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Blizzard teases Naga, a new race coming to Battlegrounds with Patch 23.2 next week. On the program, Queen Azshara and a myriad of new servants will take part in the battles. Check out the details below, and expect more information in the next few days!

Note: The companions leave Battlegrounds with the arrival of the Nagas.

Bend down to Queen Azshara and her army of naga storming in Battlegrounds mode! The very first Battlegrounds season, “Rise of the Nagas”, begins on May 10 with the release of Update 23.2. This new season will be accompanied by a reset of the battlefield ratings, a new heroine and a new type of minions: the Nagas!

New minion type: Nagas

The Nagas, the servants of greedy spells, are fascinated by magic. They can give you spells or gain power when spells are cast in their presence.

New keyword: Witchcraft

Some Nagas have a unique new keyword, Witchcraft ! Minions with the Sorcery keyword provides a temporary spell each turn. This spell can strengthen your henchmen until the start of your next recruitment phase.

The queen comes to take the crown

Queen Azshara is the new heroine in Battlegrounds mode. The ruler of Highborne and her people were doomed to die as vengeful naga. After Naga Queen Azshara transforms, successive waves of Naga will arrive under your command! Can you lead them to victory?

Master the magic

The Nagas have been devastated by their inability to control their unquenchable thirst for magic. Do not suffer the same fate! Here are some tips on how to play with Nagas and the keyword “Sorcery” to best channel their power:

  • Each minions with the Sorcery keyword generates a spell with the Sorcery each turn.
  • Witchcraft effects are only valid until your next recruitment phase. Each turn you can organize your spells for the next match.
  • Spells with sorcery disappear from your hand at the end of your turn – you lose them if you do not use them!
  • Sorcery spells are generated as soon as you play a sorcerer with the Sorcery keyword, but also at the beginning of each recruitment phase.
  • If your hand is full, Sorcery spells will “wait” for a seat to become available in your hand, instead of being destroyed or delayed one turn.
  • Golden henchmen with the keyword Sorcery will generate golden versions of spells with Sorcery, which will have an increased effect.
  • Some Nagas have different effects depending on when you cast spells. These are spells with sorcery, but also coins, blood pearls and triple rewards.

The nagas are waiting for you

A total of 5 minions will be removed from the minion pool with the release of update 23.2, to be replaced by 16 new naga minions, 5 other new minions and 2 previously known minions! In the coming days, we will give you more Nagas, as well as feedback from the development team and other information. Get a sneak preview of upcoming minions and mechanics by following some of your favorite content creators ahead of the full release preview on May 9th.

Keep checking back on our PlayHearthstone page this revealing weekend for daily reviews, art previews and more!

Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends

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