The year 2015 of your Business News newspaper

How was 2015 for Business News, and how will it challenge 2016?

Let’s start first with the behavior of our readers. Here are the year’s most read articles in 2015 and classified by topic.


– Terrorist attacks on a presidential bus. An article in development, written by several members of the editorial staff, published on November 24 and read by 85,845 people.

Official composition of the Essid government, article written by Ikhlas Latif, published on January 23 and read by 76,354 people.

– Casting for a pornographic film in Tunisia, article written by Raouf Ben Hédi, published on April 3 and read by 68,838 people.

– Biographies of the Ministers of the Esssid Government, article written by the editorial staff, published on 23 January and read by 63,569 people.

– The car market when the parallel performs better than the official, article written by Imen Nouira, published on March 30 and read by 62,133 people.

Journalists’ articles

– This Ramadan hypocrisy from home, chronicle of Synda Tajine published on June 20 and read by 54,582 people.

– Finally some good news !, column by Sofiène Ben Hamida published on July 2 and read by 47,741 people.

– He promised to burn the country off, and we are almost there !, column by Nizar Bahloul published on July 6 and read by 45,881 people.

– No, you did not kill Charlie !, column by Marouen Achouri published on January 7 and read by 38,138 people.

The Teeth of the Sea, chronicle by Ines Oueslati published on February 17 and read by 37,423 people.

Guest stands

– That is the reason why I could not say yes to the ministerial post, opinion piece by Karim Skik published on 26 January and read by 61,207 people.

– Muslims or Valls, who should be more ashamed ?, opinion poll by Sami Mahbouli published on January 15 and read by 40,342 people.

– Open letter to BCE and Nidaa Tounes, opinion poll by Sana Fathallah Ghenima published on 3 February and read by 39,029 people.

– Yellow card for Tunisian diplomacy, opinion poll by Mahmoud Bouneb published on March 28 and read by 33,266 people.

– Open letter from Mezri Haddad to Béji Caïd Essebsi, opinion piece by Mezri Haddad published on April 10 and read by 28,984 people. 55046

As in Tunisia, and as almost everywhere in the world, the year 2015 was not really fruitful for your Business News newspaper with an overall decline, both in number of readers and in turnover. On average, the number of daily visits in the middle of the week has dropped from 75,000 visits per day in 2014 to less than 60,000 visits this year, or even less than 50,000 at times.

Can the decline be explained by the readers’ growing disinterest in politics, after all the tensions of previous years, or by the deteriorating quality of our articles? A serious study on our part, with its share of self-criticism, seems obvious to us. We rejoice when the numbers are good and we thank our readers for the trust, but we also do not hesitate to tell them that our numbers are not so good when that is the case so that we can continue to deserve their respect.

One thing is for sure, it is that we will continue and we will continue to make the maximum effort to provide the best possible quality in accordance with the discipline’s general standards and in respect of ethics, and this despite the fact that the funds are becoming more and more limited.

We are already preparing the implementation of an ethical charter governing the electronic press in Tunisia, and specifically for Business News, in close cooperation with the Tunisian Association of Newspaper Directors and Experts Authorized by the EU in the field of framework of Tunisian-European cooperation agreements. It will be in early 2016. Nothing obliges us to do so, as each newspaper is free of the line it wants to follow, but Business News is committed to following the line of the major international newspapers, which respects ethics and high quality in relation to production, ongoing information.

As for investigative journalism and in-depth studies of specific topics that many of our readers ask of us, we will not fail to perform them when we have the minimum resources (human and material) to do so. At present, we are still very far from that in Tunisia.

Priority is for live usually claims 24-hour TV news channels. The same for Business News, prioritizing fair, accurate and well-written information that is delivered as quickly as possible. More than twenty people work daily and 7 days a week to achieve this goal. In fact, and if we want to do things the way they should and according to the standards, we’ll have to multiply the members of our team by more than two.

While we wait for more funds and better results, we wish all our readers and advertisers a brilliant year 2016, much better than the unfortunate 2015, and thank them all for their trust, their often thoughtful and constructive criticism and remarks. .


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