▷ 5 Google My Business optimizations and your opinions in 2020

How do you improve your Google My Business reference in 2020 during this difficult period for some SMEs and VSEs? Here are some tips to boost your business and your reputation (Google review) …

1- Claim or create your Google My Business listing

It all starts with creating your Google My Business listing in cases where it has not already been created by Google.

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This is the first thing to do. Do not be afraid, for it is nothing to complicate. To do this, simply have a Google Account. By going to the official address of the search engine, you will be successful in setting up your Google My Business.

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It’s important to check if a file has not already been created for your business or enterprise. In fact, Google automatically creates a file for you when it detects that your business is local thanks to your customers’ interactions.

It is therefore possible that a registration has already been created by the search engine using your customers’ information. In this case, you will no longer create a Google My Business listing, but will claim one that already exists.

To do this, click on ” Are you the owner of this business? ”. Then confirm that you really own this business. You will then receive a code by post, SMS or e-mail, depending on your choice.

Therefore, in case you do not want to see any form appear for your business, you will need to create it.

2- Fill in the form correctly: name, telephone, address, description, opening hours, products and services

Google asks you several questions to complete your Google My Business profile. It is important that you do not take this step lightly.

You must fill in your name, telephone, address, description, schedule, product, service, etc. In other words, all the important information related to your local business.

If you are a restaurant owner, check to see if you have updated your “Delivery”, “Meals on site” or “Updated take-out” attributes. This is an important step because many entrepreneurs were not notified and their files were not updated.

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If you do not provide the necessary information, another person can do it for you. The height would be that it is one of your competitors and you can imagine the consequences of this action!

In fact, anyone can change your information. All he has to do is go to your Google My Business ad and click ” Suggest an edit ”. This is why you need to log in to your dashboard every time to make sure no one has modified your file.

3- Get more reviews

Google encourages you to have more customer reviews on your Google My Business listing (GMB).

Reviews play a big role in Google’s search results, and that’s not the sole purpose. Reviews also allow visitors to become potential customers and improve your company’s e-reputation.

In fact, the majority of consumers read reviews on websites before purchasing the product or service.

And precisely, there are several ways to have multiple opinions on the Internet, such as:

  • Create a sign in your company with a QR code to leave a message. This is very effective for restaurants and bars. Just make a nice poster with a QR code that leads to the review section of your listing.
  • Send all your customers via message (SMS, whatsapp) a review request with a personal message. This is the easiest and most effective solution today. There are solutions like LocalRanker to send an efficient SMS to one or more customers at the same time. You can send an SMS to your entire customer base automatically to get twice as many reviews as before. Do not forget to send your SMS at the right time and you will be sure to get further messages.
  • Email a request directly to your customers to receive reviews. This method is less effective than the previous one due to the number of spam emails today. But you can customize your email and design.

Remember that you must make an effort to respond to all reviews left by your prospects, whether they are positive or negative.

So your customers will see that you read their comment and that you appreciate it. Responds to negative reviews with professionalism and calm, no need to be upset. A little respectful sentence is enough to answer.

4- Add content (photos and videos) and update your media regularly

Adding photos or videos of your business humanizes your brand. As you know, a single image can contain several messages.

It is therefore important that you make videos or pictures of your company that show the different people who work with you. It’s also great when your customers add photos or videos to your Google My Business listing.

Images and videos also have a huge impact on your local SEO. According to Google, publishers of images get 35% more clicks to their website and 42% ask Google Maps for a way there. Based on these statistics, one can understand the positive impact of images on a GMB list.

Also, use the Google My Business Posts feature on a regular basis to optimize your Google My Business listing. Few companies use this functionality, which is still very useful.

The Google My Business Post feature is an effective tool for optimizing your GMB listing. For example, all local businesses, whether health centers or restaurants, must necessarily use this feature provided by Google.

5- Get a website optimized for local SEO

Nearly half of Google searches are local. If you own a local business and want your business to appear at the top of Google searches, you need a local SEO and traffic strategy to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Many businesses pay for Google Adwords ads without worrying about their SEO. You do not need to stop your Adwords campaigns, but improve them with local SEO. You will be able to appear twice on your geolocated queries as an ad and an organic result.

There are many ways to optimize your website for SEO:

  • Optimize its title tag, meta description;
  • Set up your Sitemap correctly;
  • Create relevant content for queries;
  • Have a good structure on your website.

Optimizing your local SEO starts with optimizing your business website and a host of actions you should take.

Google is also considering three ranking factors to give the best local results.

First, it is the company’s proximity to the Internet user’s location.

The second criterion is to offer relevant answers to the internet user. So suggest companies that specialize in the area that the internet user wants.

Finally, the company’s reputation, the structure must therefore have a website where you can see the positive opinions. The search engine uses all of these elements to refer to the company.

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