10 Ways Metaverse Will Change the World

Wait, most people do not even know what Metaverse is. Here’s a little background story, plus a couple of Metaverse 101s thrown in for good measure.

The word metaverse is a mash-up – Meta comes from Greek and means “next” or “beyond”. The metaverse therefore means the next universe or beyond the universe. In 1992, Neal Stephenson wrote the science fiction novel Snowfall. In the novel, he describes Metaverset as a “comprehensive digital world” that exists in a parallel universe to what we know as our normal daily physical world.

Another way to understand the meta-verse is to think of it as the internet we know and love today, but in 3D. It is a digital universe that we will be able to enter as individualized avatars and then interact with the avatars of others.

That sounds a little out there, right?

Nevertheless, the metaverse comes, whether you are ready or not. And the meta-verse will affect all areas of our lives once it is up and running. Now is not the time to turn away from the inevitable. The meta-verse is no longer a fictional science fiction concept. It’s here and it’s only getting bigger. Here are 10 ways in which the metaverse will change the world.

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ten The strong call for a digital reality


When a person puts on virtual reality glasses and steps into a digital reality of their own personal design, they will be able to experience the reality of their dreams. It will become so real that people may not want to return to physical reality, or if they do, they may not stay there very long.

Virtual reality will provide greater opportunities and greater chances to live out your dreams than the physical reality we now live in. Individual digital worlds will at some point be able to interact with each other.
But first we need to address the issue of digital sovereignty. Who will check the meta-verse and set the parameters to participate?

Do we even want to know?

Recently, Mark Zukerberg changed the name of Facebook to Meta. Thus, he essentially planted his flag in the metaverse. It is not unlike the explorers who once planted flags at the North and South Poles to claim them. Google, Microsoft and Apple also want to join the meta-verse to get their share of the pie. This means that design for an enhanced user experience is the name of the game when it comes to appealing to the masses.

9 Travel and connection through the meta-verse

VR Holidays: Globetrotting via Virtual Reality

If you like to travel but have never done so, in the meta-verse you will be able to travel anywhere, meet new and interesting people and even interact with them and the original environment. You will no longer be held back by time and space. Of course, you have to pay for travel or various services, and this is where cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin come into play.

If you need to travel for business, you can travel across the meta-verse from Singapore to Australia and then to London by simply moving from one room in the meta-verse to another.

You will even be able to socialize in the metaverse. Whether you want to meet friends across town or meet a friend for coffee at a cafe when you’re in Seattle and your friend’s in Paris, you can find yourself in the meta-verse. Online dating will literally take place online.

Goodbye Zoom, Skype and Tinder, hello meta verse!

8 Transforming the global economy

Investors buy Metaverse real estate in virtual landboom | WSJ

The market value of Metaverse is currently estimated to be around $ 800 billion by 2025. True believers in Metaverse believe that it will soon hold the bulk of the world’s wealth. They are already investing in it.

People invest especially by buying virtual real estate. It’s a bit like investing in domain names. Investors buy domain names, put a price on them and wait for someone to come and want that domain so much that they will pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for it.

Virtual real estate works the same way. If you go early in this type of real estate investment, you can hit a jackpot down the line.

7 The new face of entertainment

Travis Scott Astronomical 360 ° Fortnite Concert in VR | Live music event 2020 | No comment

The Covid pandemic has caused serious damage to the entertainment industry. Concerts have been canceled and beloved TV shows have been interrupted.

But a new way of giving concerts has emerged. A digital reality concert was designed with rapper Travis Scott. Her concert attracted 27 million people who attended the digital reality concert as individual avatars.

This unique concert attracted more people than the 20 largest concerts ever combined. Concertgoers were able to purchase skins for their individual avatars and other types of digital merchandise in the meta-verse. Allegedly, that concert alone earned Travis Scott $ 20 million.

But it does not stop at paid events. How about going to the zoo? You can consider the animals or choose to be one of the animals. If you like to ride roller coasters, go into an amusement park in Metaverse and ride to your heart’s. Experience the thrill without getting sick from the overload of candy candy.

