the leaked footage is a form by Nadia Akacha

Jaouhar Ben M’barek: The leak of the footage is a form of Nadia Akacha

The coordinator of the Collective “Citizens against the coup”, Jaouhar Ben M ‘barkclaimed that the footage leaked by Nadia Akacha only confirmed the deterioration of the situation in the Carthage Palace and the entourage of the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saied.We warned against this from the start He continued.

Invited May 5, 2022 by Mohamed Youssfi on the ether Diwan FM, Jaouhar Ben M ‘bark believed that the publication of the recordings was merely a form orchestrated by Nadia Akacha himself to whitewash himself and make people forget the role that played in the execution of the coup.

He also believed that the health condition of the President of the Republic was a matter of public interest and concerned the whole people. He believed that the head of state should publish the information about the case.This is data related to managers’ ability to control and make decisions … During these last speeches, we noticed a great deal of aggression on the part of the President of the Republic. One pronounced on occasion of Eid El Fitr was strange and behaved 90% insults and accusations against his opponents “, he added.

He believed that the allegations of the former adviser to the President of the Republic Rachida Ennaifer were not credible because the latter supported the head of state and was part of the coordination formed of the members of the explanatory campaign. He felt that this time is over and that Kai’s reign Saied nearing its end. He christened the July 25 system ” old regime “. He stressed the importance of bringing a new vision and a new approach, and that Kaïs Saied was part of the system responsible for the aggravation of the situation.

Jaouhar Ben M ‘bark insisted on the impact of the coup on the deterioration of the economic situation. He mentioned rising prices and shortages of more products. He claimed that Kai’s reign Saied was chaotic and was based on the division of Tunisians, the exclusion and the adoption of a violent and fascist discourse. Kais Saied represents a real danger to cohesion and social peace … I urge him to step down to ensure the salvation of the country and the Tunisian people … He must step back and retire if he considers himself a true patriot! », he declared.

jawhar Ben M ‘bark believed that the support of the security forces to the head of state had no effect. He recalled that police had followed Ben Ali’s instructions regarding the suppression of the demonstrations and that the latter ended up leaving Tunisia. He believed that Kais Saied lacked any legitimacy.

He also confirmed that only Brahim BouderbalaPresident of the National Bar Association of Tunisia, supported the President of the Republic. He recalled that no statement of support has been made public by the order. He also clarified thatUGTT called for a truly inclusive national dialogue. evoke Sadok Belaid and those who have agreed to be part of the commission responsible for drafting the Constitution, Jaouhar Ben M ‘bark believed that the latter would have the role of false witnesses. He assured that Kais Saied had already drafted the new constitution and that the members of the commission were to take part in a masquerade.

Jaouhar Ben M ‘bark assured that the Collective against the coup will continue to oppose the process begun on 25 July.Iappreciated that we should not hold a referendum. Tunisia needs a real dialogue and not a monologue Saied. Tunisia needs a national rescue government … The government of Bouden fails to negotiate with countries and donors due to lack of legitimacy … The government must have real rights and be able to implement reforms. Tunisia needs early legislative and presidential elections “, he said.

He explained the failure in previous national dialogues with the lack of real change. He believed that the latter was intended to maintain a status quo and to preserve the same privileges.

Jaouhar Ben M ‘bark called on the generals of the Tunisian army to assume their responsibilities and their patriotic and constitutional duty by protecting the Tunisian people and by working for the maintenance of peace and social cohesion. He also urged the army not to engage in political conflicts.


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