by Rashid partnership and design of Metaverse DMINTI revolutionizes the way digital art is created and experienced using immersive XR technologies. Artists and collectors can collaborate and experiment in a virtual metaverse, where they can create, exhibit and sell their works.

“From my point of view as an architect who is equally comfortable with the design of physical and virtual architecture, the creation of DMINTI Metaverse is a fascinating opportunity to set up a course and experiment to allow artistic chances and spatial results to emerge. I have always been fascinated by John Cage and its celebration of ‘coincidences’ and the unexpected that arises from a precisely ‘designed’ premise and scaffolding. “DMINTI Metaverse is truly about discovery and exquisite results when it comes to bringing art and space together.” Said Hani Rashid

DMINTI’s mission for this art metavers is to build interactive, multi-generational communities with a shared 3D canvas for all NFT projects cultivated with partner artists and curators while acting as a cultural institution and for collectors. The project and the partnership are supported by DMINTI founding advisory committee of leaders in the fields of art, cryptography and technology Shalom Meckenzie, Jennifer Stockman, Dominique Levy, Christopher Jonesand Carola Jain.


DMINTI is a unique company in recognizing the seismic shift represented by the emergence of NFT art and the metaverse. DMINTI collaborates with the world’s leading and new contemporary artists in the field of crypto and traditional art; to support them with the best available tools to produce, exhibit and market unique and culturally relevant NFT and Web3 projects. Its team of curators has over half a century of collective experience working with artists in museums and galleries, producing exhibitions, commissioning and publications.

The DMINTI team draws on both its individual and combined expertise to produce, display and market NFTs from their evolving list of artists – from creative, known for their historical digital and computational work to contemporary artists around the world. from “inherited” art to those that are kryptonative. DMINTI serves as a connector in this first digital world and adopts protocols at the museum level to help codify and formalize the NFT arena.

About Hani Rachid

Hani Rashid a practicing architect, known for a first of its kind Virtual Guggenheim Museum and the New York Virtual Stock Exchange among other notable projects and buildings, including the Yas Marina Hotel and the Formula 1 venue at Abu Dhabi. Hani co-founded New York based Asymptote architecture ( with his partner, Lise-Anne Couture in 1989. In addition to his professional work, Hani has a distinguished international academic career after having held several guest professorships at several prominent universities, including the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagenthat Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angelesand Harvard University Graduate School of Design as well as Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). In 1998, Hani co-founded and developed from Columbia University GSAAP Advanced Numerical Design Program. And in 2000, Hani Rashid was co-represented United States at the 7th Venice Architecture Biennale. Hani is alive New York Cityand in parallel with his architectural practice is the director of Deep_Futures, a research laboratory at the Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

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