The Wall for business or how Samsung can improve your content

Samsung continues its race with its amazing microLED screens with shiny colors, amazing contrasts and unique realism. After The Wall for luxury living, here is an equally breathtaking offer, specifically dedicated to professionals and businesses: The Wall for business. A look into the realm of ‘pro’ excellence.

Backed by its know-how in highly advanced microLED displays, Samsung has also recently offered unsurpassed quality video display configurations to professional markets under the name The Wall for business.

It is a fact that microLED technology always outperforms other solutions (OLED, LCD, etc.). Samsung has made it the video screen’s nec-plus-ultra for ‘professionals’ by enriching it with features that facilitate e.g. maintaining or reproducing the image by increasing the contrasts and brightness in areas that are not illuminated, while limiting the effects of glare independently.

Three main goals

But let’s first point out that this The Wall for Business offer is aimed at three professional goals. First, the business community with auditoriums, boardrooms, large-scale showrooms, and television sets or professional multimedia studios. The second target is designers from the aviation, automotive, fashion, etc. And the third target is surveillance or control rooms, also known as security PCs.

For car designers, for example, The Wall for Business enables the display of 1: 1 scale car models with unsurpassed color reproduction and expression. Control room operators, in turn, will be able to display a large number of video sources on a single screen without losing visual quality, for more responsive and accurate control. This feat of recreating intense colors that are true to reality is due in particular to Ultra Chroma technology, developed by Samsung.

Source: Samsung Snap

The most advanced technologies

The microLED technology that Samsung is mastering has proven itself. Each pixel is “illuminated” by its own microLED (“Flip-chip” RGB), which removes backlighting and eliminates the effects of “overflow” of colors between pixels. The contrasts are particularly astonishing: the blacks are really deep, even next to a light source. A very powerful graphics processor improves the quality of the images no matter what resolution is received. The surface coating (Black Seal) is treated to prevent reflections and scratches.

In addition, microLEDs are almost insensitive to temperature variations and resistant to aging: they can easily last 100,000 hours, ie more than 10 years.

Three pixel pitch sizes

The Wall for business offer is available in three options corresponding to the selected ‘pitch’, ie. the distance between each pixel from center to center: it can be 0.84 mm, 1.26 mm or 1.68 mm. We thus choose the density of useful LEDs – and the budget allocated, which directly depends on it.

The choice of ‘pitch’ depends on the distance that the professional or the public must see on the screen. At a distance of more than 4 meters, a pitch of 1.68 is sufficient, such as in an auditorium or a lobby, where the very high resolution 4K is not crucial.

In a showroom or boardroom with graphical presentations or histograms of financial data, a pitch of 1.26 is recommended. Similarly, in the case of a control room or a security PC where you need to display a patchwork of images in small thumbnails, it is also preferable to choose a pitch of 1.26, but again, everything will also depend on the size of space and distance.

There is still the possibility of a pitch of 0.84 – the most expensive due to the very high density of LEDs and the number of pixels per second. panel (960 x 540 pixels; cf. The Wall for luxury living offer); it appeals to very, very advanced applications: private projection room, executive office, etc.
At the same resolution, ‘pitch 1.26’ option has a slightly higher price than ‘pitch 1.68’. At the same size, the additional cost of the 1.26 option is around 30%. As an indication, a full HD screen with a diagonal of 146 inches (ie 3.20 mx 1.80 m, consisting of 16 panels in pitch 1.68) represents an investment starting at 90,000 euros (suggested retail price excl. VAT, adapted to project).

Source: Samsung Snap

Possibility of remote power supply

To install Wall for business in a control room or TV channel where ‘live’ takes precedence as much as impeccable screen quality, Samsung has provided a relevant option: the ability to deport the power supply to a distance of 100 meters. The panels that make up the screen are thus wired so that the power supplies are remotely located in a technical room or in the server control room, which are accessible at any time, offset, therefore without disturbing the production in ‘live’.
In the event of an incident on a power supply, the replacement takes place “hot” without interrupting the power supply.

Source: Samsung The Wall for Business

A la carte offer

Each customer decides his choice according to his needs. The choice of LED is a key criterion that determines and activates the control. For for a question of homogeneity of the LEDs, it is important that each LED panel comes from the same production bath. This guarantees to achieve strictly the same shades of colorimetry.
Note that it is possible to use a “configurator” that helps the installer determine the best possible options for assembling the LED panels. Everything is possible ! Some customers have gone so far as to design a 360 ° screen in a cube …

“Pro” box and remote maintenance

Each screen is powered by a professional category “box”, which handles, among other things, very high resolution (4K and 8K options). It comes with solutions, including the Samsung MagicINFO management tool, which allows you to control the content to be displayed in full screen or in partitioning.

We should also mention a remote diagnostic solution which is also very useful for maintenance operations. All administration is handled from a single console. The installation is carried out by a specialized integrator, who is responsible for assembling the panels as needed and according to the configuration of the premises. Each removable panel measures 80.6 x 45 x 3.6 cm, to a weight of approximately 11 kg.

To complete quasi-perfection, it will still be equipped, if useful, with a good or excellent sound system. And then you get the ultimate in wall-mounted multimedia.

On the occasion of the release of THE WALL screen, Forbes France joins forces with SAMSUNG to invite you to discover this premium screen exclusively. Spaces are limited and reserved for professionals.

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