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The weather was fine Wednesday. A detour via Rousegartchen, a look at Spuerkeess’ unchanging headquarters on avenue de la Liberté and back to the editorial office. The worst weather to go for a walk in the “Spatial Park”. The most famous intersection in the metaverse of Spatial is more beautiful than the one in Somnian Space, but it’s just as boring … Against the backdrop of a sunny sky, lake and green areas, paintings are offered for the avatar’s gaze. Probably some NFT stored there. The first metaverse launched on the Ethereum blockchain allows you to view them on OpenSea, the Amazon of artistic NFTs. It was also here that Vizz began selling the first 10 NFTs from The Duchy, the Luxembourg metavers. For $ 7,349 to $ 9,527 it is possible to buy from 500 to 1,000 square feet there.

“Jean Peupudetreunavatar”, my fleeting avatar of this virtual walk in my working hours, could predict without taking many risks to err that the metavers of the future will be on the blockchain. Blankos, Rarerooms, Vault Hilt or Mona are already launched there.

Have you dropped out? It’s normal. Let’s go back to the basics.

A metaverse is a virtual universe where the player, student, fashionista or consultant is represented by avatars that can be more or less adapted to the platforms. They can move around in this universe and meet perfect (or not) strangers or acquaintances and discuss, learn, have fun, discover. When will the first fully immersive metaverse event be held in Luxembourg following Nasir Zubairi’s first Fintech Friday in March 2020? This is the real question at a time when old school events are flourishing, just to toast after an hour.

2. How do we get there? In the past – more than 20 years ago, it used to be – through a website, they are increasingly available. Not just on a good old computer, but also on a smartphone or connected devices, from game consoles to virtual reality headsets.

3. What are we doing there? Limited only by imagination. 500 million (!) Young people played it every month in early April, mostly on Roblox, 17 years of existence and 230 million players alone (well, ok, it’s down, but with millions of developers working on it, everything will be fine, editor’s note). Spotify has decided to launch its island where budding musicians can crack the ears of avatars in peace without risking becoming deaf until they have reached their majority. In May, they can meet K-Pop stars Stray Kids and Sunmi there.

Although sources suggest a majority of young women under the age of 25, Korean Zapato has 20 million older monthly users out of a base of 300 million subscribers. It is the meta-verse for fashion fans and designers already invested by brands like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Dior and even Christian Louboutin. You should like that the eLouboutins paid a fortune, but since that is not my avatar’s strong point, he passes his turn.

One of the most promising areas that Bank of America Merrill Lynch strategists Haim Israel, Felix Tran and Martyn Briggs point to is education. “The basic idea is based on adaptive learning, which has been around for many years,” they say. “Metaversen is just a context, immersive, that in principle can bring the best of digital technologies to education, if and only if done right, with the science of learning and real children in it. ‘Spirit,'” Brookings replies in the book. most notable guide to educational content providers available.

The other idea to look at is the “desk”, but without getting too turned on. Yes, between Facebook’s Infinite Office or the future version of Microsoft’s Teams, two of the heavyweights are ready to forget about the coffee machine and its gossip. Except that bringing everyone together in a single virtual environment, on the scale of globalized societies, must solve a few problems: good connection, minimal latency, regional habits and customs from both a linguistic and hierarchical point of view.

4. Can you make money there? Yes, because many people use it to be “in”. The psychological mechanics are no different than the one watching the local jetset park their race car in front of Rinse or Boos (to you stars who have never managed to park your two sublime Lamborghini Huracans in front of the entrance, against: one of your friends could not get out of his Ferrari …).

Most metavers offer to personalize the user experience, whether it is by offering them other virtual outfits to buy, objects or even properties. According to Nic Mitham’s latest Metaverse Radar, there are 20 “Real Estate” metavers on the way. 19 exactly if we consider that Cryptovoxels has less than 100,000 monthly users four years after launch.

Let’s point out to all those who do not know what to do with their NFT, the impending launch of the Musee Dezentral, which has the ambition to transform itself into a virtual museum, even ready to exhibit … stolen art.

There are 1,000 ways to imagine making money if you use them. For example, at the end of the year, Unity bought Peter Jackson’s special effects studio, Weta, for $ 1.62 billion with the idea of ​​having a toolbox to be able to sell them to creators of content that the movie theater industry would dream of. to eventually be able to offer the first three immersive series in the cinemas. The whole value chain is gathered in this idea up to the intensive use of the cloud.

5. What are we to understand by trends? Three pretty simple things: tamtam organized in the month of May around the metaverse will in a few years give birth to the survival of a handful of these universes, their future will necessarily go through cryptocurrencies and blockchain and the experts announce that a quarter of the world population will spend on average an hour a day there. It is also often interesting to compare the number of subscribers with the number of Internet users who have connected to it over the last month to understand that size matters in development strategies. Zapato, for example, still communicates about its 300 million subscribers … of which less than 3 million connected last month. For the sake of the expenses to be borne, the survivors will have to be financially sound. In view of the billions of people who may be affected, the number of transactions and exchanges will have to go fast and overcome the difficulty of the current system.

6. A bonus for bringing your life to life in the community? On February 22, from kl. 20:00 to 9:00, Abhijeet Goel married Dr. Sansrati on the Indian metaverse Yug in front of 500 avatars. A first in Asia, seven years after the first marriage of this type, between Traci “Dolly Parton” and Dave “Jeff Bezos” Gagnon, who kissed at the same time in the metaverse and in a New Hampshire country club. Just what or romantic?

Note to the reader who has come this far: “Jean Peupudetreunavatar” has been walking the metaverse regularly for 20 years. The only thing that has changed so far is the graphics, fluency and access. The World Health Organization on Obesity, which now hits almost two out of three European adults.)

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