These Tunisians who resist everything!

It turns out, more and more every day, that we are facing another power struggle, which today opposes the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saïed, part of the political scene consisting of Rached Ghannouchi and others Néjib Chebbi. However, they all have one thing in common: They do not care about Tunisians. In fact, we are alone, more than ever.

The few good wills left in the state and the Tunisian administration are not enough to do everything. The Tunisian people stand alone on many issues. We have seen our purchasing power erode practically day by day, without the state having done anything to remedy it or at least slow down the rate of decline. Ministries are swinging the successive crises and the Russo-Ukrainian war to justify everything and anything. This is how we have seen the energy bill increase significantly for households. State response: There is a crisis you have to pay. What the Tunisians do wisely. In fact, if we pursue the analogy, the Tunisian people will be left to fend for themselves in the face of the world energy markets, and they will pay as they are asked.

In many other aspects we find the same mechanics. Do we hear voices speaking to us today about education, purchasing power, the fight against unemployment (in a serious way, not by creating bourgeois societies), health? The few who tried, such as Fadhel Abdelkefi, were completely inaudible in a political scene dominated by populism and noise. We can criticize the French democratic model as much as we want, but when the two presidential candidates were on a set, they talked about purchasing power, education, health, security, international relations. The institutions, democracy and the representativeness component took them about ten minutes. For us, it took ten years and it continues. As a result, we are left to ourselves in terms of our daily lives and what are considered priorities because those who control us are busy with other things. They shape a new landscape as they please, and the President of the Republic is totally gripped by the dissolution of the councils he meets. If only there was a higher purchasing power council or an independent authority for unemployment, he would have dissolved them and the story would have been settled!

The funny thing about all this is that the Tunisians do not even blame their leaders for this situation. Tunisians see politics in the country as one would see a show in the theater, they think that at some point we can turn off the lights and return home to a normal life. A large proportion of Tunisians are only interested in what such a person has said when talking about another. How did the President of the Republic Kaïs Saïed play his shot well against the Islamists, how will they react, and this Ahmed Néjib Chebbi, why is he doing this? And Jawher Ben Mbarek with his hair, and so why Abir does not join the president … Meanwhile, the fact that Tunisia is heavily involved with the IMF, no one, bothers the fact that almost a third of the Tunisian population lives on less than five dinars per person does not disturb anyone, it is apparently not the responsibility of the state to see the uncertainty increase. We lose our composure, we do not think, and we behave like children. We see soap operas through the Ramadan evenings that we insult all the next day, we are always on the hunt for these people who voted in 2019 for Ennahdha, Qalb Tounes and Al Karama, so much today the world has turned its back on and loves its president insane. It may be a good Mediterranean trait, but it is certainly not the way to build nations. And then it does not help much to be sweet without having enough to eat.

The most representative example of our situation is certainly football, the royal sport par excellence. We pay a TV license on all our bills, but we do not have the right to re-broadcast football matches. Football matches, which in themselves are of a disturbing level. That means we can not even consume “production” locals who are already nauseous. The only constant being, of course, that the citizen pays. Finally, we are football fans, we are not citizens. There are the hooligans from each camp who make a lot of noise, especially mention to fans of Kaïs Saïed, who shamelessly insults Nadia Akacha, who was their heroine yesterday, and who quickly rose to the rank “yellow flies”. In the meantime, the country is sinking, and there will definitely come a day when everyone who by magic will become early opponents of Kaïs Saïed …

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