Relocation of the digital campus in Lons-le-Saunier: the file seems badly started

The future of the digital campus in the Magellan Gare area seems uncertain.
The future of the digital campus in the Magellan Gare area seems uncertain. (© Joffrey Fodimbi)

While the page the end of 2019the western part ofMagellan Station area of Lons-le-Saunier welcomes Digital Campus – consisting of Connected Campus and some Territory factory – the whole structure, supported by the city of Lons-le-Saunier and the city respectivelyLons Agglomeration Community Space (ECLA), coming soon leave the premises.

In fact, a few weeks ago, Dominique Megard, the owner of the Magellan Gare site received a letter from ECLA – the only tenant of the site that it sublets to the City for the Connected Campus – to terminate the lease for next October. But where to go?

Combine higher education

For Connected Campus, which hosts one fifteen students after their studies at a distance, “we decided to install them onInspe (Higher National Institute of Education, ed. Note) mhp gather the higher education of the city in one place, according to one request from the Rectorate “, Explain Jean-Yves RavierMayor of Lons-le-Saunier, and to continue, “we asked the department, the owner of the premises, who gave us his consent to settle there on September 2022 intake. »

For its part, if the Ministry of Justice acknowledges that there is ” actually discussions with the city of Lons-le-Saunier “, he assures” not to be in the consideration phase “, and to clarify:” the current discussions do not oblige anyone and do not anticipate any decision from both sides. Now it remains to be seen whether an agreement will be reached before the start of next school year to prevent students from ending up on the streets.

Go to the old Briand school

On the side of the Territory Factory, business incubator which hosts four structures in development but no start-ups in creation, contrary to its original desire, the movement should be taken in the direction offormer Briand schoolcity ​​property.

“The desire is to leave Espace Magellan Gare for cost reasons, but also to rehabilitate the Briand school, which we would rent from the city, to make it a digital space and economic development “, Explain Herve guyVice-President of ECLA responsible for digital communications.

“While the city is working there, we have offered Dominique Megard to stay a little longer on site; we are therefore in the process of negotiating with him (read below). On the other hand, if we do not succeed in reaching an agreement, we do not know where the Fabrique de Territoire will be able to go, ”admits the vice-president.

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“The situation was poorly controlled by the elected representatives”

Dominique Mégard, owner of Magellan Gare Square, does not take his word for it: “The situation was badly managed by the elected representatives, who put themselves in an unpleasant situation by breaking the lease and then renegotiating.”

Faced with this situation, the contractor agreed to negotiate with ECLA, the tenant of the premises. “I made several suggestions to them: either they actually travel in September and it’s decided; either they stay and I rent the building out to them for € 1,000 less as they end up not using the co-working space but they build the building extension as they originally planned to settle there afterwards; either they stay, still with a lower rent of € 1,000, but they buy the LED screen from me for € 25,000 to do with it what they want; or eventually they will, with only a higher rent of € 1,000. »

Pending a response from ECLA’s elected officials, the contractor nevertheless concluded: “However, I would not be obliged to accept their decision and take them back, because they were really not fair play. For my part, I have other projects instead: Why not to establish a brewery there, or to develop my company hotel with reception for entrepreneurs who want to settle in the area. “


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