How to find a mobile phone? 5 apps

In different situations, finding a phone can be life-saving. Finding a lost cell phone, monitoring children returning from school, etc. These are reasons that may lead to considering the use of a location application for cell phones. Which application needs to be installed to find an Android phone? Which one to choose on iOS? How to find a phone number? We will answer all these questions in this article.

What does the law say about mobile tracking?

When we talk about cell phone tracking, we may consider positive use, caring for loved ones or finding your stolen device, but inevitably there is abuse. You may be tempted to track the location of a cell phone to someone you want to monitor.

Know that he is totally prohibited from collecting anyone’s location information without their consent. In fact, this collection is only approved in connection with a theft or if you have the consent of the targeted person.

How to find a phone for free?

4 applications to find an Android smartphone

On Android there are several applications that allow you to find a device, find out which are the 3 best in our opinion.

Google Find My Device, ideal for finding a lost or stolen Android device

The first app you can install to quickly find your device is Find my device. This is an application created by Google that allows you to locate your lost Android device and even unlock it.

Specifically, on this application, you will see where is your smartphone, tablet or watch on a map. If the device has no battery, or the positioning function is not possible, you have access to its last known position. In places like airports or malls, you can even go so far as to use the inside map of the building to find your mobile using Google Maps.

Find your phone with Google Find my device
Find your phone with Google Find my device

If you are near this but can not see it, you can play a sound at full volume to spot it. With Find My Device, you can even check the battery level and network status of your device. If you never want the person in possession of the mobile phone to have access to information, you can delete the entire device. Alternatively, you can lock it and add a message or number to the screen to help the person find you.

The app is very light (less than 5MB) and is rated 4.1 out of 5 by over a million users. This tool is clearly worth it, it can help you in difficult situations.

Where’s My Droid, the application to find your mobile remotely

In the same style as Google’s Find My Device tool, we find ” Where’s my Droid“, ie” where is my Android phone? “”. This app counts over 10 million downloads. Here are the different features you want to access:

  • Find the phone by ringing / vibrating it
  • Find your phone using GPS location
  • GPS Flare Location alarm in case of low battery.
  • Remote device lock (requires Android 6.0.1 or lower)
  • Removal of SD card
  • Removal of telephone data
  • Password protection to prevent unauthorized changes to apps.
  • Notification when changing SIM card or phone number
  • No battery drain
Find your Android device with Where's My Droid
Find your Android device with Where’s My Droid

Premium features in Elite (paid subscription)

  • Take pictures with the device’s camera
  • Prevent app installation
  • Geofencing
  • Automatic theft detection
  • Passive location updates
  • Motion alarm
  • Location history
  • Viewing contacts
  • See device and Wi-Fi statistics nearby

Whether your phone gets lost or stolen, you can be sure of its security with such an application.

Phone Tracker by Number, the application to find relatives

The 2 applications we have just seen focus more on phone loss or theft. The tool that we now have to discover allows this, but will also allow it track people by their phone numbers (of course with their consent).

The tool has already been downloaded over 50 million times and is rated 4.3 out of 5 with 820,000 votes. To show you how successful this app is, it has been translated into 44 languages ​​for everyone to enjoy.

With this you will be able to enjoy all its features for free:

  • Find your stolen or lost phone
  • Notifications when your kids are nearby or changing location
  • See the charge level of connected devices
  • Monitor connected device locations with maps and icons
  • See the movement history of one of the devices
  • Record all movements on your device
  • Works regardless of network operator
Find a phone with Phone Tracker By Number
Find a phone with Phone Tracker By Number

To make all this work on your child’s phone, nothing complicated. Justinstall the application on your personal phone and send an invitation to the person you want to keep an eye on. All you have to do is install the application, accept the invitation and allow location tracking.

Find my device, Android functionality

Android devices also have a feature that is available on all devices. It has the same name as the Google app we first saw. Operation could not be easier. Just go to Google’s Find My Device ‘page to find your Android phone or tablet. Once the search has found your device, enable the feature on it.

You will be able to follow the position of your phone live from this web page. It is practical. It is similar to the application we saw in the beginning, but to the web.

How to track an Apple device (iPhone, iPad)? Find my Iphone

Like Google, Apple has everything planned to help us find our mobile in case of a problem. But it also works to monitor your children for example.

To take advantage of it, first install the app called in French “Find My iPhone” in the App Store. Once on the app, connect to the person you need to follow to add a device. In “Devices” you will be able to see the live location on the Maps map of the devices associated with this account. It is also possible to call the devices in case of loss and block the data by setting the “Mark as lost” mode.

It is still important to note that if the mobile is switched off, you will only see the last location of it and that you will not be able to make it ring.

If you are familiar with other useful apps or features to track a cell phone, let us know in the comments below.

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