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“MEDIA” chronicle

The start-up words used by the elected representatives of the majority say a lot about the world to which they belong.

It’s a Tuesday in the congregation. Ruffin makes Ruffin. As part of the Special Commission on the Pact, he is intervening in the privatization of the Aéroports de Paris. He emphasizes the administrative peculiarities of the case, the suspicions of false attribution, resumes for a long time an investigation of Mediapart, returns to the failure of the privatization of highways. He is touched, stammered, speaks loudly. So loud that the President of the Special Commission, Olivia Grégoire, is asking him to calm down, no one is deaf, Mr Ruffin. Unintended event. General nervousness. “You want to lower the tone, Mr Ruffin, I am chairing this committee.” “I am who I am, put on earplugs!” And then this sentence from the president: “Can you please have a little respect, I know it’s not yours core business, for the president I am?

“Your core business. “ General amazement over the video of the incident, immediately posted online, immediately naturally viral. Who knows this expression, “core business”, who smells delicious of his macaroni? Basically, this is the English translation of “core business”. E.g core business of a bakery consists of the sale of baguettes and assorted breads. In Macronie is core business of the unemployed undoubtedly consists of crossing the street to find work, etc. At the next level of sophistication, this definition can be found on the Internet: The core business of an SEO company (Search engine optimization) is the distribution of services for optimizing references for digital interfaces on search engines, social networks and other digital media.

Who are the speakers of this mysterious language? Probably amplified beings who also understand and use idioms like “team building”, “start-up nation”, “bottom-up”, “business model”, “feed back”, “to do list”, “up to date”, ” open bar “,” interruption “or even” liquid process “.

This expression did not come by chance into the mouth of MP Grégoire. It was within the framework of the Special Commission on the Covenant Act that this confrontation took place on the robbing decibels. The Pacte law, with its deliberately opaque name, is about as unknown to the average Frenchman as core business. What “covenant” is that? Concluded between whom and whom? In essence, it suggests that “let growth go” by easing some of the heavy administrative burdens that burden the bosses. Light, simplify, fluidize, soften: an entire register used by the same virtuosos of core business. And in the midst of this general fluidization, the Covenant Act will organize the sale of some family jewels (Engie, la Française des jeux, Aéroports de Paris) to finance “disruptive innovation”. Around the strange privatization of ADP, strong suspicions of profit power flutter. Is it not a question of offering a consolation prize to Vinci, after the surrender of Notre-Dame-des-Landes? It is these suspicions that Ruffin enumerates as President Grégoire mutes the microphone.

Core business : In short, President Grégoire has hinted at a universe. It is this world to which this former senior director of Saint-Gobain belongs, who then founded a company with “advice in strategy for influence” (in French lobbying). Not only does she speak that language, but she speaks it in the assembly, as part of her duties as chair of the Covenant Committee, thus taking it for granted that everyone understands it locally. Why is this expression so violent? Because she includes Ruffin with power in the “world of Macron”, that she recruits him as a sales consultant, in this world where one slips from lobbying to the podium and back. His speeches, his amendments, his interventions, his videos, all his work as an elected official: a business.

The eternal sinner, however, is Ruffin. Reporting of the incident, instead of the expression title of “Ruffin’s Invectors in the Committee”. When he puts on a sweater or a football shirt in the half bike when he throws “bring your earplugs”, when he evokes Rothschild or attacks Macron’s physics in his book, Ruffin “breaks the Republican pact”. But no one criticizes MP Grégoire when she speaks in the House the language of her principality of influence strategy consultants. And yet a world that has lost sight of the general interest is revealed. Ruffin’s quarrels are not only interesting in themselves, but of the universe they reveal.

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