EDC Paris Business School: meets your development needs

EDC Paris Business School is a business school that trains leaders who meet the demands of tomorrow’s business world. With 70 years of expertise, the school offers new academic horizons to its students in basic and continuing education.

Agility, efficiency, posture, know-how, that’s what companies expect today. EDC Paris Business School successfully conveys these values ​​through its Grande École program.

An expert education

Of the 350 business schools in France, only 38 offer the Grande École program. For 5 years, students will learn to master a wide range of cross-disciplinary disciplines. A complete learning that will enable students to become respected and innovative leaders for their employees while accelerating their professional ascents by optimizing their strategic skills.

The Grande École education is marked, regardless of the theme, with the pedagogical signature of EDC Paris Business School: DIVE

  • D to develop: look for new challenges such as foreign markets.
  • I for innovative: create a business model using new digital technologies.
  • V for “value creation”: Today, companies are looking for leaders who are able to add financial, economic and environmental added value.
  • E for entrepreneurs: EDC Paris Business School has among its ranks future entrepreneurs who during this training will be able to implement strategies in order to create their own structure. An entrepreneurial mentality that is highly valued by companies that establish business units.

DIVE’s educational signature is the breeding ground for the competency models that have created the reputation of the Grande Ecole program at EDC Paris Business School.

EDC Paris Business School: meets your development needs EDC Paris Business School

Keep training your whole life

Continuing education is an important training issue today. The business world is changing increasingly, structures must now work on the employability of their employees in order to retain them and achieve attractiveness.

The continuing education reform has opened up new professional perspectives for employees. From now on, actors of their development, they can easily ask themselves: does my desire for development in my company go through continuous training?

Executive Master in Management – Grande Ecole

If the basic education is intended for students, the continuing education of the EDC Paris Business School is very different. This 19-month training module, more commonly called Executive PGE, offers basic elements of business management and learning about the various functions of a structure.

Continuing education is aimed at several types of people. Business leaders who want to turn their structures around are the first goal. When they are in charge of a business, they already have competencies in the business, but must constantly evolve. The Executive PGE in management will provide the necessary tools to plan or even anticipate a business strategy. The education leads to a master’s degree, Bac + 5, recognized by the state.

Employees who want to develop in the company are also a privileged target for this training. Managers can actually offer them financial support for training. These employees, often seen as the talents of their companies, are often helped to fund the training of their companies. During the 19 months, they acquire the necessary skills to hold a position of greater responsibility.

Companies turn to EDC Paris Business School. They often have a fairly clear mapping of their most promising elements. Since they do not want to resort to external recruitment, they prefer to rely on their talents. The creation of a group of Executive PGE in the company is then possible thanks to the diploma from EDC Paris Business School. Through this ongoing training, the company can therefore maintain its promising elements by developing them within it.

A selective training of expertise

The quality of continuing education is ensured by the school’s 70 years of experience, but also by its selectivity. To access it, you must meet a number of prerequisites. First of all, an academic minimum of Bac +2 or Bac +3 is required. A university level that can be compensated with professional experience of at least 3 years, especially for the BAC + 2 level. The files are then studied individually.

The applicant’s academic goals weigh very heavily in his admission. Before embarking on this 19-month journey, you still need to have a base. The teaching teams at EDC Paris Business School can help bring a project to life, leading to more effective training afterwards.

EDC Paris Business School aims to put together groups of classes that are homogeneous in level but also heterogeneous in profile. Once the files have been selected, candidates will go through important stages before being admitted. The first in the analysis of candidate profiles. The files must consist of a CV and a document describing the size of the position held in the company. Applicants will then be interviewed by an admissions counselor. They must prepare 2 or 3 letters of recommendation to support their admission. Once this step is completed, all that is left is to have a more in-depth individual interview with the Admissions Director, Anne Lefèvre.

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