Business Booster, the event where large groups and start-ups invent the energy of tomorrow

The adventure began in 2013, at a hotel in Barcelona. That year, 25 startups from the energy sector in the Catalan capital met to present their products and services to large accounts and together reflect on the synergies to be explored. The meeting was the first edition of The Business Booster, organized by EIT InnoEnergy. Since then, the “TBB” – as its aficionados affectionately call it – has grown significantly: Last year in Paris, no less than 155 innovative companies held a stand, while 1,200 participants walked in the corridors of the Palais des Congress. Over the years, the number of visitors has been diversified, and this always includes EIT InnoEnergy’s partners, but brings together all actors in the energy ecosystem along the entire value chain.

2020 will be no exception to the rule despite a version inevitably disrupted by coronavirus. In Berlin, participants will reflect on “the new industrial revolution”. “Business Booster 2020 will take a step aside to have a vision ofset of the industrial revolution exploring the economic, political or environmental context that accompanies the redesign of sustainability, electrification and digitizationemphasizes Elena Bou, Innovation Director at EIT InnoEnergy. LHistory shows that the discovery of new technologies can stimulate disruptive innovations with crucial effects on economic development and social structure.a region,a country or an entire community. The energy transition has involved a paradigm shift, a change in the way we view the energy system, its actors and the technologies used. It thus entails economic and social changes.

Open innovation as a goal

As every year, the event will combine inspiring conferences on the future of the energy sector and startup stands to promote connections with companies in the sector. “It is always difficult for a startup to access the marketremembers Elena Bou. Business Booster was originally designed withidea ofofferopportunity for innovative companies tostart “conversations” with potential customers or partners, then bring and accelerate new innovations in the market.

Last year, 2,500 professional meetings took place during the two days that The Business Booster held. “The selection of startups is very qualifiedpraises Jean-Michel Reynaud, director of relations for startups at Engie. Some projects are more risky than others, but the quality is always there.

Interact withthe whole ecosystem

Business Booster is therefore the perfect opportunity for energy experts to keep up with the latest innovations in the sector … and work very closely with startups that own the technologies that may interest them. “The guidelines forinnovation of companies must very quickly launch new solutions in the market and apply new business modelsdescribes the innovation director of EIT InnoEnergy. To speed up this process, startups are valuable allies. Business Booster provides common ground to launch a partnership and start working together. It’s a win-win situation.

It is so much easier for participants to find the shoe that suits them when all players in the sector are present: start-ups, of course, but also thematic investment funds as well as other energy heavyweights. . “For the innovation departments, approxis a unique opportunity to do sourcing or meet specialized funds because the whole ecosystem is there”, Testifies Jean-Michel Reynaud. Who would not want to miss the 2020 edition of Something in the World, which takes place on November 4th and 5th in Berlin.

Maddyness, media partner ofEIT InnoEnergy

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