Coworking: 8 places to work in Marseille

The most complete: the Babel community

> For whom ? Young nomadic and demanding workers who like to leave their luggage behind will be satisfied. This hyper-complete space combines coworking and coliving behind a Haussmann façade. Freelancers, start-ups, associations and regional branches of large companies have taken this prime location, which is particularly suitable for workers passing through Marseille.

> The number of seats? The building covers 4,200 m2 with a coworking area of ​​over 1,000 m2. The room has 4 meeting rooms with a capacity of 6 to 34 people.

> The infrastructure? On-site: more than 200 open or closed workplaces and living spaces, including a restaurant, a fitness center and 80 furnished apartments for shared or individual accommodation. Services include comfortable telephone boxes, a photo studio and high-performance tools (scanner, printer, laser copiers, large format plotters, etc.)

> The extra thing? The new address, a stone’s throw from the Old Harbor, has a rooftop terrace and an Italian-flavored restaurant with breathtaking views of the city’s rooftops.

> The good? The individual rooms are a bit cramped

> the rates? from 20 euros excluding tax for a day pass to more than 400 euros excluding tax for a closed office.

> How do we book?

> Addresses: 70 rue de la République and 21 rue Haxo

Babel Community Restaurant

Babel Community RestaurantThe Babel community

The most trendy: Now Coworking

> For whom ? Nomadic workers, auto entrepreneurs, business leaders and student entrepreneurs meet in this space, which offers a prime location in Marseille’s historic and cultural center, directly on the old port, with access 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

> The number of seats? On 2,900 m2, the space accommodates more than 200 employees in rooms that can accommodate up to 50 people, without a lease, deposit or commitment. Shared private offices are also available.

> The infrastructure? One level split room to host conferences, 8 meeting rooms, some equipped with a video conferencing system, a “brainstorming” room and another to bring customers overlooking the old harbor. The place also offers a gym with showers and a nap bar to recharge your batteries.

> The extra thing? In addition to the terrace overlooking the Old Harbor, the place offers free and unlimited access to more than 4,000 press titles and unlimited coffee.

> The good? Inevitably, pitches overlooking the harbor are more expensive …

> the rates? From 49 euros excl. VAT / month for limited access to more than 490 euros excl. VAT / month for a joint office.

> How do we book?

> Addresses: 19 New Coastal Quay

Now Coworking

The most creative: Make it to Marseille

> For whom? As much as a Fab Lab as a coworking space, Make it Marseille wants to be a player in the transition to a place equipped with digital machines to enable residents, the “lean”, to create, prototype and produce small series, such as jewelry, luggage, furniture or fashion accessories. Ideal for creative souls looking for an inspiring place: architect, craftsman, visual professional or designer.

> The number of seats? This 450 m2 space, housed in a bright former factory, welcomes a few dozen creators.

> The infrastructure? On one side an open space coworking space with meeting room, on the other a workshop equipped with professional machines. The key word: mutual assistance between colleagues to promote “creative emulation”.

> The extra thing? Fablab managers and expert consultants accompany and advise on the creation and use of the machines.

> The good? An address a little away from the places of life in the city.

> the rates? From 12.5 euros per. day. Very flexible, the site offers half-day diaries, 5-, 10-day or full-time subscriptions up to 300 euros / month, stock included.

> How do we book?

> Addresses: 108 Rue Breteuil

Make it to Marseille

The most express: Weréso Marseille Gare Saint-Charles

> For whom ? Ideally located in Saint-Charles train station, this space is intended for those looking for a coworking spot that is well connected for transportation to organize quick meetings between two trains.

> The number of seats? An area of ​​500 m2 limited to 100 workstations in full version, 5 private offices, 8 meeting rooms and a seminar room. A 100 m2 terrace with coffee tables completes the space.

> The infrastructure? Equipped with a fiber optic connection, a kitchen, rooms dedicated to calls (equipped with screens for Skype) and concierge services, this place brings together everything you need to start a professional activity in good conditions.

> The extra thing? As a member you have unlimited access to all other rooms in Lille, Paris, Lyon and Colombes. A real plus if you move regularly. You can make your postdomicilium there and order meal trays.

> The good? No windows to let in natural light. Depressing for some despite a wall decoration imagined by street artist Thierry Noir.

> the rates? from 4 euros excl. VAT per hour to 190 euros excl. VAT / month for unlimited space.

> How do we book?

> Addresses: Halle Honnorat, Gare Saint-Charles


The most collaborative: La Ruche

> For whom ? Ideal for creating synergies. Committed and positive entrepreneurs are welcome in this space, which promotes personal development and sharing of skills to perform differently. It has the charm of collaborative coworking: a lively place in perpetual motion thanks to the contributions of its members.

> The number of seats? 450 m2, which houses a very unstable population: 675 people were supported in this place in 2021, 2,350 in ten years.

> Services? La Ruche offers training to those who want to launch a project in the field of social innovation and thus acts as an incubator with hackathons, e-training, personal follow-up with dedicated speakers with an emphasis on intrapreneurship.

> The extra thing? Priority access to CAF-approved internal micro-nurseries.

> The good? Lack of flexibility: you must have one month’s notice to leave the place. And limited access 5 days a week from 9am to 6pm.

> the rates? From 96 euros including tax for a flexible neighborhood position, to 300 euros for a full-time position in a semi-divided office.

> How do we book?

> Addresses: 28 Bd National


The most inclusive: Ecuador

> For whom ? Equateur is defined as much as an inclusive common work area, as a third place connecting the north and south of Marseille. There are therefore freelancers, artists, craftsmen or representatives of associations connected by solidarity values ​​and an alternative view of work.

> The number of seats? 44 open space workstations, an enclosed office and several ocean view meeting rooms.

> The infrastructure? 260 m2 located overlooking the Euro-Mediterranean business district in the heart of the free urban zone, which offers benefits when settling. Secure lockers, parking rental, sports coaching are included in the services.

> The extra thing? A massage offer on demand.

> The good? The environment, a district “in the making”.

> the rates? From 10 euros excl. tax per half day to 400 euros excl. tax / month for a private office without binding.

> How do we book?

> Addresses: 171 Chemrag de la Madrague-Ville


The most family friendly: The Loft

> For whom ? A space specially dedicated to start-ups. The philosophy of the place: combat the entrepreneur’s lack of motivation and loneliness by integrating him into a community of residents who share experiences, skills and networks.

> The number of seats? The open space can accommodate about twenty residents.

> The infrastructure? A loft with large volumes flanked by a table football, two meeting rooms and video conference room. Access, marked, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

> The extra thing? The warm, friendly and diligent atmosphere. A family spirit with very little turnover.

> The good? Hard to isolate oneself, as in a family.

> the rates? A unique all-inclusive offer of 249 euros including tax / month, without binding.

> How do we book? (

> Addresses: Holy Street 36

The ceiling

The most central: La Fabulerie

> For whom ? This cultural and digital third place located in the Noailles district houses a small atypical coworking room installed in the former reception room of the Astoria Hotel, under a majestic Art Deco glass roof. Ideal for those who want to mature a cultural business project.

> The number of seats? Less than ten.

> The infrastructure? A room of 350 m2 which can be converted as needed.

> The extra thing? Programs and digital creations dedicated to the improvement of cultural heritage collections and to scientific and pedagogical knowledge in a playful and eventful form.

> The good? Baroque furniture is ill-suited for a full day’s work.

> the rates? You can access the site by joining the association: from 20 euros per year for one person to 100 euros per month for a company.

> How do we book?

> Addresses: 10 Garibaldi Boulevard

The fabulous

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