what do we play in may?

In the video game department, the month of May marks the arrival of some new features that have been long awaited. Initially Sniper Elite 5, which could satisfy fans of long-range shooting and infiltration. Five years after the fourth opus, this shooter tries to revive players’ hearts with a more classic formula. We also sign the return to the game of the cinematic saga: Evil Dead: The Game, a 3D action game focusing on collaboration and multiplayer. The work is a real gift for film lovers, and the work will also mark the arrival of Bruce Campbell personally, the lead actor in the three films. evil death, lends its voice to its character. Overview of the month’s new products.

“Wildcat Gun Machine”, a war animal

Daedalic Entertainment has decided to celebrate its 15th anniversary in an explosive way with the release of Wild cat pistol machine. An isometric display shooter on vitamins that blends sci-fi settings, fine kittens and “Lovecraftian” inspired monsters.

The German study promises a challenge for labyrinthine dungeon addicts who like to clean up by digging at all costs. You will have at your disposal a fairly complete arsenal with 40 types of weapons as well as significant improvements to become a real war animal. Be careful, the hordes of enemies do not arrive at random and it will require a minimum of strategy to avoid deadly ambush.

Wildcat Gun Machine / Publisher: Chunkybox Games Daedalic entertainment / available on PS4 – Xbox One – Switch and PC from May 4th

“Sniper Elite 5”, the hunt for Nazis

France is in the firing line in the 5th opus of the shooting simulation Sniper Elite. Infiltrated behind the lines in 1944, he will have to show audacity and discretion to thwart the Nazis’ plans and change the course of the war. You play Karl Fairburne, an American soldier who is responsible for weakening the defenses of the Atlantic Wall, and who, thanks to the resistance, discovers a secret German project to prevent the landing: Operation Kraken.

The Rebellion studio series has been in constant development for years, and if we are still far from the technical standards of a AAA whose budgets are much higher, the title no longer needs to be ashamed and is now awaited with excitement by shooting enthusiasts. long distance and infiltration. The famous “Kill-cams”, which offer a slow movement of the ball that goes through the body of your opponents, are still present and will allow you to revise your applied anatomy lessons. Finally, be aware that the single-player campaign can be played fully for two in online collaboration, and that a multiplayer mode is of course offered upon release.

Sniper Elite 5 / editor: Rebellion / available at PS5 and PS4, Xbox One and Series and PC from 26 May.

“Evil Dead: The Game”: The Massacre

Evil Dead, Sam Raimi’s famous horror saga launched in 1981, made an impression with its black humor and the hectoliters of hemoglobin it poured over the unfortunate characters in its films. Evil Dead: The Game offers you to take their place and face demonic entities determined to drown you in your own blood. Chainsaws, axes, improvised weapons, you will have enough to defend yourself against these hordes that can arise from anywhere and anytime. The action takes place in the middle of gloomy forests and cool landscapes in a very 80s atmosphere, you can also embody Bruce Campbell, the cult actor’s cult actor.

The game is clearly oriented multiplayer, in coop or in versus and promises honest parts of fun between outbursts of horror and unlikely eliminations. Be careful, demonic spirits can take possession of your avatar and start hitting your teammates, which can make them a little less cooperative. That said, it might not be so bad as it would seem possible to play a devilish character with tantalizing powers for the person embodying him, but less so for those around him. The title seems full of surprises, good and bad and should arouse the unhealthy curiosity of all those who like to play scare.

Evil Dead: The Game / editor: Boss Team Games and Saber Interactive / available on PS5 and PS4 – Xbox One and Series – Switch and PC from 13 May

“Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong”: wood without thirst

Sharpen your canines! IN Vampire: The Masquerade you will play as a blood drinker with mysterious powers. Taken from the eponymous paper role-playing game, the title from the Bordeaux studio Big Bad Wolf throws you into the bay of a dark and mysterious Boston, where the secret society of vampires is being discovered and potentially destroyed. You will have to investigate it to find out what’s going on and try to save face from Masquerade: the vampire law that hides the existence of night creatures from humans.

