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After almost a decade of serving individuals, the online bank has Hello bank! has decided to open up to a public of professionals. Its new formula Hi Business caters to the self-employed who are looking for a flexible bank account tailored to their needs.

Its current account, credit card and application include everything a micro-entrepreneur (or individual entrepreneur) needs for only € 10.90 excluding tax per month. With this offer, BNP Paribas’ online bank occupies a very competitive position vis-à-vis banks or neo-banks, some of which have many years of experience in the segment.

The eligibility conditions for opening an account can be counted on the fingers of one hand: a SIREN number, live in France and be of legal age. Once activated, it will give you access to all the benefits of a mobile bank – with details for entrepreneurs. Among them the service “My business assistant starts” which allows you to manage your invoices.

To find the offer, it is here:

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Characteristics of the Hello Business offer

By choosing the Hello Business formula, you get the benefit of a current account and an associated card. For payment management, Hello bank! tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs. Unlike online banking, it allows you to deposit cash at ATMs BNP Pariba’s branches (its parent company).

Moreover, all Payments and withdrawals are free and unlimited Both in euro and in foreign currency. For those who work or get their supplies abroad, Hello Business will be able to respond perfectly to the challenges of globalization. Instant SEPA downloads are free and unlimited.

The card also contains several insurances and guarantees during your travels (plane and train tickets, luggage, assistance) or in case of hospitalization. Depending on your profile and your preferences, you can choose from one immediate or deferred debit card. For those who have a great need for cash, the version with deferred debit (the total amount is debited on the last weekday of the month) will be the most suitable. If you want to monitor the status of your account in real time, instant debit would be preferable.

When it comes to support, Hello Business provides access to dedicated, prioritized customer service. ONE phone line is dedicated to professional customers with experts who will be able to give you the first advice for your business. If necessary, you can also contact the advisors by email.

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A range of exclusive services

The app is packed with exclusive features and services that make your business’s financial management easier. Among the benefits you can enjoy an overdraft of € 1,550 from day one. It is a cash credit that allows you to respond to the (sometimes) difficult handling between immediate expenses and deferred receipts.

For collections, online banking offers a solution for payment by credit card. For this, the bank has a partnership with Lyf Pro, which turns your smartphone into a mobile payment terminal (with a commission of 1.35% per transaction). Otherwise, your customers can also pay for their purchases by a simple bank transfer.

As a self-employed person, you have to take care of offers and invoices yourself – which is not always the nicest thing. The Hello Business account accompanies you with its tool “My business assistant starts” which offers a real structure in the organization. The latter is developed internally and allows you to create matching invoices (and in the right order) with a few clicks.

Do you still need to think? Please note that Hello Business is a no-obligation service (and no cancellation fees). This allows you to test it freely and without any restrictions. To learn more, it’s here:

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