Bad news for Tesla: Elon Musk shares sad news for his customers!

That’s the word that some Tesla (TSLA) – Get Tesla Inc Report customers will have to learn to incorporate into their daily lives because it will require patience to get their Tesla car, which has become the ultimate.

The manufacturer of electric cars is hit by the wall of headaches that is facing the entire automotive sector. The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted supply chains. The impact on car manufacturers’ suppliers is very significant, leading to the temporary closure of factories and the halting of the assembly of certain models due to lack of parts. In fact, the lack of electronic chips for two years is still a major problem for many industries.

The resurgence of Covid-19 in China forced Tesla to close its Shanghai Gigafactory on March 28 for three weeks. This factory has reopened and is currently trying to operate normally. The production site in Shanghai is very important to Tesla, because the cars it produced not only serve China, but also other Asian and European markets.

To these already significant difficulties have been added recently the sky-high prices of many raw materials such as cobalt, graphite, phosphate, aluminum, palladium and above all nickel, a key metal necessary for the development of lithium batteries.

The battery is the key element of the electric vehicle because it determines the range of the vehicle and plays a significant role in its performance and safety. The Russian invasion of Ukraine did not help the case, as Russia was a major exporter of nickel. If Tesla also produces batteries and therefore is a little less dependent on third-party suppliers compared to rivals Ford (F) – Download Ford Motor Company Report and GM (GM) – Download for example General Motors Company Report, the carmaker will not be spared.

New delivery dates

In addition, the rise in the price of a gallon of gasoline at the pump has caused many consumers to take the plunge into electrification, causing a significant imbalance between supply and demand. The car manufacturers are therefore left with full order books, but it is not certain that they can meet the demand. Also read: Artificial intelligence: Tensions are rising around the AI ​​that registers emotions. They may have raised the prices of their vehicles, but demand has not weakened.

Tesla has just made a new decision, which shows that the situation remains tense. In fact, Elon Musk’s group has just changed the delivery dates previously given to buyers of Tesla vehicles. Basically, it will take longer than originally expected to get a vehicle.

Tesla produces four models – Model S luxury sedan, Model 3 entry-level sedan, Model X luxury SUV / Crossover and Model Y SUV – which come in different configurations.

Here are Tesla’s new delivery dates for the two models with the highest sales and production volumes.

Model 3

Base Model 3 – 267-mile range, $ 46,990 base price – expected to ship now Aug-Nov 2022 from June-Aug 2022 Related: Hubble captures a dusty galaxy that holds a luminous secret.

Model 3 Long Range – 334-mile range, base price of $ 55,990 – expected delivery now July-October 2022, June-August 2022.

Model 3 Performance — 315-mile range, $ 62,990 base price — expected delivery now June-August 2022, June-July 2022.


Model Y Long Range – 318 mile range, $ 62,990 base price – expected to ship now November 2022-February 2023, October 2022-January 2023. See article: SteelSeries adds custom buttons to its lightest mouse.

Model Y Performance – 303 miles range, base price of $ 67,990 – now scheduled for delivery between July and September 2022 instead of June and August 2022.

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