Portable Mortgages, Home Improvement … What Macron and Le Pen Promise for Your Home

The first round of the 2022 presidential election took place on Sunday, April 10, 2022, and the French handed down their verdict. Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are therefore in the running to rule France for the next five years. MoneyVox provides an update on the two candidates’ housing program.

And if we were talking about real estate? The topic was not really at the center of discussions during the debates leading up to the first round of the 2022 presidential election. But from the need for social housing to energy renovation, including access to property, the real estate of the future raises many questions. which the next president of the republic must answer to. Moneyvox takes stock of the measures proposed by Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen on the subject.

Social housing: construction against national preference

In terms of social housing, Marine Le Pen wants national priority in access to social housing, especially for police officers and their families. During his presidency, offenders will also be deprived of social housing. The Rassemblement National candidate finally includes in its program the construction of 100,000 social housing units per year, including 20,000 for students and young workers.

For his part, Emmanuel Macron was slow to propose his measures for 2022, preferring first to defend the results of his last five years in power. According to this article by thing94,000 approvals for social housing were registered in 2021, after a low of 87,000 in 2020, against 120,000 announced before the five-year period. We can not be satisfied with the current situation and we must produce more, recognized the presidential candidate, who now promises 125,000 social housing units every year.

Speak close to the incantation struggling to convince Julien Chenet, founder of Cautioneo, who conducted a survey of the various candidates’ presidential programs: On social housing, we say we will do it without explaining how. However, the lack of housing is one of the main problems today. Figures are announced, but it is clear that the objectives will never be achieved.

Energy renovation: 700,000 homes a year?

In terms of ecology and renovation, the two remaining candidates are not the most demonstrative. Emmanuel Macron announces the renovation of 700,000 homes a year over five years, with solutions offered to all French people, some of which without prepayment. The candidate should continue in line with his previous five-year term, extending his FranceRnov scheme (MaPrimeRnov ‘, Mon Accompagnateur Rnov’).

The RN candidate, for his part, wants to launch a rehabilitation plan for old homes thanks to effective assistance. Marine Le Pen, for example, wants to set aside the € 25 billion planned for offshore wind turbines to subsidize oil-fired boilers. It is also in favor of a green housing savings product, to finance renovation by purchase. In return, she believes that the ban on renting thermal colanders does not make sense.

Consumer credit: a very special new loan for energy renovation

Energy renovation actually raises questions about feasibility, while many players in the sector consider this figure of 700,000 renovations unattainable. We need to give the private fleet time to transform, says Mal Bernier, spokesman for the broker Meilleurtaux, interviewed by Cautioneo. On the energy transition, it is necessary to plan a long-term plan. And let’s keep in mind that even though it may make you cringe, it’s better to have a home that is not completely green than no home at all.

A view shared by Century 21, which already lacks between 500,000 and 800,000 homes in France. While the new measures in the Climate Act exclude classified F and G homes from letting from 2023, real estate agents fear a major shortage of properties in the coming years.

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Access to property, a divisive issue

On the issue of access to property, two visions are clearly opposed to each other. Marine Le Pen is thus betting on France as the owner, by offering a zero-interest loan of a maximum amount of 100,000 euros to couples under the age of 30 (where at least one member is French). This loan could thus supplement conventional home loans. And to promote family projects, the remaining capital will be converted into a donation at the birth of their third child, she adds in her program.

Marine Le Pen is also in favor of transferring home loans from seller to buyer and campaigns to make home loans transportable from one property to another. A difficult will to get in place according to Julien Chenet. This could make it possible to fight interest rate hikes and give the redeemer the opportunity to benefit from attractive credit terms, he admits. But today, we base ourselves on providing credit on people’s indebtedness, not on the value of the property. So it seems to me complicated to set up quickly.

Buying real estate: access to real estate, is it more and more difficult?

The story is actually different with Emmanuel Macron on the issue of access to housing. Xavier Lpine, the landlord of the candidate for this campaign, explains in The world that the candidate LREM is not in favor of property for all, rather to help the French find accommodation in their housing journey.

Support, which will therefore apply to tenants of public housing, private housing or owners for those who want and can. Emmanuel Macron, on the other hand, wants to create a public guarantee for unpaid rents. A new extension of the Visale system, while the latter had already been extended in June 2021 to all employees earning less than € 1,500 net per month.

However, the head of Cautioneo is skeptical on this point. With this guarantee for everyone, we return to what existed fifteen years ago, with GRL (Guarantee for rental risks). But at the time, this unit had met with little support. There is a logic of trust in the tenancy report, which is not just a matter of tenancy guarantees.

The three main proposals from each of the candidates

On March 30, 2022, the Cercle des managers de l’Immobilier organized a debate with the representatives of the five parties at the top of the polls. Present were Isabelle Le Callennec (Les Républicains), Benjamin Cauchy (Reconqute), benotzen Timarche (La France Insoumise), Franck Allisio (National Rally) and Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert (La Republique En Marche). Each gave in his candidate’s name three proposals for housing. Here are those of the two finalists.

Emmanuel Macron

1 – Accelerate energy renovation, especially of vacant homes, and continue to build where necessary

2 – Have a vision of housing as a social basis based on the measures already taken (abolition of the housing tax, consolidation of the SRU Act)

3 – Restore power at the local level, get local elected representatives to become actors in housing issues again

Marine Le Pen

1 – Give oxygen to small owners by establishing a less confiscating tax (Abolition of IFI, no increase in property tax)

2 – Prioritize access to social housing, but also housing support, for the French and get offenders out of social housing

3 – To facilitate access to property, implementation of a public zero interest loan over 10 years, for a maximum amount of 100,000 euros, with the option to back this loan with a conventional loan. After the third child, the rest of this loan will be offered.

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