Newcastle, ranked games, release date … Detailed season 13

Newcastle, ranked games, release date … Detailed season 13

The thirteenth season of Apex Legends far from confirms some superstition. “Sauvetage” (that’s the name) brings us a new legend, an overhaul of ranked games and new features on Storm Zone.

[Mis à jour le 6 mai 2022 à 11h10] Since 2017, Battle Royales has ruled the shooters’ galaxy. Undisputed dominance driven by the success of PUBG, Warzone, Fortnite and Apex Legends. However, it is the latter that could well continue its success story the longest, with an ever-increasing popularity, more than 3 years after its release. The game has actually exceeded 100,000 million registered players in early 2022 and celebrates the arrival of its season 13. A season put under the sign of support as it presents us with a whole new protective legend, as well as a total overhaul of the ranked game mode . We explain all its news to you.

Apex Legends Season 13, admirably aptly named Rescue, begins next May 10 and will be preceded by several story and gameplay trailers so we can understand the scope of its news. Currently, we’re been able to spot the changes affecting the Storm Zone map and some of Newcastle’s skills on video in a gameplay trailer for season 13.

new legend

We told you in the introduction that a new legend will enter the Apex Games, it’s Newcastle, there is none other than Jackson, the lost and then found brother of Bangalore. Newcastle is a legend who specializes in supporting his team, with defensive skills that we could see some elements of in the trailer above. As a tactical skill, he has a shield that allows him to protect his team, which he can move as he pleases. His passive, combat medicine allows him to move his wounded allies while protecting them, and he can insert a huge defensive wall, his ultimate skill.

new card

Storm Zone will be deeply changed upon the arrival of the Rescue season in Apex Legends. The tropical map returns to the foreground with new amenities and a few IMC bunkers full of prey and protected by enemies. But she was also disfigured by a giant creature, since beaten down by legends. We imagine that the beaches on the map will therefore be made more attractive by the presence of this giant carcass, which will no doubt have to be explored in depth. Also note that Respawn has said it wants to review the system of ranked games to “reward teamwork”. A system that had already been modified in season 11, and which is likely to change further in depth.

Rated state changes

The big news in season 13 of Apex Legends is also the total overhaul of the ranked game system. Respawn intends to make it easier for players to earn points by customizing various aspects, including the value of team play. There are various changes, including a major one, when a member of your team kills an enemy, the entire team gets points. A novelty that leans a little more on team play and gives all team members the opportunity to take advantage of elimination bonuses. With regard to the latter, Respawn has decided to remove the elimination bonus limit and at the same time make it fall as frags arise. Players will therefore have the opportunity to earn more points per. Other size changes also come in season 13 as:

The auxiliary timer has been changed from 10 seconds to 15 seconds and can work after the enemy is resurrected.

All divisions will have a cost to participate in a game (yes even in bronze).

You can find the details and the rest of the season 13 patch for ranked games here (English).

It was requested as soon as the game was released in 2019, crossplay was finally implemented on Apex Legends in October 2020, and has since been active by default on all platforms. It does not affect your solo games, but defines the type of players you encounter when playing in teams with your friends. If you are all on the same platform, the players in front of you should mostly use the same console. If you are on different consoles, your lobbies will be populated by a mix of players from different platforms. Console players can optionally disable cross-play in game options.

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