best tips to not get your cell phone stolen

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find that those around us, or ourselves, pay the cost of a smartphone theft. Due to lack of vigilance or simply lack of luck, there can be many possibilities at the origin of one snatch or discreetly, which may have motivated one aggressor to steal our motive.

Smartphone: How Do You Avoid Getting Your Cell Phone Stolen?

1. Walk while holding your mobile phone against the wall

As simple as it may seem, it is a much safer tactic to stick to the wall when making a phone call in the city, so as not to risk to have your smartphone stolen. By carrying the mobile phone on the wall, this deters a potential aggressor as this technique complicates his task.

2. Attach your smartphone to a wrist strap

Very revolutionary, a strap off smart phone is the essential accessory for anyone who wants to reduce the risk of getting theirs cell phone. If there are beaded straps in the necklace or traditional string, it is advisable to prefer a more solid version, such as a chain strap to prevent a pickpocket do not cut it.

3. Protect your smartphone with an anti-theft cover

Become the very extension of everything smart phone who respects himself, the hull of cell phone now comes in countless versions. Of all of them we keep anti-theft casesgenerally equipped with a fastening that allows a better grip on our smart phone.

4. Avoid taking your cell phone out during a walk

In public transportation, concerts and demonstrations or other massive gatherings, it is better to keep your cell phone tidy avoid getting it stolen. In other words, you should not pull your smartphone forward at any cost and within everyone’s reach, as is often the case in bus and metro. In addition, we advise you not to stand too close to the exit doors when you have your phone in hand, to avoid having it stolen and the person flees without you being able to catch up. Our last tip? Post your Instagram photo when you get home, your fans are waiting.

5. Not to put your smartphone in your pocket

By habit or by moment of absence, it happens that we place ours smart phone in the outer pocket of our clothes. What should we do smartphones visible to everyone and increases the potential risk of having your cell phone stolen. A common mistake that can be largely avoided by storing it in an inner pocket that closes. Compared to backpackers fans of the phone tucked in the backpack, we recommend that you carry your bag on the front, to keep an eye on it in any case.

6. Use Bluetooth wireless headphones

New unstoppable gadget, bluetooth earphone or handsfree set is the ultimate trick to limit the risk of theft of smart phone. Whether Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Carrefour, Decathlon, Guess or any other brand, it is possible to find wireless bluetooth headphones -or earphones- for any budget.

7. In the restaurant, do not put your smartphone on the table

Extremely obvious, do not put yours smart phone on the table in a restaurant or a bar is a golden rule, and so much the more so if we are sitting on the terrace. Instead, keep your phone tucked away in your purse or inside pocket of your clothes.

8. Install a phone anti-theft app

But if your phone disappears despite all your efforts and your vigilance, the last step is to geolocate to find it in flight case. At the forefront, we have the free application Mobile Me (IPhone), to use the location feature available on iCloud. Other applications are available on Iphone and Android, such as FamiSafe, Find My Friends, Family Locator GPS Tracker, Glympse, Family Locator …

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