Toulouse: Discover Toulouse Business School’s future project, which becomes TBS Education

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Toulouse Business School Management School changes name to TBS Education. The management team unveiled its future investments on Thursday, April 8, to welcome nearly 7,000 students to “inspiring, innovative and environmentally responsible” campuses.

The management team of TBS Management School (Toulouse Business School renamed TBS education) has this Thursday, April 8, outlined the main lines of its future, by 2026, during a press video conference from “The cube”. , a room dear to students at Boulevard Lascrosses headquarters in Toulouse.

Far from the time the school was founded in 1903 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), the institution, which educates 5,500 students each year, aims for an “inspiring, environmentally responsible, innovative future”. insistent from the general manager of TBS Stéphanie Lavigne.

An ambitious project that will require a budget of 120 million euros over five years for this private school, which generates approximately 55 million euros in turnover (CA) and offers courses whose tuition fees vary between 30,000 and 40,000 euros.

“Of the 5,500 students, 25% are foreigners, 20% are scholarship holders,” explains Stéphanie Lavigne, who aims to welcome nearly 7,000 students by 2026 on four campuses.

“The school,” adds the director general, has been terribly shaken by the health crisis. We have applied for funding from the TBS Foundation of 5.5 million euros to help students find housing and social grants. Our students have suffered during this period. They have shown great fatigue for distance learning courses for a year. But after a year of Covid-19, we are convinced of the central face-to-face space. The person must be in the center of campus. »

For distance learning, TBS has of course planned a “digital campus” where the courses will be permanently online. The second effort in this roadmap is the visibility of the management school on the world rankings, in this case Shanghai, which is so much criticized by French and European researchers and academics.

By taking advantage of the results of more than 320 publications in internationally recognized scientific journals, by developing “centers of excellence” in strategic areas: corporate social responsibility (CSR / DD); aviation and aerospace; artificial intelligence, big data, etc. TBS Education plans to set up ten chairs in 2026 (CSR, auditing, space, consulting, health, entrepreneurship), five research laboratories and offer 70 double degrees with Grandes Ecoles.

The four TBS campuses: Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Casablanca

TBS Education, “wants to bring together its two Toulouse locations, Lascrosses and Entiore, in one place. The Business School plans to open the doors to its new campus in 2025. With a total area of ​​31,500 m2, it will still be located in the city center ( Compans-Caffarelli in the Petit Palais area) and will bring together all its activities.Outside the Pink City, the campuses of Paris, Casablanca (Morocco) and Barcelona (Spain) are also being renovated.
The building, designed by Portuguese architect Francisco Aires Mateus, is called the “sustainable building Occitanie”. Based on the principle of low consumption, it will be open to the neighborhood, “connected to companies and socio-economic partners to cultivate entrepreneurship, promote local innovation and gather knowledge”, explains the management school. With the key, sports equipment, coworking areas, flexible spaces adapted to today’s and tomorrow’s pedagogy, a fablab and rooms dedicated to associations. “Determined to have a positive impact on society and offer its own experiential learning, it will be resolutely open, inspiring, innovative and committed,” assures TBS. Work start: 2nd quarter 2022; opening of campus in September 2025. Operating costs: 120 million euros.

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