6 Death to the Internet 2D

Metaverse: What the Future of the Internet Could Look Like | Why it’s important 5 | Virtual reality

The 2D internet we all use today will be replaced by a completely immersive 3D digital global internet. The metaverse will change the way we learn, earn, and connect with each other, just as the advent of the 2D Internet did in 1995.

Metaverset evolves out of the gaming world The Fortnite gaming platform has attracted 350 million players in just three years. These players alone spend three billion hours a month in virtual reality. They control the development of the meta-verse as a locomotive engine speeding down a train track.

5 Come in, loser, we’re going on meta-shopping

H&M opens its first store in Metaverse (H&M metaverse store)

You will be able to shop in the meta verse. Your avatar will be able to try on clothes, buy them and have them shipped directly to your physical reality address. Do you know what that means? Stop crying in the rehearsal room because you can not zip the pair of jeans you have tried on.

Or let’s say you’re looking for home decor. In the meta version, you will be able to place the item in your digital reality home to see what it looks like before you buy it and have it sent to your physical address.

4 Money makes the metaverse go around

Web3, Blockchain, cryptocurrency: a threat or an opportunity? | Chermin Voshmgir | TEDxCERN

Cryptocurrency enables digital transfer of assets. It is 100% virtual and will probably replace all other types of money. In the meta-verse, digital currencies will be used instead of standard physical currencies and even credit cards. Crypto will be the most convenient way ever to exchange currency for goods and services.

There will be no need for gold, silver or paper money to back up digital currencies thanks to the ingenious system that keeps track of all digital buying and selling transactions. Systems like Blockchain keep everyone honest in a particular krypton network. It’s almost impossible to cheat the system – no fish here. All transactions are open and traceable.

The advantage of crypto is that it is decentralized. All transactions are recorded in a digital ledger, and everyone in a given network has a copy of this finance. This eliminates the need for intermediaries – banks. International payments can be made immediately. With banks, it takes much longer. There are no spending limits beyond your crypto-wallet balance, no exchange rates and no interest rates.

Cryptocurrencies have the potential to revolutionize money and value creation. Tokens can represent everything from physical goods to digital goods. It is the next generation of all global currencies and you may want to begin to understand what it is and how it works.

3 Education

Education in Metaverset

The structure of the education will be completely changed. Students may or may not choose to go to universities in the physical world. Instead, they can take virtual college courses in the meta-verse.

Let’s say you’re studying the Roman Empire. In the metaverse classroom you can have a completely immersive experience. You can literally step into the period of the Roman Empire and experience life as it was then. So the lucky kids in a couple of decades will not have to attend another boring conference.

Do you want to learn the theory of relativity? Why not sign up for a course given by Albert Einstien in Metaverset?

2 Occupation

One aspect of the work that the metaverse will affect is that people within the same company can be spread all over the world. And yet, they will be able to find themselves in the metaverse to think at very creative levels to solve problems. The metaverset will make interactions between people much more fun and more connected than they are in the 2D internet world. The result? No more awkward Zoom meetings where someone spends the entire conference like a potato.

Company hierarchies will be set aside so that everyone, regardless of their position in the company, has equal status in a company’s metaverse environment to express their individual talents. The creativity of individuals is becoming easier and easier to exploit.

Metaverset will literally serve as a platform to break down business boundaries and create highly creative and innovative problem-solving teams.

1 Sports and exercise

Fitness in Metaverset?

You can connect your exercise bike from the physical world to your computer, go into the meta-verse and take part in the Tour de France. Or compete in the Olympics against Usain Bolt. Will the metaverse make the football colosseum obsolete because people can watch matches in the metaverse? Who knows. Time will tell.

How about training with a personal trainer? Arrange a date and meet in the meta-verse. You no longer need to arrange a time for exercise in the physical world. And you do not have to worry about fitness reputation slamming weights or breathing down your neck while completing your reps. We are talking about the freedom to exercise effectively without leaving your living room.

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