SIGEM 2021 ranking: Business schools are still popular among preparatory students

This Friday, July 23, 2021, the results of SIGEM fall. Relief or disappointment, you know which business school will be your next start. For businesses, it’s also time for a judgment on their attractiveness after a year 2020 upset by the health crisis. A location that knows some changes.

For the second year in a row, 2021 has been difficult for preparatory students. This year, however the procedure regarding The system for integration in larger management schools (SIGEM) is experiencing a certain return to normal.

The BCE and Ecricome schools have 9,959 graduates in 2021, compared to 10,232 in 2020. Finally, of the 8,367 registered with SIGEM, 7,522 are assigned to a school. 333 places are therefore availablewhen 7,855 seats were open.

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The return of duels in SIGEM 2021

For business schools, SIGEM 2021 is more time than ever to measure their attractiveness to preparatory students since this year the duels are back which could not be held last year. Enough to establish a number of favorite schools.

Yes HEC, Essec and ESCP are still the three leading schools, the news comes from Edhec, which occupies 4th place on emlyonwho took 5th place.

Another news, Schedule moves up two places and climbed to 6th place ahead of Audencia (7th) and Grenoble EC (8th), who each lost one place. In 9th place, Neoma retains its rank, as well as Kedge, which closes the top 10 as in 2020. Toulouse BS is therefore still in 11th place.

In our table below, the number of matches won or considered won refers to duels between schools. A duel is won when a school A is chosen by more than 50% of the students who are also admitted to a school B.

Ainsin HEC Paris wins all its duels against other schools while Edhec won 20 duels with other schools etc. The gap to the next school refers to the percentage of students enrolled in one school and the next who have chosen to join the first: 73% of students who have been admitted to Audencia and GEM have chosen to enroll in Audencia, for example.

SIGEM 2021 ranking

SIGEM 2021 Schools Number of matches won or considered won Gab to the next school Development over 2 years
1 HEC Paris 23 100% =
2 ESSEC 22 99% =
3 ESCP Business School 21 100% =
4 EDHEC Business School 20 79% 1
5 emlyon business school 19 98% –1
6 SCHEDULE Business School 18 59% 2
7 AUDENCIA Business School 17 73% –1
8 Grenoble School of Management 16 62% –1
9 NEOMA Business School 15 88% =
10 KEDGE Business School 14 63% 1
11 TBS Business School 13 89% –1
12 Rennes Business School 12 70% =
13 Montpellier Business School 11 53% =
14 BSB Burgundy School of Business 10 62% 1
15 ICN Business School 9 53% 3
16 Institute Mines-Telecom Business School 8 57% –2
17 EM Strasbourg Business School 7 53% –1
18 Excelia Business School 6 57% –1
19 EM Normandy 5 72% =
20 INSEEC Grande Ecole 4 74% =
21 ISC Paris Grande Ecole 3 64% =
22 ESC Clermont Business School 2 88% 1
23 SCBS-South Champagne Business School 1 80% 1
24 Brest Business School 0 –2

Note that in this table we have chosen to show the variations compared to 2019, as the conditions in 2020 were too atypical.

Ten business schools fail to fill

Ten schools do not fill their ranks (compared to 8 in 2020 and 10 in 2019). For some, the shock is even very hard: ISC has 20 affected students for 100 places, Inseec welcomes 56 students for 130 places. The school lacked 172 places out of 270 offered in 2019, but only 9 places in that edition of 2020.

In schools with incomplete promotions, we find IMT-BS, which includes 121 students for 180 places and SCBS (Yschools) with only 14 students for 55 places. ESC Clermont, TBS, EM Normandy, Excelia, Brest Business School and EM Strasbourg will also have to deal with a few empty seats at the start of the school year.

On the other hand, the Burgundy SB, which had suffered below the 2020 vintage, could refuel this year.

For Nicolas Arnaud, President of SIGEM, “it is consistent that more schools will not be able to fill their ranks by 2021. Last year, when the oral figures were not held, the schools had been careful about their barrier to entry. “The graduates had the choice between seven and eight schools on average against four normally.

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Return to normal for the SIGEM procedure

The ranking therefore experiences significant changes in the lead, compared to the 2020 edition, but also with earlier, more classic years. Still, the 2021 grinding has been synonymous a return to normalcy in terms of its operation.

With fewer candidates, but also fewer redundancies and unaffected candidates, the numbers are back in pace. “We found a cohesive SIGEM mechanic. These are even the best indicators in five years, ”explains Nicolas Arnaud.

According to him, this is explained by the context of the return of orals in 2021. “The system worked very well: the ratio between the number of candidates leaving and the number allocated on arrival shows very little waste. This is the role of SIGEM. It should be used by the schools so that they recruit the maximum number of students among the candidates. , who originally signed up “.

On the candidate side, 76% of them achieved their first choice of posting in 2021, compared to 61% in 2020. By 2019, 86% had won it.

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