the new constitution has already been drafted

Professor and Head of the Department of Public Law at the Faculty of Law and Political Science in Tunis, Sghaier Zakraouicriticized the waste of time in implementing electoral system reforms.National organizations must have a clear position on what is happening in the country. They must say stop! », he added.

Invited April 14, 2022 by Myriam Belkadhi in the ether Shems FM, Sghaier Zakraoui considered that the national dialogue should have started since the announcement of the exceptional measures on 25 July 2021.We are facing a blocking situation and a departure from the field … The President of the Republic does not respect any person or institution! This is unacceptable. No one can deny that he is seeking only to apply the project on the management of the bases. July 25, however, was meant to end the decade of destruction and to address issues related to our daily lives. “, he criticized.

Sghaier Zakraoui believed that any ethic is against the exploitation of the state of emergency to establish control of the bases. The President of the Republic has taken steps to serve his personal project. This is called abuse of power! », he regretted, given that this project is nonsense.

The monopolization of powers, according to him, threw the president into a state of trance. He confirmed that the Tunisians were not a bunch and that the head of state was seeking to impose his opinion. He added that the promulgation of decrees concerning sentencing and civil society and the rejection of dialogue showed his desire to apply his personal project. He claimed that the electronic consultation was a rejection of the president.

Sghaier Zakraoui considered that the new constitution has already been drafted. He claimed that the president himself drafted the laws. He criticized the handling of such affairs in the shadows and also highlighted the errors and inconsistencies in several decrees issued since 25 July. It’s a ball! The number of participants is low! 7% can not represent the Tunisians! He is looking for a dialogue that legitimizes his personal project! We lost a chance … I’m pretty sure the new constitution and the election law have already been formulated and written », he declared.

The law professor called on the president of the republic to catch up with him by starting a national dialogue that is not based on electronic consultation. He believed that he could exclude certain actors from the political scene, but that he had to prioritize reason and act like a good father. According to him, he must be in dialogue with everyone and be a unifying president.Advertise a new electoral law or a change in the voting system should take place after the dialogue …USis a clumsiness of the president. It confronts us with a fait accompli. This is a powerful passage. He wears us down morally! We must say no! », he exclaimed.

Sghaier Zakraoui believed that the head of state should encourage the people to work harder and make greater efforts before talking about sovereignty. He felt that the situation was paradoxical: “On the one hand, we are unable to govern the country, and on the other hand, we are exporting skills,” he said.

The law professor also believed that the one-man vote would have a negative impact on the country. He argued that such a system would undermine the principle of parity and the representation of women.

Moreover, Sghaier Zakraoui claimed that the Tunisian Institute of Strategic Studies had almost closed its doors. He stated that there were almost no more employees. He deplored the deterioration of this institution’s situation and recalled that such an establishment should represent a proposal force.


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