our selection of mobile, console and PC games to find Force

On May 4, it’s an opportunity for all Star Wars fans to celebrate the most famous movie saga. And it has even gone beyond the big screen to take the gaming world by storm. Here’s our selection of mobile and console games that you must not miss to celebrate this “May 4th”.

Star Wars Day: our selection of mobile, console and PC games to find Force
LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga features all the characters from the saga, even Baby Yoda // Source: Warner Bros Games

All Star Wars fans are on the warpath on Wednesday, May 4th. The day has become the day of the celebration of the saga as “May 4” in the United States, pun with the famous May the force be with you of the movie (May the Force be with you!), launched by Obi-Wan Kenobi for Luke Skywalker.

So it’s in a way Star Wars Day and the opportunity to celebrate it with dignity. It must be said that the intergalactic franchise has gone far beyond the big screen to become an element of pop culture and come in all forms. We have therefore chosen to play it as a video game with a selection of mobile games and consoles that you must not miss for the occasion.

On the mobile

In the Play Store as in the App Store, LEGO Star Wars is the essential franchise for mobile games (as well as on consoles). You will find many mobile customizations of console games or derivatives such as LEGO Star Wars: TFA (on iOS and Android), where you can embody Rey, Finn, Poe, Han Solo, Chewbacca or even Kylo Ren, the emblematic characters from Force Awakens. All with the humor of the LEGO Star Wars series and the same codes: scripted levels to complete, battles, bricks to crack, multi-construction, and flight sequences.

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Star Wars: Galaxy Heroes (free on iOS and Android) is from Electronic Arts. You will be able to create your team and customize it by choosing from all the content (and even the series The Mandalorian from Disney +). Advance your heroes by winning many battles, master attacks and your sword skills. You can also attack bosses together by creating guilds.

Pinball fans also have their Star Wars games with them Star Wars Pinball. There are several versions of the game included The power is aroused and Balance of the Force. Dozens of pinball machines that record the sagas of the saga are at your disposal. You can also enjoy it on your computer, on Apple TV and even on Oculus Quest.

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Taken from PC games, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a must-have for fans. This RPG takes place four millennia before the emergence of the galactic empire, at a time when the Old Republic is threatening to collapse, attacked head-on by an armada under the command of Sith Lord Darth Malak. The game follows the journey of a group of adventurers in the service of the Republic and the Jedi Order, who go in search of clues to the origins of the Sith threat.

Fortnite there are also its festivities. From May 4th to 17th (06.00 CET), players can enjoy Saga items for use in special quests to unlock an Empire Banner. The game also features outfits and weapons in the shop (the sabers of all the emblematic characters, Obi-Wan’s E-11 blaster rifle that can be found by searching or by purchasing it from Stormtroopers). Embark on the new missions by attending the Stormtroopers training and hunting for the Jedi.

Star Wars Day: our selection of mobile, console and PC games to find Force
Star Wars Comes to Fortnite // Source: Epic Games

If you have an Apple Arcade subscription or you want to test the service soon (4.99 euros per month), be aware that the gaming platform has two exclusives.

LEGO Star Wars : Castaways takes a different direction. This is the “first LEGO Star Wars online social action adventure game”, developed by Gameloft. In other words, you will be able to live in the Star Wars atmosphere and cross the galaxy by meeting other players after landing on a mysterious planet. It’s up to you to fight in between, mini-games, stroll on the Tatooine in Jabba’s palace, navigate the Death Star or race in the Microfighters. Play solo or as a team to solve the mystery.

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LEGO Star Wars matches revisits all nine episodes of the saga, plus the spin-off movies, in a title where you can master both sides of the force in one-on-one battles. Everyone can freely match characters and vehicles from the whole saga, create unstoppable weapons, build LEGO towers on the battlefield to repel the enemy. You have to be strategic and creative, choose the right heroes or villains (even Porgs and Droids) to storm the various arenas inspired by Naboo, Endor, Geonosis, Scarif …

Star Wars Day: our selection of mobile, console and PC games to find Force
LEGO Star Wars Battles at Apple Arcade // Source: Apple

Do you have acute conjunctivitis? So Star Wars: Card Trader (iOS and android) is made for you. Collect and swap objects and maps with iconic characters, spaceships, weapons and moments from Star Wars and the eight movies that followed. Fans of the saga will love receiving bonus packs every day, coins to boost their collection, etc.

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On consoles and PC

While waiting for the game designed by Amy Hennig, mother of Unchartedor that of Quantic Dream baptized star wars eclipse (where is star wars hunters from Zynga on mobile), there are already many games available. It must be said that the LEGO Star Wars series has not spared at stake for more than 15 years, and accompanied many movies with a lot of fun.

The very latest LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is without a doubt one of the most important. It incorporates all the codes that have made the game franchise a success. The nine films and the two spin-offs (Solo and Rogue One) are revisited with their greatest moments, the places of worship (23 planets to explore), the emblematic characters (more than 300 including versions of the heroes!) And the ships that marked the saga. You will have the choice of revisiting each trilogy. All in a story that is always characterized by humor, exploration and mini-games, which break many bricks as the game offers content.

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The Sims 4 also has their expansion Star Wars: The Journey to Batuu. This DLC immerses you in the universe Star wars without making you leave The Sims. The costumes, the characters, the Stormtroopers, the ships and the missions to be completed: everything is there to enjoy the experience to the fullest. You create the story you want with the resistance, the first order, or the rascals who want to control Batuu. Your actions will determine the future of the planet. Alternatively, you can hop aboard the Millennium Falcon to take to the skies and see the land. It’s really the Star Wars universe that’s going to take over The Sims codes, and it’s a lot of fun!

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If you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you are spoiled for choice with the games offered by EA. space battles of squadrons to the series of ground-based strategic multiplayer battles in battlefront, through the excellent adventure Jedi: Fallen orderthere is something for everyone, both on Xbox and Windows PC.

Star Wars Day: our selection of mobile, console and PC games to find Force
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order // Source: EA

And even in VR, you can relive the best Star Wars moments including the three-episode series Wades immortal on Oculus Quest and Rift. Darth Vader will be your mentor to make you aware of your powers and the power within you. Light sword training, mastery of your powers is on the menu before you have to meet the terrible lord. What to take for a real Jedi.

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