The role-playing game is intended to be very close to the paper version, which has become a reference in the small world of role-playing games. With a focus on narrative and choice, the title remains linear, but offers many possibilities for distinct endings. The three vampires you play alternately have very different character sheets and therefore varied powers, but they are all subject to the same bloodlust. This visceral thirst and the control you have of it are essential components of the game and have a great impact on the story and the unfolding of events. Feeding by sucking blood from humans has a cost, but allows you to have extremely strong forces, which will be crucial for the solution of the studies, it is up to you to see how far you are ready to go to save your community.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong / editor: Big Bad Wolf bigben / available on PS5 and PS4 – Xbox One and Series – Switch and PC from 19 May

“Souldiers”: 2D is popular

After the last undeniable success Metroid2D games have taken on new colors and are no longer afraid to show off. soldiers inserts its platforms into a medieval fantasy universe of pixel art and allows itself to offer a seemingly gigantic open world. Warrior, magician or archer, the choice of character is quite short, but the differences in gameplay are drastic and encourage you to try everything to discover the facets of the game.

Intense battles and riddles follow each other in this title, which gives exploration an honor. Passages hidden or accessible only thanks to the talents gained during the game, you must search in every corner and know how to go back in the hope of finding legendary rewards. Note, 2D does not rhyme easily. The pitfalls are numerous, often deadly and do soldierson arrival, a rather demanding game that could become one of the lovely surprises of spring.

soldiers / editor: RetroForge / available on Switch and PC from 19 May

“Dolmen”: fear of the mine

Dyssen is a beginner on the long list of “Souls like”, ie. games inspired by the series of souls, forces you to master your character well by stopping at enemy attacks and performing destructive parries and counter-attacks. In this science fiction universe, you land on a mine planet in total chaos. The diggers have apparently dug too deep and awakened devices that are not inclined to speak.

We therefore need to do a little cleansing and investigate the origin of evil. Despite a rather poor artistic direction, the title still has some advantages such as a fairly advanced Craft system, energies to be used wisely and a varied bestiary. Cleaning apprentices need to count about fifteen hours to reach the end of the tunnel.

Dyssen / editor: Massive work study / available on PS5 – PS4 – Xbox One and Series and PC from May 20th

“MX vs ATV Legends”: make room for motorcyclists

After an episode Out of stock not convincing simulation of off-road vehicles MX vs. ATV go over the gas with Legends. The engine has been modified, and the THQ Nordic studio promises a brand new career mode that will provide adaptation and make it possible to find the podiums in the hearts of motorcyclists.

At the moment, we know above all that we will be able to run laps on super cross, in Motocross and in Trial, and that there will be a multiplayer mode with 16 participants. The first pictures revealed are quite pleasant and suggest that we can also take beautiful walks by the sea.

MX vs. ATV Legends / publisher: Rainbow Studios THQ Nordic / available on PS5 – PS4 – Xbox One and series and PC from 24 May

“Pac-Man Museum +”: from the arcade to a pac

Pac-Man Museum + is an improved version of the collection, already released in 2014, which includes fourteen games with the famous hungry ball. In addition to playing Pac-Man, Bandai Namco invites you to become the manager of your own arcade by letting your most unbridled creativity speak for decorating this place that is so symbolic to fans of the license in a unique way.

If you do not know where to start, here are the original titles that you can find in the compilation: Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man, Pac & Pal, Pac-Land, Pac-Mania, Pac-Attack, Pac-In-Time, Pac-Man Arrangement Arcade Version, Pac-Man Arrangement CS Version, Pac-Man Championship Edition , Pac Motos, Pac’N Roll Remix, Pac-Man Battle Royale, Pac-Man 256.

Pac-Man Museum + / editor: bandai namco / available on PS4 – One – Switch and PC from 27 May

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