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The construction of the office complex at the western entrance to Mantes-la-Jolie was entrusted to the ENP and Patrick De Rorre.
The construction of the office complex at the western entrance to Mantes-la-Jolie was entrusted to the ENP and Patrick De Rorre. (© Céline Evain)

What do Aulnay-sur-Mauldre, Epône, Fontenay-Mauvoisin, Vert, Oinville-sur-Montcient, Longnes, Tessancourt-sur-Aubette, Bouafle, Rosay or even Soindres, all based in Yvelines, have in common?

Answer: ENP, led by Patrick De Rorre. This company based in Juziers, specializing in ordinary masonry and building work, is continuously involved in municipal projects: leisure centers, expansion or renovation of schools, expansion or renovation of town halls, etc.

In these rural communities everything would happen via Ingenier’Y.

“It’s quite simple. The municipalities pay a contribution to Ingenier’Y and in return the municipality benefits from advice from engineers and assistance with project management. The small amount paid to the base ultimately allows the municipalities to save thousands of euros “Says a source who wishes to remain anonymous. Tenders are launched behind it, and it is often – if not always – the ENP that wins. A random one? Is he the best bidder?

Mantes-la-Jolie also …

The name of this building contractor appeared in the lines of Chained Duck on February 23rd. We learned there that a few months after the vote on a ward apparatus aimed at establishing ten nursing homes in the area, SCI of 2 rue de Lorraine would have been set up and would have acquired “for 650,000 € for a plot of 1,291m2 [situé à Mantes-la-Jolie]. […] Shareholders: Laurent Nicouleau, brother-in-law of Pierre Bédier, and Patrick de Rorre, entrepreneur from Yvelines ”.

The building permit would then have been given to this SCI, then a year later the department under a municipal council would have given a grant of 1.1 million euros for this medical center to see the light of day. Nicouleau and De Rorre would then have sold for “almost 6 million euros” the rest of the building to the firm HLM Les Résidences, led by Pierre Bédier. Answer from the chairman of Yvelines to Spirit : ” I did not know. “

You do not have to look long to realize that the name De Rorre appears very frequently when talking about real estate projects. SCI Gutemberg, represented by Mr De Rorre, would have been entrusted with the construction of the western entrance to Ville, coming from Rosny-sur-Seine just in front of the Ibis Hotel. Under the panel that shows the artist’s view of the future office building, we can read: contact: enp.fr@orange.fr…

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Another example: the municipal council of 6. July 2015. Treatment 36 is entitled: “Major refurbishment of pavilion 5 – exhibition center award and contract signing”. By the deadline for submitting tenders for the public competition, only one bid had been received: ENP’s. However, according to two other concurring sources, the offer would have been well above the estimate, namely 1.9 million euros. “The market was still awarded to Patrick De Rorre and the ENP when the offer should have been relaunched,” we are told.

Two years later. We are on June 30, 2017 and this time the contract relates to the expansion of the Albert-Uderzo school group. Processing No. 16 must award the contract. This time there were two offers. ENP wins again. Cost of the operation: almost 3 million euros.

It is therefore not surprising that the essential name of Patrick De Rorre, who seems closely connected with Pierre Bédier’s name, appears in the article published in Canard Enchaîné on Wednesday, March 30, with the title Yvelines boss suspected of hunting in Hong Kong.

Pierre Bédier would have set up the company Euclidiennes Limited in this area. Shareholder: “De Rorre, Patrick Michel”, who would have 100 shares when Pierre Bédier would own 900. In Spirit, the latter claims to have never set up any company in Hong Kong. He would even have filed a complaint for identity theft.

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