The Paris School of Business presents its major new developments and strategic ambitions

This Wednesday, October 27, the Paris School of Business Conference was held on the Cours Florent campus, hosted by Philippe Jamet, School Dean, Vanessa Diriart, President of Galileo Global Education and Héger Gabteni, Academic and the research. The school presented all the new features that await students at the start of the academic year 2022.

The Paris School of Business is part of the Galileo Global Education group. The school was established in 1974 and continues to develop and reinvent itself to train creative and agile leaders. Today, she described the big news for this academic year, as well as her strategic ambitions for the coming years.

The Galileo Global Education Group is one of the European giants in the field of private education, a leader in France. It has a total of 160,000 students, of which 110,000 in France. The group’s president, Vanessa Diriart, qualifies PSB as being ” their flagship “ and their” largest business and management school. The Business School has a strong international focus. It has 25% foreign students and qualifies as a professional. In fact, 15,000 Galileo Global Education students are taking a work-study course.

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The most important news for the start of the PSB school year 2021

For PSB, the resumption of teaching takes place face to face, but remains strongly toned down by the legacy of Covid-19. The school has decided to maintain a share of distance (20/25%) for financial reasons. The first is that she believes the pandemic is not quite behind us. But the main reason is above all educational: the pandemic leaves deep traces in the organization of companies. Teleworking has become a reality in organizations. According to a study by McKinsey, more than half of employees now want to commute 3 days a week.

Business processes have changed, and future leaders need to adapt and get used to distance learning, a dynamic that PSB follows in its teaching. The school has planned enhanced support for students, and more specifically in the second year of PGE and Bachelor, as the students experienced a very atypical 2020-2021 year.

PSB in key figures

Today, PSB is:

  • 4,377 students in 2021
  • 1,900 work-study students
  • +15% growth since 2018-2019
  • Budget of 43 million euros
  • 25% foreign students
  • 85% of students in Master Grande Ecole work studies

In addition, PSB welcomes new teacher researchers, 36% of whom are foreigners. If the institution has made new recruitments, it is to consolidate the research within the school and the programs and to boost the students’ experiences through scientific research projects.

The Paris School of Business has also signed a new partnership with HESAM University. It is a higher education society that has as a priority hybridization between technologies, arts and many other disciplines. This vision is completely in line with PSB’s path of expertise, which is divided into 3 main components:

  • Pedagogical : take advantage of the diversity of schools (arts, design, etc.) in the Galileo Global Education group
  • Research : promoting PSB research
  • Entrepreneurship : support PSB students in their entrepreneurial adventure

The big news that marks this new school year is the arrival of Antoine Veniard as host. The latter worked for 20 years at EM Normandie and will help to develop and transform the school’s education.

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The main pillars of PSB’s 2025 strategy

The school is dependent on three strategic accelerators. The first isextended school. Before that, PSB can count on the strength of the Galiléo Global Education Group, which offers schools in the fields of art and creation, management, multimedia and health. The goal is to offer an academic experience enriched with seminars that PSB students will be able to complete in other institutions in the group.

PSB will also focus on hybrid campuses. The school plans to move to the Claude Bernard campus, which covers an area of ​​20,000 m2, in the heart of the historic student district of Paris. The latter will be both a showcase and a research laboratory. The primary goal is to take advantage of the synergy with other prestigious schools in Arts & Creation and in Digital & Tech in the Galileo group, thus offering an extraordinary student experience. The school thus positions itself by fighting with its own weapons. “Going into this school means getting into a universe that offers a lot of possibilities”, emphasizes the school’s dean Philippe Jamet.

Finally, PSB wants to strengthen development of national and international academic partnerships. The establishment wants to establish hybrid courses with schools in the Galileo Global Education group. Students will have the opportunity to choose à la carte seminars in universes that are as creative as they are diversified (luxury, art, entrepreneurship, etc.). The goal? Allow them to combine their leadership skills. Hybridization is at the heart of the school’s international development strategy.

The major projects of the Paris School of Business

The Paris School of Business has highlighted four major projects for the coming years. The first is overhaul of the Grande Ecole program. The establishment wants to work in depth with the different courses and bring them to a higher level. The school has 3 main goals: to guarantee the students’ professionalisation and to give them a unique student experience and an improved course. From their first year, PSB students will have the opportunity to confront an entrepreneurial project, linked to sustainable development or internationally. The key words are: autonomy, support, hybridization and commitment.

PSB would like to work onlearning environment and student experience. It’s a very big project. The goal is for the school’s students to have an enriched experience in a stimulating campus and an environment that listens to them. To do this, the business school has developed its scholarship policy and invested heavily in offering inviting and stimulating campuses.

The Business School also wants make research a lever for attractiveness and bring research into its strategic dimension by gaining a good place on international rankings.

Finally, PSB wants improve their brand. EIt intends to increase the club of partner companies for the benefit of students, maintain its access to the Financial Times rankings and achieve a more stable place in this type of rankings.

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Galileo Global Education: A group at the service of the network

Galileo Global Education is at the service of its schools. The Group utilizes its infrastructures to facilitate the major technological and educational transitions for the various players. PSB not only benefits from the hybrid universe of the Group’s schools, but also from the technical, educational, administrative and financial support of the GGE platform.

The Group’s innovation department operates, unites and utilizes its creative power for the benefit of its entire ecosystem. As such, the group launched the concept happy student maker, which means that every Galileo staff member is at the service of the students. One of the values ​​of the school is to give students the right to make mistakes and the opportunity to reinvent themselves at any time.

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