Where can I find a used car with automatic transmission?

If the manual gearbox is still the most used in France, the automatic gearbox still has many advantages. Smooth driving, better vehicle control … automatic mode attracts more and more users. But is it easy to find a vehicle with this gearbox on the used market?

Did you know that there is a special “automatic transmission” driver’s license? Because the cost of driving hours represents a real budget, there is an alternative. Also called BVA, this permit costs on average 30% less than a classic permit. The reason ? The law imposes a minimum of 13 hours of driving against 20 hours for a classic driving license. “Less work, more ease” is a bit like the credo of an “auto” box. The car controls the gearbox and the clutch for you. A great benefit that eliminates the problems of starting or stopping that we all encounter with a manual gearbox. For it must be admitted that driving is more comfortable, the driver no longer has to worry about changing gears and can therefore keep his hands on the steering wheel to concentrate on the road. An obvious gain in comfort, especially when driving in the city, which is more in traffic jams. No need to constantly gear down, the car takes care of everything! It is also during these city trips that you optimize your fuel consumption as opposed to a manual gearbox. But of course comfort has a price. Generally it takes 1,000 to 2,000 € more for this type of model. Fortunately, it is very possible to get a vehicle with automatic transmission at a lower price thanks to the apartment.

More than 15,000 used vehicles with automatic transmission are available at Spoticar

This is one of the features most in demand by used vehicle buyers: the automatic transmission. If it can sometimes seem difficult to find your dream model, it is very likely that your search will not be in vain. In fact, at the time of writing, Spoticar offers more than 15,000 used vehicles with automatic transmission at all of its 1,200 points of sale in France. By calling one of the professionals from Spoticar, Stellantis’ multi-brand used car brand, you will undoubtedly find the vehicle you need. A quality of service and a varied offer that can explain why 92% * of French people are satisfied with their purchase of a used vehicle (according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive).

In addition to personal support, all vehicles offered by Spoticar are subject to more than 100 checkpoints. From the body to the engine, of course past the electrical system, everything is carefully examined. The vehicles are thus sold in perfect condition, and benefit from a guarantee of up to 24 months and 24/7 assistance throughout Europe. And since it is important to feel comfortable in your vehicle, you can test drive before you buy. Are you still in doubt? Spoticar offers you up to 10 days, within the limit of 1,000 kilometers traveled, to be satisfied or refunded! Not bad is it not?

But let it be said, if vehicles with automatic transmission can be very attractive, it is the price that can sometimes set us back. By choosing a used vehicle over a new vehicle, you give yourself the opportunity to get the desired vehicle without suffering from its discount (30% the first year and up to 50% loss in 3 years). And with Spoticar, you have no maintenance costs during the 15,000 kilometers or 12 months after your purchase. The brand is aware that not everyone has the same financial means. This is why the professionals at Spoticar offer you several financing solutions: cash, credit with call option (LOA) or long-term lease (LLD).

As you have probably understood, whether you are an experienced driver or a young driver looking for easier and more comfortable driving, the automatic transmission is made for you. Thanks to Spoticar and its experts, according to your profile you will be able to find the model that best suits your needs among more than 15,000 vehicles with automatic transmissions from the brand. What are you waiting for to try?

* The Harris Interactive survey was conducted in March 2022 on a sample of 1,516 people representative of French people aged 18 and over.

This content was produced in collaboration with Spoticar. No member of the BFMTV editorial staff participated in the production of this content.

In collaboration with Spoticar

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