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[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] NewAge was created in 2011 to answer a complex question: how to transform as many lives as possible around the world? The direct sales company then specialized in health and wellness products. It now offers a dozen brands, focused on nutrition, body health, skin care, essential oil trade or even air and water purification. NewAge is now striving to become a leader in the global direct sales market. To do this, it is preparing to take a first step thanks to its partnership with the Kwik Marketplace, whose official launch in Europe will take place on 23 March 2022. Explanations with Icham Benallal, General Manager EMEA / CIS.

First of all, can you briefly present the Kwik marketplace?

Kwik stands out from other marketplaces. In fact, its added value is in line with the times, as it allows as many people as possible to be an influencer. Its operation is simple! When a user shares a link to a pair of shoes, for example, he may be paid when purchases are made from the same link.

User A is thus remunerated after the purchase of user B. User A is remunerated himself if user C uses this link to make a purchase. User A is still paid, however, as he has indirectly influenced sales. And so on … This wave of influence can continue to the last ear!

Besides this pay, what are its benefits?

This platform allows brands from any country to develop in the European or even global market! This is a significant help at a time when small businesses or small artisans have found themselves in difficulty due to the pandemic.

Many of them do not master the digital tool to sustain their business, and therefore had to go bankrupt. Today, Kwik makes it easier to sell their products directly, for free, and gives them access to a larger customer base.

Why did Kwik catch NewAge’s attention?

Our business model is also based on independent representatives who communicate about our products and share them in the market. In addition to this common point, we have also generally noticed that everyone’s need to influence the other today is exacerbated by social networks. Influence is now a part of our daily lives. Each of us has already recommended a brand, a product, a place to visit or a restaurant to eat!

And yet no person has ever been compensated for these actions. Therefore we will use this platform to invite everyone to recommend their favorite products while getting paid for it. We believe that revenue generation of influence is the key to the future of our industry. The number of micro-influencers will be multiplied across all territories, so this trend will quickly become inevitable.

Finally, let’s go back for a moment to the opportunity that this system represents for businesses and artisans. NewAge has 400,000 independent representatives worldwide. Let’s imagine that each of these people has about 100 people in their network. This therefore symbolizes 40 million potential customers!

Digitization is almost no longer an issue in your business sector as it seems so obvious. Do you think it is still a competitive asset today?

Digitization has already been underway for several years at NewAge! We have done away with paper, we no longer publish catalogs, we have organized virtual advertising campaigns … NewAge has reinvented itself, but it is true that digitalisation has accelerated for all sectors since the arrival of the pandemic. I even think that this digitalisation will push us to the extreme, and unfortunately those who do not yet have control over it will fall behind.

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