can we build the Millennium Falcon?

The Millennium Falcon is one of Star Wars’ most iconic spaceships. Are we capable of building a similar unit? Response elements.

Millennium Falcon – Credit: Lucasfilm

Every Star Wars fan has necessarily wanted to travel in the Millennium Falcon, the smuggling ship dear to Han Solo and Chewie. Is it possible to set up such a device? Some features are currently limited to the framework of science fiction. But others could very well show up in the future. We explain you.

Millennium Falcon: Wormholes

To quickly overlook the galaxy, Han Solo does not hesitate to go at the speed of light. He then activates the Millennium Falcon’s hyperdrive propulsion system, which allows him to swing into the hyperspace. Can such a technology exist in our reality? In Star Wars, the hyperdrive allows you to sneak through wormholes, cosmic objects that connect two different areas of space-time. Enough to form real paths that offer a significant shortcut to those who dare to venture there.

Nevertheless, wormholes remain theoretical in reality. Since we can not prove their existence, it is impossible to manipulate them and thus produce a hyperdrive system similar to Falcons. Especially since“it would require a very exotic type of substance to stabilize a wormhole, and it is not said that such a substance exists in the universe”emphasizes Stephen Hsu, professor of theoretical physics quoted by Live Science.

Millennium Falcon: load factor

Another problem arises. According to Wired, passengers aboard the Falcon experience a load factor of 12 grams when the ship sails. From 1 gram, the blood continues to flush our brain, but as g rises, it becomes more complicated.

In particular, a fighter pilot can withstand a load factor of about 10 g thanks to his anti-g suit. She squeezes her legs to prevent blood stagnation. Theoretically, human passengers aboard the Falcon would quickly faint without a competition g-suit. And this in good time before the ship shifts into the hyperspace, which should not look like a trace of stars.

Millennium Falcon: Shields

The Falcon is equipped with invisible deflector shields that produce a protective force field around the ship. Enough to withstand the onslaught of the empire. Is such a technology possible in reality? In 2014, British students established an interesting theory: to use plasma from the Earth’s ionosphere to build such a shield.

We are currently sending communication signals from this plasma to redirect them to all corners of the world. In doing so, the students argued that manipulation of the plasma would deflect electromagnetic radiation emanating from, for example, laser guns. A shield of this kind, however, is not yet feasible, but such a concept seems to belong to the realm of the possible.

Millennium Falcon: Quadlasers

Solo’s ship is equipped with quadruple laser cannons that can be operated as towers. Terrible weapons that can win in the future in real life. In particular, the U.S. Army’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has spent years developing a weapon resembling a Star Wars-like laser cannon. This can equip a fighter jet and fire a 150 kilowatt energy beam.

What’s more, scientists have suggested that a beam created by several small lasers could be used to overcome space debris around the Earth. Specifically, it would be a matter of evaporating a fine layer of matter on the surface of this waste, which would precipitate them downward, where they would burn in the Earth’s atmosphere.

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