5 tips to save space in your room and finish the mess

Do you have a small bedroom and it is always cluttered? It’s simple, between the clutter, the crowded wardrobe and the cramped room, you feel like you have no room in your room!

A cluttered and cluttered room is not the most conducive to rest.

To be able to fall asleep quickly after going to bed and sleeping restfully, your bedroom should be a really relaxing cocoon.

And it’s possible even if you have a small room, thanks to these tips to save space in your room!

With the following 5 tips, you will avoid clutter more and you will have a tidy and spacious room:

1. Sort your things and keep only the essentials

Remember it we all have too much and it makes us unhappy. The bedroom is of course no exception.

Unless you have a small bedroom, tidying up is an even more important step to free up space, save space, and enjoy every single square footage without filling the space with things you never use or that are not really needed.

So learn that sort, store and organize your belongings with these tipsdiscover how i sorted my closet and got rid of over 100 clothes just by asking myself this question and think forever Clean up your closet with these 6 ingenious tips.

2. Optimize storage

To avoid clutter and optimize space, be practical and think of everything that allows you to better organize your room without taking up more space.

Think, for example:

  • to put organizers in the drawers so they always stay tidy
  • Take advantage of the space under your bed to store items or clothes that you rarely use
  • to bet on bedside tables with drawers
  • to choose a wall mirror rather than a standing mirror
  • Limit the number of furniture and items in your room as much as possible to free up space

If the bedroom is small, every square meter counts, and the more you optimize the space in the room, the bigger the bedroom will feel.

3. Avoid choosing furniture that is too bulky

Have you always dreamed of having a king size bed, or even this bed so big that the whole family can sleep in itbut you have a small room?

So avoid choosing the biggest bed you can find, because you may regret it later. It is important to choose the dimensions of your furniture in relation to the room.

If your room does not allow you to put a king size bed in it, bet on a queen size bed or on a 140 cm wide bed, it will give you more space to move around freely in the bed without bumping into you.

The same goes for your wardrobe, your closet or your dressing room: Do not choose a piece of furniture that is too wide or too large, because you risk overloading your small bedroom.

Instead, focus on smaller, less wide or less tall furniture that allows you to make the most of the space and get a bright space.

4. Limit decorative items

Having a nice decor is always nice and we told you above that making your bedroom a real cocoon was a great idea to get a restful sleep.

But be careful not to go overboard: Decorative objects should not take up too much space in your room, partly because they can take up space from the already limited space, and partly because a room must keep disturbances to a minimum. .

The room should invite to rest and sleep, so limit the decorative objects that, on the contrary, could stimulate you.

5. Make your bed every morning

Make your bed every morning has many benefits, and it’s not just a matter of getting into a good habit, it’s also and above all a simple but effective way to keep a tidy, tidy and visually larger space.

Just take a look in a small room that is crowded with clutter to realize it: the mere fact of putting all the things lying around in their place, tidying up the room and then making the bed, often gives the feeling of, that the space is much larger.

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