▷ How to start an online business from scratch?

You want to start your business online and you are lost to all the information you read on the internet about it? You what you want is Start your profitable online business as soon as possible and that it generates earnings for you. It is completely legitimate if you want to put an end to wage labor once and for all …

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But let me tell you one thing: it’s not going to happen overnight, contrary to what dream sellers make you believe. But you can do it if you apply the right method and the right strategy. So I will explain to you in this article how to start an online business from scratch.

Theme selection

Choosing a blogging theme is a basic step, and if you mess up this step, your business will not be able to function. In fact, the choice of a theme is like the foundation of a house: If the foundation is defective, the house will end up collapsing! You need to think carefully about the niche you want to start in in order to study it and limit the risk of failure as much as possible, even if there is no zero risk.

What you need to understand first and foremost is that a profitable niche is not tied to the number of people in that niche. In other words, you should not be looking for the largest audience, but an audience that has a long-term interest and that buys. In other words, you need to check the economic potential of your idea. You should definitely avoid seasonal activity (skiing, harvesting, etc.) or related to a temporary situation (e.g. help finding a job)

Then you need to choose a niche with a wide range of products to sell, such as affiliate training. This will allow you to make regular offers to your readers and animate your site commercially.

Do not choose a niche idea solely on the basis of intuition or personal desire, but seek to meet the needs and expectations of your audience. This is the main element that will make your online business take off or not. Of course, I’m not telling you not to choose a theme you like, on the contrary, it’s absolutely necessary for you to stick over time, but you should unite your passion for this topic and wonder how you feel will go about it address a deep need in your theme.

You must absolutely avoid being original: In an online business, originality does not pay! Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life, simply because they are what people are looking for. As my friend André Dubois says, it’s better to open the 10th pizzeria in your city than to open the first Ethiopian restaurant. Why? Because people love pizza, but they want to be wary of a restaurant that makes Ethiopian cuisine because they do not know it …

What is your marketing position?

Marketing positioning is the position that your offer / product occupies in your customer’s mind in relation to the competitors. The goal here is to bring closer to what this target client keeps from you with what you want to communicate.. It’s about creating a universe for your ideal client or avatar. You have to ask yourself about your intention: if he were to keep only one thing from you, what would it be?

This is also an essential point that should not be overlooked: how to find your ideal client for your online business. By determining the profile of your ideal client you will allow yourself to create a link to your audience in your emails, your articles and on your sales page, and therefore this will ultimately allow you to sell more.

For example, the customer avatar in web marketing looks like this: men and women between the ages of 30 and 50, and therefore rather in a middle-aged group, and who are already freelancers or entrepreneurs. The ideal customer in web marketing is already imbued with entrepreneurship and he is motivated to succeed: he is not a beginner or novice, which greatly facilitates things. The traffic already knows what it wants, it is aware of its need, which is not always the case in other niches.

Once you have determined this, simply focus your communication by addressing yourself directly to your goal, even if you end up throwing a wider network. How? By adopting the language, the codes borrowed from your target client.

Do not be afraid of competition: A niche where there is strong competition indicates that there is money to be made and therefore it is a profitable niche. Whereas if you have almost no competitors in your market segment, beware: that means there is no market!

You want to know this by doing your market research: for example, by going to Amazon and looking for the best-selling books in your niche. Identify how many have bought the book and the buyer’s comments, of course positive, but especially the negative comments: you want to know what readers do not like. You can also study the questions people ask on Quora or Yahoo Q&A: These will give you a good indicator of what people are looking for on the Internet.

The strategy that must be yours to face the competition is to do what your competitors do not. You have to be better than them. Listen to your customers, offer better after-sales service for example, where your competitors, after selling their product, leave you in nature … if you have discovered a flaw in what they offer, then look to fill this gap.

Which communication channel should you choose?

You need to know that the choice of one medium over another is not crucial to the success of your business as long as the content is qualitative. Ask yourself on which medium you are most comfortable communicating: in writing? Orally? on video? Obviously, you need to communicate on the media or media that your audience frequents, but if you are not comfortable with video, you should prefer a blog instead of opening a YouTube channel.

For example, I’m clearly more comfortable with the blog. I do not know how to make YouTube videos, even though everyone says YouTube is a must. But rest assured: it is very possible for shy e.g. or those who do not want to show themselves on video, still be present on YouTube. For example, by publishing an audio podcast with a fixed image in the background, or by publishing a Google slides slideshow and commenting on the slides that are scrolled one after the other.

However, blogs have a much better ability to generate leads than a YouTube channel. In fact, not everyone makes the effort to read the description of a video where you place your link to redirect to an article or a recording page … the visibility of a call to action is much better on a blog.

Then producing content is only the first part of the job: then you have to promote it and it has to record between 40 and 50% of your time. You may have super top content that responds to a problem in your niche, if no one or almost no one knows that your blog, your YouTube channel or your podcast exists, you will not be able to get your traffic to pick up speed and therefore low sales!

You know, we keep telling you enough: “Money is on the list! That means the potential for generating sales is contained in your email list. Having subscribers to your newsletter is truly the best way to create sales on .To secure your business you absolutely must own your audience.How? By capturing the email address of your visitors.

Your followers on Twitter or Instagram, the people who follow you on Facebook or on Pinterest, do not belong to you: if tomorrow, social networks change their commercial policy and decide to charge you to have subscribers or to return the content you post invisible because their algorithm will have changed, what will you do? You find yourself naked!

You do not have to produce content to harvest email addresses, though this is the most effective way to do it. For example, you can collect email addresses by offering your audience to answer a Google form questionnaire and asking for the respondent’s email address inside. A very smart way to get subscribers.

In your questionnaire you can ask a strategic question like this: What is your biggest frustration in (your theme)? » Where “If you had a wand to turn your pumpkin into a cart, what problem would you like to solve?”

If collecting email addresses is absolutely crucial to being your first priority, even before you produce content, it must be acknowledged that this task is not always easy: It is due to the spirit that your readers are in. Is.

When reading a blog post, watching a webinar or video on YouTube, people are looking for information, not buying. Also at this point, your audience is “cold” traffic. To collect email addresses on your subscriber list, do it smart. For example, you can:

  • Arrange a contest on Facebook or Instagram ;
  • Offer free training ;
  • Offer a coaching session ;
  • Offer a free guide ;
  • offer access to a webinar ;
  • offer access to a free resource base or a private club.

Now that you’ve started building your subscriber list, you need a product. Do not panic: if you are worried about “how to make your own product”, then know that you can start making with advantage Membership and recommend others’ product. It’s better to recommend someone else’s amazing product, software or subscription than to create a pretty mediocre product yourself that will not sell!

If you choose to create a product, what could be easier than an e-book? Obviously, in your e-book, you need to offer value-added content, offer action sheets to download or exercises to do. You can also provide files for download. But in this case, they have to be made by a web designer.

You can also create one free training : via email, on video or in the form of a podcast why not. That’s what I recommend you do, because if your training brings the beginning of a concrete solution to your prospects, they will trust you and will be in a good position to then buy paid education. In short, you want to have “warmed up” your audience.

In these different cases, you will need to set up your business in advance. Some service providers may help you with this important step. Example service provider: Simplitoo.

Well, I hope the advice in this article will be helpful to you and allow you to move forward in your business.

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