Creativity techniques to find your business idea

It’s now or never: sure you’re trapped, we’re trapped, but the ground does not stop spinning. It’s time to spend the time that would have been set aside for travel, meetings, trade shows … to reflect and why not think about business ideas.

During this period when the world is being turned upside down, habits change and new needs arise and new behaviors are crucial. Like our Italian friends who started singing on the balcony to give each other hope and courage and whose videos have gone viral.

The idea of ​​creating a business can come naturally to the future entrepreneur because he observes a need or is enthusiastic about a business model that he wants to duplicate. But what if she does not come by herself? It is then necessary to arm oneself with effective techniques that make it possible to build an entrepreneurial project that matches its profile and its desires. A quick overview of some creativity techniques to find the right idea.

Every future entrepreneur is able to be creative in his search for ideas if he succeeds in freeing himself from his frame of reference. Thus, it is all these norms established in us and our rationality that constitute the main obstacles to the outflow of our creativity. The following techniques help to get free. For this, the technique of brainstorming (or brainstorming) forms a basis that can be used alone or as support for any other creativity technique.

Brain storm

Thanks to Skype or other powerful tools in this moment of confinement, brainstorming is an excellent technique to implement.

What ? For it to be more effective, it is advisable to perform the brain storm with several people. One of the participants is appointed to be the moderator. The principle of brainstorming is simple: Participants are invited to express as many ideas or words as possible around a given topic. A few rules though: never refrain from saying anything, do not worry about the realism of the ideas expressed and never criticize or justify an idea. The selection and evaluation of ideas does not happen immediately. Participants let ideas come freely and look for quantity more than quality. In another step, participants must find connections between the expressed ideas or improvements.

How ? The facilitator writes down each idea that arises on a blackboard so that the participants can read all the ideas that have come up. After a short warm-up, the emulation sets in quickly and the ideas flow! The facilitator must always remain neutral and ensure that he has truly understood every idea.


Here again, video conferencing tools can save valuable time.

What ? The principle of this technique is to take a critical view to define shortcomings and dissatisfaction with the use of a product or service. This technique makes it possible to define improvements or improvements of any kind that can give rise to the creation of a business.

How ? You must first brainstorm the flaws or weaknesses of a product / service, and then classify them according to criteria. In the end, all that remains is to look for solutions to improve the product / service.

Do not forget to appoint a rapporteur;

The inducing words

What ? The system used in the case of this technique is the combination of expressions. Concepts that evoke products or services are put into relation at random, which can generate new ideas that one would not necessarily have thought of at first glance.

How ? The future entrepreneur chooses three inducing words at random from a list that has been created in the past. He then analyzes the combinations of ideas and the meanings that this may inspire. The possibilities for linking the subjects must be analyzed to the maximum before choosing three new words.

Mindmapping will be an excellent medium for exchange and dialogue.

The best way to…

What ? There are often several different ways to reach a goal. And the funds generally used are not always the best! This technique allows entrepreneurs to free themselves from the weight of habits and the fear of thinking out of the box. The desire not to shock customers or go against the custom often limits creativity.

How ? The method is simple. The future entrepreneur should focus on a product or service that does not fully meet customer needs and ask himself the following questions: What would be the best way to…. ?
Then you need to look for all the possible solutions in the absolute by using the technique of brainstorming. Once this step is completed, it is time to evaluate these solutions and choose based on their feasibility. A report is in place ….


What ? The future entrepreneur uses a list of action verbs that aim to unleash the imagination regarding the researched theme.

How ? A crushing session begins with a description of the product or service, taking into account its various aspects (technical, functional, etc.). The brainstorming technique is then used to generate ideas from action verbs (e.g., modify, improve, increase, combine, decrease, reverse, etc.). The combination of products / services and verbs stimulates creativity and frees up ideas.

Discovery Matrix

What ? A double-entry table allows you to relate and combine elements of a product or activity that are not traditionally connected. Connecting elements can give rise to new ideas.

How ? To get the most out of this technique, you need to know how to pay attention in your daily life and in your professional life to spot malfunctions and irregularities in current products and services. The future entrepreneur must also reflect on his creative project to bring out his personal goals.

consumer space

What ? A table called “consumer space” can be used to generate new ideas for products or services. This table has the advantage of defining an existing product or service according to its various commercial parameters.

How ? in this table, the change of a single criterion can generate a new product or service or a change of a product or service to adapt it to another market. This technique can therefore only be used on the basis of an already existing product or service.

You have it, do not complain. Dig your brains and the brains of your teams !!

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