central Nantes. And for a very special reason: The educational content of BBA Big Data and Management is far too close to be admitted within the framework of a simple bachelor’s degree. “It’s a three-stage rocket that leads to a complete hybridization of skills,” the program director announces. Namely, the first three semesters devoted to basic knowledge, divided between Audencia and Central; two others entirely dedicated to data, in Casablanca, followed by another six months in China (Shenzhen) before returning to France. Everything is alternated with internships and taught in English.

“For thirty years I have seen brilliant students split between business and engineering. They no longer have to choose,” rejoices Marc Gibiat. But it is certain that four years will not be too much.

Le Parisien Etudiant – special “Bachelor (bac + 3)” 2022

“The profile of the resourceful globetrotter”

3 questions to Pascal Krupka – Director of Programs at EM Normandie

What is the typical profile of a BBA student?

He is a globetrotter, used to living in a multicultural environment and who has a strong taste for discovering others. At the professional level, he is not yet specialized in an area and gives himself time to discover. He finds in the BBA a curriculum that is both generalistic and international, which allows him to go abroad, which he is not afraid of because he is resourceful!

What experiences does he want?

We will mobilize all the resources of our school for him. It starts with two years on our new Paris campus before spending one at Oxford and the last in Dubai (which opens in September 2022). Enough to offer him inspiring meetings with professionals and companies both local and global.

What are the career opportunities?

Unlike bachelor graduates, those with a BBA mostly enter the job market. They find interested employers everywhere to recruit them: in China, the US as well as in Europe. Their salary is very similar to that of a bac +5, just like the features they occupy. Typically, they start as country manager (responsible for a country) for companies that want to open a new market and are looking for frameworks that are able to adapt to all terrains.

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