How to install a safe bicycle room in your building?

How to install a safe bicycle room in your building?

Cyclists living in an old building know this: It is not uncommon to have to step on two scooters, move three bicycles and bump into a stroller to finally have time to store your bike on the way home. The layout is not always optimal, but it is not inevitable! The association Paris en Selle has published a practical guide filled with good advice for fitting a bicycle space in your condominium. No more excuses!

Every year, 400,000 bicycles are stolen in France, especially in cities. A figure that may deter some in their practice with two-wheeled engines. Since the Grenelle II Act of 2010, all new residential or office buildings and existing office buildings must install secure storage spaces for bicycles. But this commitment does not exist for buildings before 2010. But whether you own or rent, you can make things happen! Creating bicycle parking in your building does not have to be expensive or complicated.

How do you request the installation of a bicycle shed in your building?

  • If you are a tenant : talk to your landlord! You can start by sending him this article. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection.
  • If you own : Talk to your neighbors about this idea (start with the ones you pass by on your bike!) And think about the different layout options that are possible in your building. Then submit a request to the administrator to put on the agenda for the next General Meeting your idea. You can prepare for this meeting by obtaining an offer from a company right now so that the co-owners have an idea of ​​the expected expense and save time. Do not forget to ask about the aids!

Bicycle parking, an economic argument for all co-owners

If none of your neighbors are cyclists, or the owners do not live in the building, you may feel a little alone in asking them to co-finance a bicycle room … Paris en Selle has thought of a few unstoppable arguments to help you to convince them:

  • The car park will avoid leaving bicycles in the common areas;
  • By storing bicycles in the space intended for this purpose, users no longer have to ride on them at home and therefore dirty or damage the walls of the stairs or elevator;
  • Bicycle parking increases the value of each resale apartment;
  • The price per co-owner will be modest thanks to the grants;
  • The forthcoming room could possibly be shared with stroller storage;
  • The bicycle space meets the residents’ current but also future needs, because the number of cyclists is only increasing.

How much space do you need to install bicycle storage in your building?

Depending on the space you have, you can offer a place to set up the bikes, store them on the flask, in combat, vertically or even on two levels.

The typical dimensions of a bicycle are: between 1.8 and 2 meters long and 60-65 cm wide. Tandem reaches 2.40 meters, and cargo bikes generally measure between 150 and 250 cm in length and 50 to 100 cm in width.

Be careful to give one fairly large circulation area to hang and handle the bike!

Whatever type of location you choose, make sure it is easily accessible (not too many steps or doors to cross) and of course that access to the room is secure with key, code or badge. It is also important that the lighting is adequate to make the users feel comfortable there.

  • Transform an existing interior space

An indoor car park guarantees good maintenance of bicycles and cyclists’ comfort: If a space in the building is not used, it can be an ideal car park for two-wheelers. Former caretaker’s home, unused box, free space in the entrance …

  • Create bicycle parking in the building’s courtyard

Install bicycle binders on the floor or walls and, if space and budget allow, a covered shed in your garden for safe storage of residents’ bicycles.

Which fastening system for storing bicycles in the building?

Adjusted or on the flask, they should be placed at a distance of approx. 60 cm. Each arch can attach two bikes, but this system does not really optimize the available space.

  • The attachment points to the wall

Rings and tie rods can be attached directly to the floor or on the wall, which is convenient if the space you have is long and narrow.

If you are over 2.40 m tall, you can also attach vertical bicycle storage. This system allows you to store multiple bikes in one place, but it is less comfortable to use, especially for heavy bikes.

  • Avoid: Bicycle racks

Storage racks only allow one wheel to be mounted, which is not safe enough. In addition, they do not support the weight of the bikes and damage the wheels.

Reserved for high and wide spaces, the storage of bicycles in two levels makes it possible to largely optimize the space. This system can be manual or automated to limit the effort.

How much does it cost to install bicycle parking in your building?

Now that you have presented the project to your co-owners, the question on everyone’s lips is: “OK, but how much does it cost?” The budget for safe bicycle storage depends on the type of installation chosen and the local subsidies offered by your municipality.

For example, Paris offers city a subsidy of 50% of the amount excluding tax for the creation of bicycle sheds with financing of up to € 2,000 excluding VAT.

In addition, this type of condominium development work entitles to VAT reduced to 10%.

Paris en Selle publishes the following prices, as an indication of course. Do not forget to compare the offers by making more offers!

Layout type Indicative expenditure without subsidy
6 vertical wall brackets 450 €
3 bicycle racks (6 seats) € 300
6-person bicycle rack in 2 levels € 1,500
6-person bicycle shelter + 3 arches € 2,300
10-person bicycle shelter € 3,600

If you have also built a safe bicycle room in your condominium, let us know in the comments!

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