the incredible jackpot of Cyprien, Squeezie and Norman

“The Mixicom group, which provides advertising for the three YouTubers, was bought out for 75 million euros. And by the way, the three French web stars each received several million euros.”

“This job pays enough to live properly. But my driving force remains the passion for creation, not money. Being a youtuber is not what pays the most. Making videos to get rich is not the right plan”, secured Cyprien a year and a half ago.

In fact, it pays to be a YouTube star. We know that at least every youtuber receives 55% of the ad revenue from his videos. According to the calculations of Ekkoer, Squeezie would thus receive 480,000 euros a year, and Cyprien 360,000 euros. For his part, Norman said he earns 100,000 euros a year.

But these recipes are only the tip of the iceberg. For our three French YouTube stars have just hit the jackpot as part of the sale of Web Talent SAS. Squeezie, Cyprien and Norman were actually shareholders in this company responsible for the advertising management of their Youtube channel.

A jackpot of only eight months

However, this company, which is part of the Mixicom group, was bought out in September Webediaa subsidiary of the Fimalac group, which already owns Allociné,, Easy voyage, Puremedias …

And Talent Web SAS was bought for a fortune: 25 million euros, a significant part of which ended up in the pockets of our three youtubers. Specifically, Cyprien received 6.6 million euros; Squeezie, 4 million; and Norman 2.2 million.

Other home youtubers received more modest checks, such as Hugo Tout Seul (221,239 euros), Natoo (221,239 euros) and Jhon Rachid (110,619 euros).

But that’s not all. If the results of Talent Web SAS are good, then Webedia will pay out additional checks of up to 21 million euros! Cyprien will thus be able to receive up to 5.2 million euros more; clamp 3.3 million. and Norman 1.8 million.

Tax optimization

These amounts are much higher than the amounts that our youtubers invested in Talent Web SAS when this company was set up only 8 months earlier: 3,900 euros for Cyprien, 3,000 euros for Squeezie and 1,000 euros for Norman.

Our youtubers will therefore reap significant capital gains, which will be heavily taxed: 15.5% social security contributions (CSG and CRDS), plus income tax of up to 45%.

However, Cyprien, Norman and Natoo have established a tax system that allows them to pay much less tax. Just before the sale of Talent Web SAS, they transferred their shares to a company belonging to them: resp. web born, Mouton Company and Natoo SASU.

Hervé Israel, associate at DLA Piper, explains: “Cyprien realized a capital gain of 6.6 million euros. If Cyprien had kept his shares personally, he would have had to pay almost 4 million euros. Tax on this capital gain. By contributing its shares to its company Web born, Cyprien will not pay this tax on the capital gain, provided that this company reinvests half of the 6.6 million euros within two years. “

Cyprien has therefore already started reinvesting its money: 300,000 euros have been added to the company ADCI (ex-Narmol), which belongs to his partner Aurélie and which sells t-shirts designed by Cyprien.

Tax Exemption Fund

In addition to Talent Web SAS, the Mixicom Group includes two other companies: lincom (an event agency) and Mixicom SAS (which publishes magazines for Fnac, Leclerc, Casino, But, Auchan … and owns the sites, and

In total, according to Webedia’s accounts, the Mixicom group was acquired for the net sum of 75 million euros. A record amount that was not disclosed when the acquisition was announced in September 2015, and which seems significant in light of the modest results of these companies (see below). Thus, Talent Web SAS was acquired for more than 17 times its gross operating profit, a record-breaking ratio! Similarly, Mixicom SAS was valued at only 8 million euros in 2008.

This transaction also secured the fortunes of the group’s three founders, Anne Duval, Thierry Boyer and Laurent Decisy. But also from a fund that had invested in Mixicom SAS, Entrepreneurial generations. This fund, which had provided only 2 million euros in 2008, multiplied its efforts by 2.2.

The management of this fund, originally provided by Oddo Asset Managementwas entrusted to in 2011 IDinvest. It is a tax exemption fund: it allows individuals who are liable to pay wealth tax (ISF) to deduct any investment in an SME (ISF SME) from their tax. “Subscribers initially benefited from a 40% ISF reduction and a 5% income tax reduction,” explains Idinvest.

When asked, Cyprien, Squeezie, Norman, Natoo, Jhon Rachid, Mixicom and Webedia did not answer, while Hugo Tout Seul declined to comment.

Mixicom SAS

Shareholders: Anne Duval (23.3%), Thierry Boyer (23.3%), Laurent Decisy (23.3%), FIP Generations Entrepreneurs 1 & 2 (15.2%)

Redemption amount of Webedia : 29.3 million euros

2010: € 7.6 million
2011: € 8.8 million

net profit
2010: -0.28 million euros
2011: -0.3 million euros

Webtalent SAS

Shareholders: Mixicom (34.5%) Cyprien Iov (26.5%), Lucas “Squeezie” Hauchard (15.9%), Norman Thavaut (8.8%), Thierry Boyer (4.4%), Anne Duval ( 1.8%), Olivier Boyer (Commercial Director at Mixicom, 1.3%), Rafik Boudjlebla (Editor-in-Chief of MusicMag.com1.3%), Michaël Lelloum (Head of Partnerships at Mixicom, 1.3%), Laurent Rumayor (Advertising Director at Mixicom, 1.3%), Hugo “Tout Seul” Dessioux (0.9%), Nathalie “Natoo Odzierejko (0.9%) Mohamed Ketfi “Jhon Rachid” (0.4%), Karim Hachemi (0.4%)

Redemption amount of Webedia: 25 million euros + a price surcharge of up to 21 million euros (10.5 million in 2017 and 10.5 million in 2018) depending on the gross profit (the surcharge is paid if the gross profit exceeds 9.35 million euros in 2017 and 11.05 million in 2018 ).

Estimated revenue
2015: 8 million euros

Estimated gross operating profit (Ebitda)
2015: € 1.45 million


Shareholders: Pierre Bichelot (25%), Anne Duval (21%), Thierry Boyer (22%), Laurent Decisy (22%), Olivier Boyer (10%)

Redemption amount of Webedia: 12.9 million euros

2013: € 3.4 million
2014: € 3.8 million

net profit
2013: + € 0.24 million
2014: +0.41 million euros

Source: Trade Register

The main acquisitions of Webedia on the Internet

Terra Femina * (100% for € 10.9 million)
Allociné * (100% for 68.3 million euros)
Confidential / 750 grams (61.5% for 6 million euros)
Exponaute (100% for 0.3 million euros)

Mulberry (60% for 1.4 million euros)
Diwanee (Lebanon; 55.5% for 12.2 million euros)
Overblog (100% for 3.3 million euros)
Jeuxvidé (100% for 92.6 million euros)
MoviePilot ** (Germany; € 14.9 million)
Ring media (100% for 1 euro)

Mixicom (100% for 75 million euros)
Tradelab (40.8% for 18.6 million euros)
Scimob (65.4% for 10.7 million euros)

source: Fimalac accounts
* purchased by Fimalac and then brought to Webedia
** purchased via Allociné

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