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Ascencia Business School

Ascencia Business School Paris La Défense – Bachelor programs

Ascencia Business School is a business and management school which is present in four locations in Ile-de-France (Paris-La Défense, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Marne-La-Vallée and Evry).

Complete programs over 5 years are offered, from Bac to Bac + 5 level! All of these training programs lead to state-recognized certifications. Ascencia specializes in four areas that make it a recognized school of business and management:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Business management
  • Human resources

Ascencia Business School

The benefits of Ascencia Business School Paris La Défense

Realizing your potential for ascension is the ambition of Ascencia Paris la Défense.

The values ​​of Ascencia Paris La Défense revolve around three pillars: expertise in teaching, individualized student follow-up and international openness.

  • Excellence means the commitment, directly or through partnerships, of all our programs to a certification process. In fact, all the titles we issue are recognized by the state at levels 7, 6 and 5.
  • Excellence is also expressed through our teachers, who we recruit among the best professionals to teach vocational subjects as they are practiced.
  • Finally, excellence also opens up the possibility that each student can pursue at least one year of study at a foreign university. International mobility is thus guaranteed for all who want it.

Ascencia Paris la Défense is also available to all international graduates wishing to study management in France.

Ascencia Business School Paris La Défense is a school accessible to all students who wish to carry out their professional and academic project. The choice to perform one work-study bachelor’s degree allows two things for our students: to get free training (subject to performing it on a work-study program) and to acquire technical skills in a company.

For students who do not want to choose this pace of learning, it is also possible to get an internship or work assignments. Funding solutions are also offered so that the cost of studies is never an obstacle.

Bachelor Ascencia Paris La Défense

Our bachelor courses are available at Parcoursup!

The first two generalist years in Bachelor 1 and 2 allows you to acquire the basics of obtaining a certification recognized by the state. The course specializations begin in Bachelor 3. You can study further with the two-year Ms, up to Bac + 5, which will give you a more targeted and stronger specialization in order to present a professional profile and fit into the labor market.

All bachelors are available on a work-study basisand this from the first post-bachelor year, under a professionalization contract and also under an apprenticeship contract.

  • Bachelor – Head of Development and Commercial Management – Track: Marketing and Communication and Negotiation – Sales Track
  • Bachelor – Head of Operating Unit – Road: Management – Administration
  • Bachelor – BtoB business dealer
  • Bachelor – Human Resources

key figures

Our students value work-study learning from the first year of study. There is the possibility of several contracts (professionalisation, apprenticeship or alternating internship) Education can also be followed in the first instance.

85% professional integration

Whether they are graduating at level 6 or 7, 85% of our students are on post 6 months after completing their education.

100% of our education is offered on a work-study basis

Ascencia Business School Paris La Défense cares about the employability of its students. It is therefore 100% of our courses are available on a work-study basis. The professional experience acquired during our education gives our students a stronger professional integration.

Ascencia Business School - Key Figures

A digital campus

Ascencia Business School is a founding member school of the Collège de Paris. Since 2020, the Collège de Paris has launched its 100% online training platform with the e-Collège de Paris. Among the affiliated schools you can find Ascencia Business School and its training courses. Take advantage of all the benefits of a student, but by completing an online training and at your own pace. For more information, see the dedicated website.


  • Testing
  • Motivational conversation
  • Study of the file

To start the admission procedure, you can register directly via our site or by telephone and thus participate in one informative workshop.

During this admissions session, the school will be introduced to you, you will take our admissions test and participate in an individual motivational interview.

The study of your profile also involves the study of your academic record. You will be contacted by our training advisors within 48 hours of the workshop to find out if you are eligible or not.

Ascencia Business School - Paris La Defense Campus

Ascencia Business School Paris la Défense: Bacheloruddannelser

Grande Arche de la Defense

1 forecourt in La Défense

92044 Paris – La Defense

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