Kas Saed, editor of Business News and Mosaque FM

It’s been twenty days since the President of the Republic has had a Chief of Staff and more than fifteen months since he has had a Director of Communications. No insult to the critics and jealousy of all stripes, this is an achievement. No president in the world can spend so much time without these two directors, who represent the heart of any foreign ministry. At home, the president does not see much use, obviously … He replaces them cheerfully. It is capable of doing everything 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Kaïs Saïed is a superman. Superman of his time. In front of him, Khaled Ibn El Walid, Napoleon, Montesquieu and Ibn Khaldoun can walk in clothes. To wonder why Hollywood and Netflix are not yet interested in him. They must be very jealous of the Americans. Unless the Washington Yankees asked them not to pass on the Tunisian president’s exploits, a matter of not giving ideas to someone like Donald Trump.

On Saturday 12 February, just after midnight, Kaïs Saïed will receive his Prime Minister, who arrived directly from the airport arriving from Brest, and the Minister of Justice. He presents to them the decree of the new General Council of the Judiciary (CSM). Preliminary advice, it says.

On Saturday, February 5, shortly after midnight, Kaïs Saïed went to the Interior Ministry, from where he announced the dissolution of the former CSM. It created a few waves here and there, but nothing so bad. Just that the G7, the Europeans and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights are concerned. But they are still worried, the Westerners, as the president said. Let them instead worry about the fate of Ukraine, which risks slipping away from them and returning to the lap of the Soviet empire! Russian, rather.

What is the secret to working and making strategic decisions Saturday after midnight? We do not really know. There is certainly a secret behind this, but it goes beyond the mere mortal chroniclers that we are. When the political facts are at such a high level, it would require an analysis of a Jean Daniel or a Françoise Giroud to understand. Peace with their souls. Now that they have gone to the afterlife, there is no longer anyone intelligent enough on earth to explain to us the actions of Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed.

After assuming full authority on July 25, the President of the Republic took control of the CSM on Saturday, February 12. He issued a decree announcing the creation of a provisional CSM, from which he expelled all non-judicial members. The chairman, who had eight lawyers in the former CSM, can walk in the clothes. His courtship all week was for nothing. Incidentally, this is the fate of all courtiers. The president throws them in the trash like Kleenex once he has used them. See where Nadia Akacha, former chief of staff, and Rachida Ennaïfer (despised everywhere), former communications director, are.

In the new CSM, the president has reserved a special seat for himself. His name is mentioned fourteen times! He now has the discretion to appoint, dismiss, transfer, promote and demean any judge. He even decided that his decree would be superior to the laws and constitution of the country, and that the people he would appoint had more legitimacy than those elected to their position. The class! Pinochet, Castro, Ben Ali, Jong-Un, Husseïn (Saddam), Al Assad (father and son) or Bourguiba proved to be poor presidents ahead of Saïed.

Maybe we should go back to the Middle Ages to find a leader with so many privileges. I’m telling you, our president is excellent! I tell you again, a superman of his time.

Facts, nothing but facts. Specifically, the president has the legislative, executive, and judicial powers in his hands. He has room for maneuver to clean up the Tunisian administration, justice, economy and society. Will he? But of course he wants it! Are you in doubt?

In addition to the ordinary and extraordinary powers that a president of the republic could have, Kaïs Saïed has taken over control of the national anti-corruption authority. What is left for him to take that he has not taken? The Independent High Authority for Elections and the Independent High Authority for Audiovisual Communication. The president has said it many times that there can be no power independent of the state. There are only features. Therefore, Isie and Haica should be dissolved again to be replaced by interim bodies governed by decrees in which the president is quoted at least fourteen times.

And after ? What to take? Then there is the private. Ah the crowd! They are born greedy. The president has promised to put an end to all these speculators who are starving the Tunisian people. Last week, we raided dozens of department stores. It was enough for the absence of any administrative document to seize all their goods and regard them as speculators and not as wholesalers or stock managers. If they oppose these presidential decisions of Kaïs Saïed, they can always go to court. Directed by Kaïs Saïed.

After the department stores, the president intends to see all these thieves before and after 2011. There would be 13,500 billion to be taken. 13.5 trillion of what? The president does not really know, he has always confused the numbers, it is he himself who says it.

And if ever those 13.5 trillion are not enough to feed the state budget, the president could possibly take control of banks, insurance companies, stock market brokers, supermarkets or technology companies. In short, we must confiscate everything that reaps billions in profits on the backs of the poor citizen impoverished by these predatory capitalists and Westerners who betrayed their country.

In the process, it would also be necessary to confiscate the two or three media outlets that still oppose the president and constantly criticize him, especially Business News and Mosaïque FM.

In light of the situation and the twists and turns the events are taking, it is urgent to anticipate. There are those who have already emigrated. And there are those who only live in Tunisia. At Business News, we are one of the last. Until then, we have been highly critical of the President and his hegemonic policies. We said to ourselves that in the worst case, we are facing an independent and honest judge who wants to know what freedom of speech is. We already have a story with Moncef Marzouki and we won hands down.

This perspective is no longer allowed since February 12th. Justice is no longer independent and judges are no longer free. We can no longer rely on justice, as was the case before 12 February. Who is this judge who will risk a transfer, even a dismissal, for us, if he ever comes to mind to say that an article critical of Kaïs Saïed is a common exercise of freedom of speech?

The situation, you can see, is unsustainable for our editorial staff, hence the idea of ​​inviting Kaïs Saïed to lead us. I invite my friend Noureddine Boutar, Director of Mosaïque FM, to do the same, due to having seen his radio confiscated.

Let the president decide what is shown and what is not. It is up to him to tell us what topics we should or should not cover.

Rude columnists like Elyes Gharbi, Marouen Achouri, Haythem El Mekki, Sofiène Ben Hamida or Zyed Krichen go out. Readers’ comments also leave.

Welcome to Riadh Jrad, Kaïs Karoui, Ridha Lénine and Amine Mahfoudh. The shows will all be about success, trains arriving on time (if any), green, good weather, blue skies and birdsong

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Does this monochromatic lead bother you? Know that one-man justice is worse. Know that a country under one man’s boot is worse.

It sounds like a joke, but now it is. After the assembly, the government and the judiciary, the media must also submit. The majority have already submitted, starting with public television Wataniya.

Our only bulwark that allowed our freedom of speech was an independent judiciary, and this disappeared on February 5th. Our only obsession is a biased, self-interested or committed judge. They have all been since February 12th. Who should protect free and independent media? More people. The Constitution is no more, justice is no more.

Kaïs Saïed, all in his oversized narcissism, lives in another era. A medieval time. While the salaries of civil servants are to be paid from this week, the Treasury is registering only 551 million dinars, while it needs 1.8 billion. Instead of dealing with this emergency, the president is busy dealing with the disobedient judges.

He does not distinguish between millions and billions, and he boasts of it. He knows nothing about the social networks frequented by 100% of young people and the majority of his population, and he brags about it.

The President boasts of his ignorance and illiteracy! With such a president, the country can no longer move forward, business leaders (the only ones capable of creating wealth and growth) can no longer work, magistrates can no longer carry out their mission. Like the media.

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