Business Developer: Discover this job that employs many and pays (very) well!

Just take a look at online job posting platforms to be convinced. At the time of writing, for example, Linkedin offers almost 17,000 business developer offers throughout France. This explosion of offers for this commercial profession is confirmed by a study conducted jointly by Pôle emploi and Linkedin in February last year: it shows that in the period 2012-2017 it was acquired as a business developer, which experienced the strongest progression of its recruitments throughout France. And not just in start-ups, as it is increasingly present in companies of all sizes.

What is the mission of this seller, also called “bizdev”? “Without being a boss, he’s a kind of business leader in the field,” sums up Pierre-Michel Couturier, associate director of Dream Catcher Sales, a company specializing in business development. His role is to search for new customers on behalf of his company. If it differs from the traditional commercial, it is that bizdev must “offer the company’s products or services to customers whom a doctor would make a diagnosis”, also explains Pierre-Michel Couturier: his advisory function is crucial for tailor-made offers. submitted offer.

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His daily life differs depending on whether he is part of the “hunters” or what is called “account managers” (literally “account managers”). “The hunters’ main occupation is to map the market and spot potential targets. Whereas account managers already have a customer portfolio. The purpose of the latter is therefore to maintain the commercial relationship, increase profits or even sell other products,” says the associate director of Dream Catcher Sales.

Even a work study bizdev can have variable compensation!

A business developer’s key skills? First, its resilience, says Pierre-Michel Couturier. “Resilience, because you always have to be at work, not pull your face and at the same time not be afraid of being hit by managers. Since a large part of the business comes from bizdev, he has a lot of pressure on his shoulders “, he describes. To succeed in the job, you have to take the job as a “game”: “having fun is crucial to flourishing!”, Pierre-Michel Couturier clarifies. And having a passion for human relationships is not insignificant as the business developer spends his days in contact with customers.

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To give the best of itself, bizdevs still have a primary source of motivation: pay. “When he leaves the studios, he can earn 40,000 to 45,000 euros gross per year, to which can be added 20,000 to 25,000 euros in variable compensation,” notes the associate director of Dream Catcher Sales. And to add: “this therefore makes it possible to see his remuneration rise very high, as it can be doubled or tripled (…). Realize, some bizdev earn more than the boss himself!”.

A new profession, the business developer does not really have any dedicated education, “which is certainly the great difficulty of the profession”, assesses Pierre-Michel Couturier. The most classic scheme is still to go through a Bac + 5 level business school. But it is also possible to go through a BTS as a train for sale. “In fact, I would first and foremost advise you to go through a work study program. The best junior bizdevs I have met were always former apprentices. They understand much faster how companies are structured, ”he also advises. And the icing on the cake are bizdev apprentices not like the other work-study students: They can also benefit from variable compensation! So tempted?

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