Professional opportunities: PPA Business School educates its students in the most attractive jobs on the market

published January 28, 2021

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With more than 2,800 work study students, PPA is the first major post-baccalaureate business and management school exclusively on work study programs. Within its eight campuses in France, the school offers high-level education based on project-based teaching and provides training in 25 job specializations with good à la carte opportunities. Overview of opportunities and positions of young graduates when they leave school.

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By enrolling in a business school like PPA Business School, a student is guaranteed access to many opportunities as the school actually prepares for all business areas of a business. They are generally grouped into four main activity sectors. Today, this sector specialization is offered through specialized MBAs. These Bac + 3/4/5 level proficiency programs, offered by the institution and recognized by the state at level 7, take students on board the acquisition of true business expertise and in a learning experience, as close as possible to the reality of business. .

Marketing, communications and digital industries

Marketing and communication are key disciplines in business school studies. Directly influenced by the development of new technologies, these fields are not done recruiting: digital marketing and big data analytics techniques are reviving opportunities.

On the other hand, the health crisis is accelerating the digitalisation of companies that need to be able to stay connected to their customers. According to the CSA Institute for LinkedIn France, “55% of French people would have had a hard time living through confinement without social networks”. Social networks, emails … Young workers who know how to handle digital tools should increasingly be sought after to animate brand communities.

Many marketing and communications professions are within the reach of young workers coming out of business schools: digital communications manager, marketing director, web product manager, press manager or even data manager.

Experience the MBAs from the Marketing, Communication and Digital department at PPA Business School: Strategic Marketing and Data Analytics / Marketing and brand Management / Digital marketing / Event communication and Public Relations / 360 ° Communication and Brand content

Management and sector marketing subjects

Some schools like PPA Business School offer a specialization in international management. In France and abroad, holders of a diploma in management and marketing will be able to claim many positions such as: cultural project manager, dividend manager, sporting event manager, tourism product manager, product manager or marketing research manager.

Experience the MBAs from the Management and Sector Marketing division of PPA Business School: Culture and Audiovisual Management / Sports Management / Tourism and Hospitality Management / Health Marketing and Management


Subjects provide good opportunities for development and are not surprisingly included in the list of jobs that recruit. If some positions are available from a bac +3, for example after a bachelor’s degree, an MBA will give you access to higher positions such as head of foreign subsidiaries, purchaser, international development director or supply chain manager.

Experience the MBAs in the Business Development, International and Supply Chain Management division: Purchasing Management / International Business / Commercial Management / Supply Chain

Management, finance and human resources companies

Careers in management, finance and human resources offer opportunities in a very varied range of companies. In the financial field as in management, the list of occupations available to students leaving business schools is long: financial analyst, trader, wealth manager, wealth manager or wealth manager.

In the human resources sector, professions are constantly changing and talents are still highly valued by companies. HR director, chief happiness manager, recruitment employee or social relations manager, here too the choice is wide.

Experience the MBAs in the Department of Management and Finance and Human Resources: Human Resources / Wealth Management / Banking-Insurance / Real Estate Management / Consulting, Audit and Management Control / Finance

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