Test the CASETiFY Star Wars IPhone 13 cover!

With all the May 4 action starting to go live, CASETiFY is ready to officially launch its latest iPhone 13 cover collaboration just in time for Star Wars Day. We’re supplying a collection of new covers for the latest Apple in addition to other newer Android handsets, and we’ll take a look at several of the new CASETiFY Star Wars accessories before they go on sale tomorrow.

Convenient with CASETiFY Star Wars covers for iPhone 13

CASETiFY first announced that it would be heading for a galaxy far, far away at the end of last month with a new collection of Apple accessories. Now, before all the new Star Wars iPhone covers, MagSafe chargers and other equipment debut tonight on May 4th, let’s take a look at what we can expect from CASETiFY.

As a quick preview of what to expect from the new co-op, there is a wide range of accessories spiced with some Star Wars iconography. If you have not read the launch cover yet, our previous article shares everything you will find in the series. Although some of the highlights should definitely be the new iPhone 13 covers, which have some posters from the original trilogy.

All new CASETiFY Star Wars accessories, including iPhone 13 covers, officially go on sale on May 4th. Those who signed up for the waiting list when the collection was first unveiled will have access a little earlier at. 21.00 PST tonight, while everyone else has to wait until the actual Star Wars day to get into the action at. 01.00. PST. These covers are likely to sell out pretty quickly, so it’s best to lock your order in as soon as possible.

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CASETiFY was kind enough to post a couple of new Star Wars iPhone 13 covers ahead of tonight’s launch so I could review them in advance. Along with the signature covers, we are also looking at one of its newer versions with a MagSafe charger. So if you decide to keep going and try to unlock some of the new gear, we’re here to answer it.

Something of a flagship debut for the CASETiFY series on May 4, the new Millennium Falcon case is easily the culmination of the collaboration. This unique case comes for different iPhone 13 series phones and stands out from the other versions you will find in the collection. The back plate is encased in one of the brand’s MagSafe covers and has an etched aluminum reproduction of the galaxy’s fastest junk.

Right from the start, I love how it feels out of the box. The embossed design of the aluminum engraving is really satisfying in the hand and is combined with soft but firm rubber on the side of the cover. Then there is the MagSafe holder, which completes the package with a raised lip at the front and back to prevent scratches. And if all that was not enough, CASETiFY makes its iPhone 13 Millennium Falcon cover even more unique by releasing only 1,000 copies of the Star Wars accessory. This is worth covering a high price as the clock strikes $ 149.

As a big fan of Han Solo’s iconic ship, I really have to say that the cover puts a cross for me. It looks amazing, and more importantly, it is completely unique with the etched design. But not only that, the cover also manages to back up its look with a premium build that matches. I’m sure some would spot spending that kind of money on a case, but if there’s a fandom that can see the value in a limited edition accessory like this, it would be the Star Wars community.

But for those of you who have no plans to defer that kind of money to show off your Star Wars fandom, CASETiFY has also covered you with some more affordable iPhone 13 covers. took a look at one of the new themed Impact covers. , which is among the brand’s most popular offerings.

This one has a softer TPU construction that leaves MagSafe while taking on looks inspired by the original trilogy movie posters. I happen to have the Empire Strikes Back cover, and I really like the glittery pattern infused in the material, and am a big fan of its slightly transparent design. While it would certainly have been nice to see MagSafe on this model, this CASETiFY offering is still an iPhone 13 cover that is easy to recommend if you are looking for retro Star Wars photos.

Finally, CASETiFY also released one of its new MagSafe chargers – these were first released earlier this year and now feature action from a galaxy far, far away. In terms of features, it is a fairly standard third-party magnetic charger with 7.5 W output that is compatible with handsets in the iPhone 12 and 13. There is a nylon-wired USB-C cable that extends from the base, which is certainly a good idea.

In terms of design, however, the charger is not that exciting for me. I would have liked to have seen something more creative with the circular design of the MagSafe pillow instead of just putting the Star Wars logo on it. Do not get me wrong, it fits perfectly with the rest of the CASETiFY collection. But it feels a bit like a missed opportunity to turn the Charger into a series of things from the Star Wars universe.

So many things come to mind what could have been. An Astromech head like R2-D2 would have been an easy option for CASETiFY, but I really would have liked to have seen the model of a retaining bolt – especially since this object in the universe is magnetically attached to droids in the Star Wars universe, much like the charger connects to an iPhone 13.

That said, is 40 USD the price tag on the Star Wars MagSafe Charger is pretty solid if you like the design.

All things considered for the Star Wars series, I really appreciate the approach that CASETiFY has taken to their latest batch of iPhone covers. The retro designs will definitely be a hit with older fans who want to show their love for the original trilogy, whether they choose the premium Millennium Falcon cover or just the movie-inspired covers. CASETiFY almost always delivers its accessories, and so if one of these new ones catches your eye, it’s definitely worth adding to your daily bag.

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