a competitive solution for online business accounting

This online solution allows companies to manage their accounts with complete peace of mind. The many tools available provide significant time savings for both the self-employed and employees. Two other strengths of this solution: easy handling and functionalities designed to allow efficient control of accounting elements.

The needs of companies in terms of accounting have evolved. Auditors who were previously invited to attend see their jobs more oriented towards advice and support. Data entry jobs can be performed faster with new business accounting solutions. More flexible and cheaper, they simplify procedures and provide security for professionals who want to manage their accounts internally.

Like the cloud that makes it possible to store data in remote networks, innovations offer great prospects. More and more companies are choosing accounting solutions in queue : this is the case in 2020 for around 10% of European companies1. These structures take advantage of these benefits in terms of cost, flexibility and availability.

As a business or finance manager, you want to manage your accounts in a simple and efficient way ? The Sage Business Cloud solution is modular and adapts to all your needs to offer you the best accounting experience.

Sage Business Cloud, an accounting solution tailored to your business

Its goal: to enable all players (managers, accountants, CFOs, etc.) to keep an eye on their financial management, no matter where they are. It offers different mods added according to their needs. Features for automatic collection of bank transactions or supplier invoices are included in the original offer. The Sage Business Cloud Payroll module is available as an option.

The platform makes it possible to speed up the work and avoid the risk of errors thanks to the automation of administrative tasks. The goal: to optimize accounting operations and allow users to focus 100% on their core business.

Sage is eager to meet managers’ flexibility needs and has designed a new experience: more shared, more connected and more mobile.

Benefits of Sage Business Cloud

  • Flexibility and adaptability: You can adapt your work environment to your needs and your activity.
  • Fluidity and velocity: theautomation Accounting for your vendor invoices simplifies the management of your day-to-day tasks. You are more efficient and your employees save time on the various internal procedures.
  • Flexibility and Freedom: Sage Business Cloud is non-binding and as needed. A test of the platform is available for € 1 / month until the end of August.

Developed and hosted in France, the platform is secure and complies with regulatory changes in accounting and taxation.

Optimization of accounts

The platform allows:

  • Import and digitization of purchase and sale invoices;
  • Control and validation of postings before accounting;
  • Access your accounts in the office or remotely, anywhere, anytime.

Perfect cash control

The Sage solution allows secure bank synchronization in real time and monitoring of cash and customer / supplier outstanding. You have access to precise dashboards and performance indicators adapted to all business areas (solvency capital, working liquidity, supplier and customer payments).

Compliance with rules

Sage Business Cloud constantly monitors regulatory changes and allows:

  • editing accounts
  • an automatic legal and fiscal update
  • periodic operation: VAT, FEC, year-end closures and processing.

Key points to remember:

You can connect anywhere and at all times to import and account for your invoices and bank statements. The vending machines are under control.

You work faster and in full compliance with the principles of accounting rules.

The platform allows you to have a clear and global vision of your cash flow and your outstanding.

  • Help available at any time

Assistance is included in the subscription and allows you to quickly get answers to your questions directly from the solution.

This solution allows you to manage all your online accounting. Monthly rate starts at 30 € HT for access to all accounting tools. For more information, contact a member of the Sage team who will advise you on the solution that best suits your needs. All available offers can be tried without obligation.


1 https://www.eurocloud.fr/cloud-en-europe-situation-constrastee-selon-les-pays/

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