Auction of luxury cars seized by courts: bingo for the state!

310 topics in totalincluding several luxurious and sporty vehicles (see list below), were put up for auction at an extraordinary auction, on Friday 5 November in Bercy, at the Ministry of Economy and Finance. These assets, seized by the courts in criminal proceedings, also celebrated the 10th anniversary of Agrascthe Agency for the Management and Recovery of Seized and Confiscated Assets.

To hit the wallet crime

This prestigious public auction where 6,000 people signed upof which, no doubt, a large majority of curious people therefore brought in petty cash of € 2,980,000, an amount which then goes “to the state budget or to support funds, for example, to combat drug addiction or to combat pimps” “, the Minister of Justice specified Eric Dupond-Moretti on his Twitter account, adding: “The right method is to beats offenders in the wallet. “

The seized cars that were put up for auction

BMW 430d 258 BVA Coupe Luxury, Diesel, imm. DB-927-TF, Type M10BMWVP0153196, Serial number WBA3P710X0F727690, 1st registration 27/12/2013, 108,462 km not guaranteed. With 2 keys. New battery. In the park since 02/2016. Starting price: € 11,000

AUDI RS3 Sportback 2.5 TFSI 400 Quattro S-Tronic, Petrol, imm. ES-457-FK, type M10AUDVP026N774, serial number WUAZZZ8V3JA900553, first registration 25/11/2017, 23,670 km not guaranteed. With key. At the park since 29/03/2021. Starting price: € 39,000

MERCEDES CLA 200 7G-DCT Petrol, imm. 1WQK021 (Belgium, on the fleet WW203-ZQ), type unknown, serial number WDD1183871N031414, first registration 09/08/2019, 38757 km not guaranteed. With key. At the park since 20/12/2020. Starting price: € 21,000

PORSCHE Cayenne Turbo S 550 Tiptronic, Petrol, imm. CS-772-TM, type M1GPSCVP000G632, serial number WP1ZZZ92ZELA85776, first registration 12/04/2013, 116020 km not guaranteed. With key. In the park since 18/05/2020. Starting price: € 32,000

CITROEN Traction Petrol, imm. 6185 VS 63, type 11BL, serial number 639835, first registration 03/11/1954, 59121 km not guaranteed (5-digit counter). Unknown mechanical condition, corrosion. With key and crank. Use of collector cars. In the park since 02/2016. Starting price: € 2,500

JAGUAR XF 2.2 D 163 BVA Diesel, imm. CK-692-VW, type M10JAGVP000W066, serial number SAJAA05T1CDS52715, first registration 18/09/2012, 184,732 km not guaranteed. With key. In the park since 02/10/2020. Starting price: € 6,300

FERRARI 348TS Petrol, imm. 2654 YP 02, type F119AS, serial number ZFFKA36B000095183, first registration 26/07/1992, 78779 km not guaranteed. Without key. In the park since 18/03/2021. Reserved for car professionals. Starting price: € 45,000

AUDI SQ5 TDi V6 3.0 BITDi 326 Quattro Tiptronic Diesel, imm. AN-C231 (Germany, on the fleet WW-455-EN), unknown type, serial number WAUZZZ8R8GA084249, first registration 01/29/2016, 106,673 km not guaranteed. With key. Starting price: € 17,500

AUDI RS6 Avant 4.0 TFSi 560 Quattro Tiptronic, Petrol, imm. FN-253-LR (on fleet WW-851-DM), type M10AUDVP010W921, serial number WUAZZZ4G8FN901821, first registration 10/03/2015, 31115 km not guaranteed (Km changed, 45137 km on 25190 km on 25190 km ). With key. Starting price: € 31,000

AUDI SQ7 TDI 435 Tiptronic 8 Diesel, imm. SM-81-POD (Romania), type unknown, serial number WAUZZZ4M0LD005188, first registration 04/11/2019, 18177 km not guaranteed. With keys. At the park since 22/02/2021. Full description at Starting price: € 52,000

MERCEDES AMG GT Roadster 4.0 V8 Speedshift, petrol, imm. F152F (Germany), type Unknown, serial number WMX1904771A023641, first registration 29/04/2019, 4,867 km not guaranteed. New battery. With keys.

MERCEDES GLC 350d 4MATIC 9G-Tronic, Diesel, imm. FJ-089-EN, type M10MCZVPEU7R874, serial number WDC2539251F428792, first registration 14/03/2018, 20999 km not guaranteed. With key. At the park since 23/02/2021. Starting price: € 26,000

LAND ROVER Range Rover Velar D300 SE BVA Diesel, imm. FH-933-MJ, type M1GLDRVP000W713, serial number SALYA2BK0JA715763, first registration 06/02/2018, 14675 km not guaranteed. With key. At the park since 23/02/2021. Starting price: € 40,000

LAMBORGHINI Gallardo Spyder 5.0 V10 LP520, Petrol, imm. F196D (Germany, on fleet WW-383-WB), type Unknown, serial number ZHWGE22T28LA07376, first registration 08/04/2010, 36970 km not guaranteed. Front bumper missing. New battery. Revision is expected. With key. Starting price: € 25,000

LAMBORGHINI Aventador Coupe 6.5 V12 LP700-4 Petrol, imm. EM 880 EZ (Italy, on the fleet WW-690-PV), type unknown, serial number ZHWEC1474CLA00672, first registration 27/03/2012, 15544 km not guaranteed. With key. In the park since 05/02/2020. Re-registration in France is in particular linked to obtaining the certificate of conformity from the manufacturer, which is the responsibility of the successful tenderer. Starting price: € 150,000

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