Coworking, an asset for the interco and the employees

[CC du val d’Amour (Jura) 24 communes • 9 100 hab.] Carried by the community of municipalities in Val d’Amour, the third place in Chamblay (425 inhabitants), affiliated with Relais d’entreprises (1), has two double offices, three single offices, a meeting room for 20 to 40 people and a relaxation area, all equipped with wifi, copiers and scanners. Opened in November 2019, it is 80% occupied, according to interco.

The relevance of a coworking room in Chamblay had been validated by the Relais d’entreprise’s study office. “We took no risks, the building belonged to us,” says Rémi Gauthier, general manager of interco services. At the start of the operation, the first tenants lived within a radius of 10 kilometers around the village: “We had a web designer, professionals in alternative medicine …” explains Rémi Gauthier.

A psychologist, two lawyers, an engineer …

When it reopened after the first incarceration, in the spring of 2020, third place rose in power. “We have regular clients: a psychologist who started his activity in June, two Parisian lawyers who come to their second home three weeks a month, a mechanical engineer from a Parisian start-up, two people who create tourist products and are there part-time. “Explains Rémi Gauthier. There are also occasional people who come one or two half days a week: tourists from Essonne, Vendée or Switzerland teleworking exclusively.”

There are still few places left for occasional telecommuters and one or two permanent residents. The arrival of fiber in early 2021 could only reinforce the site’s appeal: “Even though our telecom workers have fiber at home, they look through the coworking space for exchanges with others,” notes Rémi Gauthier.

However, the municipalities believe that improvements could be made: “Of course there is a restaurant in Chamblay, but there is a lack of other services (early childhood, youth, the elderly, etc.), although a leisure center opened in January 2021 with a new school group,” he notes. .

Multimodal hub

Rémi Gauthier believes it is too early to say whether teleworking (at home or in the coworking space) has allowed for an increase in the interco population: “But land and real estate are moving fast, with prices fluctuating.”

Interco is considering two new medium-term coworking spaces, one in the western part of its territory, in Mont-sous-Vaudrey (near the bus station), the other in the east, in Mouchard, where the TGV station and a multimodal station exchange hub is planned for 2022, is located, as well as annexes in a few villages offering one or two temporary offices.

“It is up to us to take advantage of the opportunities in public buildings, for example by taking advantage of schools that become free when school groups arise,” says Rémi Gauthier.

Contact. Rémi Gauthier, CEO,

“I needed to get out of my everyday life”

Cedric Lancon, mechanical engineer and permanent telecommunications worker

Lance Cedric

“I had been teleworking from home for a Parisian company since 2017, and my boss had accepted this unavoidable condition. Several reasons led me to join the Chamblay coworking space, which is 2 kilometers from my home: confinement and the difficulty of working with children. at home, the congestion of my two 3D printers at home, the need to get out of my daily life and have a social life In addition, we recruited someone who was not easy to train remotely.In September 2020, I therefore rented a double office to us two in the well-equipped coworking room, with fiber in the meantime. The company pays the rent of 300 euros excluding tax per month. ”


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Started in 2012 in Rieux-Volvestre (Haute-Garonne), the 94 Relais d’entreprises coworking spaces are affiliated with the company of the same name, some of which are supported by local authorities. Back to text

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