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Podcast Hashtag Trends, May 5, 2022 – Apple hides apps from its App Store, Amazon allows phones in the workplace, Internet Explorer is about to retire, and HP disables ink cartridges.

Welcome to Hashtag Trends, your technical news overview this week. Today is Thursday, May 5, 2022.

Apple hides apps in its App Store

Apple wants to hide games and apps from its App Store, which has not been updated in a long time. The company gave developers 30 days to submit an update for approval. According to Ars-Technica, Apple sent emails telling app developers if they might lose their in-store space. The email requires an update but does not specify the criteria. For example, if an update contains only one word change in an application, will that be sufficient?

One might speculate that Apple is simply doing a spring cleaning in an attempt to reduce the number of abandoned projects in its store. According to its compensation structure, the company charges developers $ 99 a year, allowing them to release as many apps as they want in the Apple Store. Then the company takes 30% commission on app sales and in-app purchases.

Amazon allows phones in the workplace

Amazon has announced that it will let its warehouse employees keep their cell phones with them during business hours. The move comes just weeks after Amazon’s warehouse workers defeated the company in a union in New York by more than 500 votes. In an internal memo on Amazon’s scheduling app, the company said: “We recognize the desire of employees to keep their mobile phones with them inside the facilities, and the last two years have shown that we can do it safely,” reported Vice.

During the pandemic, Amazon had suspended its ban on mobile phones in department stores, but planned to reintroduce it. It should be remembered that after a tornado in Illinois that destroyed an Amazon warehouse and killed six workers, company employees demanded permanent access to their cell phones at work. Workers said they need their phones to keep in touch with family members, especially those with young children, and in emergencies.

Internet Explorer on the verge of retirement

Microsoft absolutely and utterly wants people to stop using Internet Explorer right away. The venerable web browser officially retires on June 15, and Microsoft Edge remains Microsoft’s only browser. As the deadline approaches, Microsoft is once again urging users, especially their corporate customers, to put the browser on hold forever.

Unfortunately, for some organizations, Internet Explorer is tied to their business operations. Either they are not going to stop using it, or it may cost them dearly. Once Internet Explorer retires, it will stop receiving support from Microsoft, which could potentially become a security issue for its users, reported TechRadar.

HP disables ink cartridges

HP printer users who subscribe to the HP Instant Ink program may not be very happy to learn that their ink cartridges will be disabled if they cancel their subscription even though they still contain ink. Once enrolled in the HP Instank Ink subscription program remotely monitors the printer ink levels and sends replacement cartridges when they are low.

While this is a very useful service, HP has included in the subscription terms a clause stating that the cartridges will be deactivated if the customer cancels their subscription. When the customer cancels, they must replace the special cartridges with regular unattended cartridges. According to MoneyMailThe HP Instant Ink service subscription has approximately 10 million subscribers.

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