In Grau-du-Roi, suction cup cars are not moving forward

Parking, traffic, construction sites … The seaside resort will be less accessible to motorists and provide more space for pedestrians and cyclists.

Parking, traffic, work … Things are moving at Grau-du-Roi! This could be the seaside resort’s new slogan, just as the first rays of the sun see tourists arrive.

Since mid-January, work has begun to beautify the city, as part of urban renewal, and in the context of the future Mediterranean eco-district, on Avenue Dossenheim and is currently continuing on Place Antonin-Revest.

“Establishment of wooded and cozy spaces, wider sidewalks for pedestrians, bike paths”, details Robert Crauste, Mayor. And a new parking condition “less anarchist”. The Port-Royal shopping center has been given a new look. “We had to do this worksays a store owner.

“They had the advantage of removing all the suction cup cars. This walking and cycling path to Espiguette is beautiful, but since January 10, due to the work, I have had a marked decrease in the customer base and a large loss of revenue. indicates the butcher. Between the availability of shops that were hampered during the work and the lack of signage, she admits: “Customers are a little lost.”

Yves is a year-round resident and lives in the neighborhood. He regrets: “ I do not have a garage for my vehicle. Today there are fewer parking spaces. We forget a little bit that it’s a city with pensioners and that they drive … All these bikes and pedestrians on the sidewalk, it’s going to cause accidents! ” Same observation for Lydia, who lives all year round: “I do not have a garage or parking space. Sometimes it takes me an hour to find a place to park. We had to park before work!”

Heavy traffic in May

Currently, to cross the city center, rue du Levant-rue de la Rotonde, traffic is switched by traffic lights. The traffic light is located on the corner of rue de la Victoire-rue de la Rotonde when arriving from the canal.

In the other direction, when arriving from the town hall, place the traffic light at rue de Levant, after the detour, so that you can walk in the direction of avenue de Dossenheim. From 9 May, the Place Revest sector will be closed to traffic in May.

From this date, signs will be erected inviting you to take detours.


“Walking is not a problem”

Yacime and Camille came from Aigues-Vives to spend the day by the sea. They easily found a place in Antonin-Revest: “It’s unique. Usually we park near the tennis courts. But if you have to walk a block. When the weather is good, it’s not a problem!”

Muriel and Carole, from Montbrison (42), rent regularly at Grau-du-Roi: We are Arrived late at night and it was raining. We easily found a place, otherwise it’s a hassle. We’re avoiding moving the car this week. “

You can also forget your car and go to Grau-du-Roi by train. With the LiO train SNCF, the Nîmes – Le Grau-du-Roi line is cheap with tickets for € 1. There are still free parking spaces at the Sports and Culture Palace and behind the arenas and accept a fifteen-minute walk … It’s good for your health!

“Hundreds of places removed”

Four questions to Robert Crauste, Mayor of Grau-du-Roi.

When will this work be completed?

The project is to be completed in June next year.

Why remove parking spaces?

We have removed a hundred places to avoid suction cup cars.

Parking spaces have become taxable and parking prices have risen.

The new pricing promotes car sales. It quickly becomes expensive in addition to 5 hours of parking. There are 30 minutes free in the city center (then € 1.70 per hour) and 2 hours in the Anciens-Combattants or Beauduc car parks.

How can parking and traffic be better managed in this tourist-friendly city?

The plan is to double the capacity of the existing parking spaces and to store the cars on the outskirts. As for the traffic, the complicated point at the entrance to Le Grau at the gendarmerie, I asked the ministry to launch a feasibility study of a funnel that was to pass under the canal and the railway.

In 2021, Grau-du-Roi had 7,845 parking spaces, of which 5,462 were free and 2,383 paying. In 2022, the municipality will state 2,463 paid places, 5,194 free places and 120 places for people with disabilities. The municipality confirms that 84 parking spaces have been removed from the Revest car park at the Port Royal shopping center. At the end of the work there will be 12 left. Twenty-four spaces have also been removed on avenue Dossenheim.

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