Olfa Hamdi’s big project

The former CEO of TunisairOlfa Hamdi, had officially embarked on a political career by announcing the creation of his political party called ” The Third Republic An intelligently chosen name that combines simplicity and efficiency. Thus, whenever a politician, regardless of his orientation or affiliation, evokes the need for a transition to a new political regime, he will give him free publicity because it will be a matter of transition to the Third Republic.

This includes statements by the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saiednever ceasing to emphasize the importance of abandoning the parliamentary system or even Mohsen’s Marzoukparty chairman Macrou melodies who had presented a political project entitled the transition to the Third Republic. The latter, or even the president ofAfek melodies, Fadel Abdelkefihad called for the unification of centrist democratic forces, an element end Olfa Hamdi was not happy to resume! She claimed that there was no structure that occupied the center of the Tunisian political scene and therefore was the reason behind the creation of her party.

Plagiarism does not stop there. Olfa Hamdi confirmed that his political party was able to introduce a solution concerning the financial sector and make it possible to remove the blockade of the situation of several entities belonging to the private sector, such as the farmers located on the black list due to the increase in their debt. This is, hold on tight, the introduction of a credit information system, even though this had already happened by the ratification of a decree of 18 November 2021. The text was published in the Official Journal of the Republic of Tunisia on January 4, 2022. Does she not know about this?

Ignorance of facts goes even further. The president of the party “The Third Republic” said when she was a guest on March 3, 2022 Dhia Bousselmi over the airwaves of Express FM radio that the action of Tunisair had evolved from 20% when she was the manager of this company. But the story of the action of Tunisairaccording to the Securities Exchange, completely contradicts this statement. Monitoring the share value of the national airline shows that the value of it was 0.580 dinars on the date of his appointment on Monday, January 4, 2021. HAVE the end of the session prior to his departure, the action of it Tunisair was of a value equivalent to 0.640 dinars, an increase of 8% and not 20% which she keeps talking about.

Highlight of the show: Olfa Hamdi has data the freedom to reinvent, not to mention distort, political definitions and notions. Being centered, according to her, does not mean having a moderate position and placing oneself between left and right.We swing between right and left depending on the goal! », she said during the press conference on February 24, 2022. The Party of the Third Republic will therefore take its political and economic positions as the days go by, and according to the analysis of its President. Voting for this party is like participating in a lottery. The program for which an elected representative will be elected has no value: Olfa Hamdi, from the height of her oversized ego, has just invented political roulette.

Of course, how to speak by Olfa Hamdi without mentioning the Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT) and its Secretary-General, Noureddine Taboo. Olfa Hamdi was able to pick one of the essential arguments that allowed seif Eddine Makhlouf and the Al Karama Coalition gang to be elected and to talk to say nothing by launching allegations of corruption and treason. Our great expert national, in the fields of economics, major projects, aviation, oil, statistics, entrepreneurship and others, believes that the deterioration of the situation of workers and workers has nothing to do with the economic crisis and political instability. It’s to blameUGTT who will be found guilty of anything that the Islamists repeated. The Third Republic party, which adopted the centrist approach to oscillation, chose to position itself along with right-wing extremist Islamist parties in its position vis-à-vis the central trade union body.

Moreover, and in order to remain true to this position, Olfa Hamdi did not hesitate to attack the President of Destourian available (PDL). During the press conference on February 24, 2022, Olfa Hamdi had in an ironic tone raised the issue of the revolution of light and illumination. She assured that the Tunisian people did not need this kind of project. Abir Mossy reacted to this attack and questioned the creation of a party by Olfa Hamdi and his actual project. Subsequent faith in her conflicting thoughts, the former CEO of Tunisair criticized the president of the PDL and believed that one woman should not have attacked another!

Finally, Olfa Hamdi used the terms “economy”, “economic vision” and “development plan” repeatedly. She assured that her party had a major economic project. Nevertheless, Olfa Hamdi was pleased with every question regarding the details of this great project of repeating slogans such as: “ We must improve the economic situation … We need to encourage investment … We must ensure productivity … When I was CEO of TunisairI realized… », and thus the listener or spectator had the right to a long and boring talk about his exploits and his extraordinary career. HAVE no media coverage, Olfa Hamdi does nothave presented a new mechanism or the introduction of a concrete reform. She contented herself with repeating generalities to which we had previously been entitled.

The party of the Third Republic, like its president, will be added to the list of hundreds gone Tunisian politicians who do not propose anything concrete to improve the daily lives of Tunisian citizens, as it is currently limited to resuming “projects” have already been implemented or prepared for some time and claim to be reforms; but also to take up used and worthless slogans added…

Sofiene Ghoubantini

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