This portable electrical storage can supply up to 12 devices simultaneously

Founded in 2010, the Chinese company Growatt defines itself as the leading brand of electric inverters worldwide. But also as a company in search of technological innovations. With an energy capacity of 1.55 kWh, the portable Infinity 1500 station will supply consumers in different situations, and more specifically for successful family events.

Application examples

What can be operated with an energy reserve of about 1.5 kWh and an output power of up to 2000 W in alternating current? On its website, Growatt gives about fifteen examples, not all very telling. Among them the ability to recharge mobile devices: 264 times a camera (5 W), 132 times a smartphone (10 W), 26 times a laptop (50 W).

This powerbank can also allow a 60 W drone to fly for well over twenty hours. A sleep apnea respirator will work for more than 2 nights before a new recharge. This capacity is also enough for a 150W refrigerator to run smoothly for one day, a 200W TV for 6.5 hours, a 25W WiFi router for 2 days, etc.

Let’s add the LED lighting of a barnum to an aperitif served for a wedding, or portable power tool to tinker in or around a house temporarily without electricity.

Up to 12 units powered at the same time

Provided you have the right cables and compatible devices, it will be possible to supply up to 12 electrical consumers simultaneously. One side of the station Infinity 1500 has 1 cigarette lighter socket (13.6 V 10 A) + 4 household sockets. The first model to go on to conquer America is equipped with 110 V 60 Hz. This part will be adapted to our 230 V 50 Hz network when the device is available in Europe.

Temporarily, the cumulative output power of the 4 household sockets can increase to 4,000 W. With the exception of wireless charging which is on the top plate, the other 6 sockets are assembled on the same side. There are 2 USB-A (5 V; 12 W maximum; 2.4 A) + 2 USB-C (5, 9, 15 or 20 V; 60 W max; 3A) + Quick Charge 3.0 (5 V / 2.4 A or 9V / 2A or 12V / 1.5A; 18W max.).

The manufacturer dares to announce that ” 95% of home and outdoor applications can be delivered with its 24-month guaranteed unit, which fits in a 42 x 23 x 29 cm box. Note that it is possible to connect 3 of these boxes in parallel, for a total energy reserve of about 4.6 kWh.

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Different ways to recharge the station

The Infinity 1500 station has in its heart an NMC (nickel, manganese, cobalt) lithium-ion battery. A technology found on many electric cars. According to Growatt, this device has a lifespan of more than 800 discharge / recharge cycles, during which it will present a minimum of 60% of its original energy capacity.

The fastest to regenerate a power plant Infinity 1500, is to connect it to the mains. It would take only 100 minutes to go from 0 to 100%, or an hour stopping at 80%. The manufacturer has planned a connection with 800 W solar panels. In that case, the full energy would take 2h30.

In half a day, the accumulator would regain its full capacity from a car cigarette lighter socket. There is one last option: utilization of charging infrastructure for electric cars. ” Enough to have greater flexibility when traveling “says Growatt.

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Remote controllable

It would be better to be muscular to carry the Infinity 1500 station. It still weighs 16.5 kg. This is exactly the weight of the 2.4 kWh battery in the Easy-Watts e-Retro Max 4000 W electric scooter. Or almost that with 2 packs of 1.5 liter water bottles.

The control unit is connected to a smartphone application (WiFi, Bluetooth), which makes it possible to manage it remotely. So for its start, stop it and configure it. But also to update the software system. It is also possible to collect information, such as the level of available energy in the battery. Growatt ensures that its device is operational in outdoor temperatures between -20 and 60 ° C.

These are precisely the kind of solutions that are expected to be self-sufficient in electricity for outdoor excursions, but also to cope with temporary power outages on the electricity grid. If nothing else to keep the food cool in the fridge.

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