Why my TPE took out a Google Workspace Enterprise subscription instead of the Business Plus offer

Why my TPE took out a Google Workspace Enterprise subscription instead of the Business Plus offer

It all started about a year ago when Google renamed its premium G Suite service to Workspace. Relatively quietly, Google not only changed but also removed the possibility of unlimited storage space for enterprise-level subscriptions that many G Suite customers had trusted.

Google Workspace (Ex G Suite) is the ultra-complete workspace created by Google for professionals (companies and schools) that brings together all of its applications and specific tools.

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After all our interactions with Google Support and Google PR staff, some questions remained unanswered. For example, what happens to data already stored on Drive that exceeds the amount of new Workspace subscriptions? When (or will) the ability to continue downloading stop? Will existing users become grandparents and be able to continue using the storage space they currently use? Is there a migration deadline?

Google’s response was too vague and uninviting to serve as a basis for planning critical business activities. So I decided, like many other Google G Suite refugees I was talking to, to wait and see. After all, migrating 20 or 30 TB to the cloud is a lengthy and inconvenient operation.

For a year, Google did not say a word. My other Business Plan users and I have quietly resumed our lives.

But then …

Last November 10, I received (and as the explosion of tweets and emails I received showed, many other users showed) a message with the subject ” [Action requise] Start your transition from G Suite to Google Workspace ”. Oops!


Again, we did not know if our existing files would be deleted, if our inventory consumption would be maintained, etc. But given that this conversation with Google started almost exactly a year ago, the consensus was that we should probably find a solution or bad things could happen.

I have five local file servers. In total, they contain one-fifth of a petabyte or 200 TB. Part of this volume consists of duplicate storage. I am a big supporter of the 3-2-1 backup strategy, so I keep multiple copies of all my files and data on the site as well as in the cloud.

I do not hide everything in the cloud. For example, I do not back up multiple versions of videos that are produced because it uses a huge amount of data and I do not really need remote backups. But I back up all original video resources. In total, I have just over 47 terabytes hosted on Google Drive.

There is a problem because the standard Workspace Business subscription allows 2 TB per second. user. The Business Plus subscription allows 5 TB per. user. For $ 15.60 a month for the Plus plan, I had to buy 10 user accounts to cover my current consumption, not even considering the monthly increase in inventory consumption, which is the entropy of backup and product production.

Going from just over $ 60 per. month to $ 180 per. month (and more over time) is a big step forward for a small two-person business.

Look, mother! I’m a business!

But Google also offers Workspace Enterprise subscriptions. It was not easy to find the details of these subscriptions. The company does not publish terms or prices. Instead, you will be asked to contact a sales representative.

In my experience, finding a Google Enterprise salesperson is like finding a pink unicorn. Not once, in the course of 10 attempts in the last year, has anyone from Google Enterprise called back after completing the Google Enterprise sales contact form. I tried to call. I managed to reach someone, but they were unable to answer storage questions and informed me that someone would call me back. It never happened.

I also tried talking to Google Support through my Workspace / G Suite Business plan account. During my chat session, I was transferred from a support representative to a supervisor-level person. When I asked about storage space and pricing for business, I was told, “You should contact the Google sales team by filling out this form: https://workspace.google.com/contact-form”.

I guess the choice of “2-9 employees” in the contact form makes me a low-value customer who does not justify a human response from Google’s sales team.

But it turns out that you can start an upgrade from Business to Enterprise in Workspace admin dashboard. Once the upgrade is started, the pricing structure will be communicated to you as part of the upgrade process.

It also turns out (and this confirms user feedback in December 2020) that the Enterprise Standard plan is 20 euros per. month per. user. The minimum number of users is five. So for $ 100 a month, I (and anyone else who needs a lot of online storage) can upgrade to an Enterprise plan.

And that’s what we’ve done. My small business has five accounts in the Enterprise Standard plan. My wife and I each have an account on this subscription. We also have three additional unallocated accounts that we only pay for because paying for these accounts allows us unlimited storage.

The rest of the story

Last month I upgraded to Enterprise and have not received any “you are using too much storage space”, so … maybe? I had this statement from Google in mind: “Enterprise customers will be able to request as much storage space as they want”.

Ask. This word worries me. I mean, “will be able to ask” pretty much defined my childhood. I asked for many things. I was able to ask for many things. But my parents were able to say no. The idea that “Enterprise customers will be able to request as much storage space as is necessary” thus in no way confirms that these customers will be given as much storage space as necessary.

This week, I contacted Google’s support service again. This time, as I am now an Enterprise customer, I think the support person was willing to chat. As you can see below, I was told “your account has unlimited storage space as long as you keep 5 or more users”.


Is this an official answer? In any case, this is the answer I would quote to Google if I was criticized for my 47 TB storage footprint (which keeps growing).

As for the future, I would love for Google to confirm that it will no longer pull the rug on the Enterprise plan, but it’s not just Google. This is how it is with most technology companies. Companies do what they have to do to achieve their internal goals and metrics. If unlimited storage space for Enterprise subscription users does not meet their needs, I’m sure those of us who pay customers will have to struggle to find a new solution.

In the meantime, we’ve hopefully won at least a few more years before we have to solve the problem of cloud storage again.

And you? How do you manage cloud storage? Do you use tons of space, or do existing small business subscriptions meet your needs?

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